Spiritual Lecture of Hazrat Syedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi

  Wah Cantt, Pakistan. November 02, 1995

اعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

Ayud Billahi Mina-shaitan Nal-Rajeem 
I seek refuge and protection in Allah from Satan, the accursed


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Beloved companions,
Assalam o Alaikum (peace & blessings be upon you)!


I’ve come twice in your city before, the purpose of coming here is neither political nor to hurt sentiments of any sect, not to criticize the government. There are people of divine (pure) heart in every city, in every town, and in every home; the purpose of my arrival is to bring those (people of divine heart) out and to send the voice of heart into their hearts.


In the period of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); here were two types of knowledge. One was for the people of tongue (common people) which is called 'Shariat' (law of Prophet), and one was for people of divine heart that is called 'Tariqaat' (Mysticism).

In the period of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); people who felt contentment on the apparent knowledge within those people some became Hypocrites and some were (expelled) Khawarij. And those people who achieved that 'knowledge of heart' along with it they were called 'Sahabi' companions of Prophet of Allah, they have gone after getting the rank highest than the saints.

And today (in present time) the people who are satisfied with the apparent knowledge they have been divided into 72 sects.

Now, the explanation of 'oral knowledge' is not necessary that is known to everybody. The Muslims forgot that 'knowledge of heart' and were divided into 72 sects. Now only the sects are left. None is real/original. Sunni is a sect, Shia is a sect, Wahhabi is a sect, all of them are sects. Then, the 'one' from whom they (sects) came out, that would be something else. In the period of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); it’s not found in any of the 'Hadith' (Prophetic traditions) that there is a Sunni or Shia or Wahhabi. It’s only found there that “he is my 'Ummati' (follower)”. And the sign of the follower is,

the one who has light/noor of Allah in him he is my 'Ummati' (follower)

And as the light/noor started emerging from them they started becoming sunni, shia and wahabi.

Now as sunni is ignorant from inside, similarly Shia is also ignorant from inside, likewise wahabi is also ignorant from inside. All are ignorant from inside. If the light/noor comes within them they will never say “I am Sunni” or “I am Shia” or “I am a Wahhabi”. They will only say “I am a your 'Ummati' (follower) O' Prophet of Allah (Ya Rasool Allah), I am your follower only”. Now it is only possible when that light/noor comes! Now how that light/noor comes?

One Sikh said “your scholars say that there is Light of God (noor) in Quran. He said that I’ve been spy in your country. Twenty to twenty five years I taught Quran to your children. I also lead people to offer prayers/salat. I could not be a Light Bearer (Noori)”. All of a sudden one Christian spoke “I also do recite your Quran day and night, I also couldn’t become Light Bearer (Noori)”. Then We said “The actually the thing is that you haven’t recited with heart”. What else should we say? They started saying “Ok, we didn’t recite with heart; your Muslims would have been reciting with heart, then why they did not become Light Bearer? Why they call one another Infidels, Hypocrites”? He said quite rightly, answer was quite tough.


As Caucasians/foreigner came and said “there is electricity in your rivers” we said “he is falsely speaking”. Later on, those very Caucasians/foreigner produced the electricity from these very waters and rivers and proved. Now they say there is light in the Quran. And there is the light/noor in the Quran but the one who recite the Quran they don’t know to produce light/noor. The light has to be generated from the Quran.

That light bearing Quran is in the holy chest of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); that is a ready-made generator.

That is ready-made Noor/light. When that chest strikes with any chest, that (chest) becomes the light bearer.

The light/noor has to be produced from this Quran. Now, how light (noor) can be created? Even The reciters of Quran don't know, if they would have known they would have all been light bearer (noori). As water strikes with water, electricity is formed; iron strikes to iron, spark is produced. When the verses of Quran strike with verses then that light/noor is formed. When the verses strike with verses the Light (noor) is formed. 

The core essence of the whole Quran is 'Ism-e-zaat' (Personal name of God 'Allah').

Either you take the verses of Quran or chanting of Allah Allah. Now these people who chant Allah Allah, they chant Allah Allah with the rosary, there must be a reason behind it. For chanting Allah Allah what is the need of rosary it can be done without counting as well? So whatever our ancestors have taught there must be some secret in that. When that tick tick is synchronized with Allah Allah light (noor) is formed. Then that light (noor) remains in the fingers and does not go inside that will be added in your account and will be granted on the Day of Judgment.

Those who roll the rosary they also do not know why they are rolling the beads of rosary?

After chanting 101 times Allah Allah continuously a tiny spark of Light originates. 


  • They chant Allah, Allah 10 or 12 times and ask, “How are you brother, is everything fine?” – This way the continuity breaks, isn’t so? So that light even did not originated. It was better you than this if you would have chanted Allah Allah without the rosary. 


  • Now some people chant Allah Allah with tongue by doing so the light also originates that also goes out, it does not goes inside.


  • Few people do Allah Hoo by breath so the light/noor of breath is only until lungs that also do not goes inside. That cleans the lungs only but does not go into the heart. If the air goes into heart it will become the disease. 
  • Then few people synchronized the ticking of heart beats with Allah Allah. When detrition/friction of Allah–Allah took place, then that Light/noor started generating within. Then that Light/noor does not go out. Then that Light entered straight into the blood. From blood it went into veins and traveling from veins it reached to the souls. Once it approached to the souls, then those souls started chanting Allah – Allah and when they will reach the grave their also they will keep on chanting Allah Allah and in the Day of Judgment also they will keep chanting Allah Allah.


Now the body does not allow that light of Allah to go out because the body is thirsty and it’s thirsty form long time.
The souls within it are thirsty and the heart present in it is thirsty. That light of Allah is now gathered in the heart.

When, that light is gathered in the heart. Now here it is lying phone which work with electricity. What is it called? Mobile! The waves of electrical mobile arise from here and approaches America. There is power in electricity.

If there would be light of God/noor somewhere and if its rays arise where will they approach?


Those (rays) will reach straight into the throne of God.


When, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went on Meiraj 'the Night of Ascension'. Allah Almighty gave Him (PBUH) prayers. Why He (Allah Almighty) gave? As a gift to give these to your Ummat (nation). If somebody does not offer prayers/salat yet also His (Allah's) Majesty/prodigiousness does not decrease. Then why did He send these prayers for us? Why Bowing (ruku') and prostration (sujud), why is this again and again? So that, give it to your 'Ummah' followers, they will send these gifts to Me, then we will remember each other they will remember Me and I will remember them. Now those gifts had come in this world. Now to send them back (to Allah) from this world a light bearing telephone is required.

  1. If a telephone is present in you then your gifts will reach Allah. If telephone is not present in you then your gifts will be wandering here. This is called Prayer of apparent appearance (Namaz-e-Surat).
  1. And when through this telephone gifts reach there this is called prayer in reality (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat). This prayer/Salat is called journey to Heavens for a Momin (Meraj-ul-momineen). 


The one whose prayers do not reach up above he is not a momin he is a Muslim and the one whose prayer reaches up is called a momin. The explanation of a momin is given in Surah Al-Hujurat (The Private Apartments):

The Arabs said 'we brought faith (Iman)', Allah said, No, tell them you have brought Islam only. You will become momin only when the light/noor will enter into your heart”.

When the light/noor will enter in the heart then you will become Momin. After this comes the prayer of a momin which is called prayer in reality (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat).

  1. Beyond that is the stage of 'Wali/Saint' his prayer is called the prayer of passionate love (Namaz-e-Ishq).


Why is it called the prayer of passionate love (Namaz-e-Ishq)? Now the chanting of Allah Allah which is being continued, with that light/noor of Allah Allah those souls which are within you are being nourished with that (Noor). Your food is meat and bread and there food is the light of Allah. They will be nourished by the light of Allah. As there are Genies (jins) and angels likewise those creatures are within you. When those creatures take hold of power, they try to come out of this body. That point of time you thought what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); is doing?

You just thought and they came out from the chest and went in the feet of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Then, their Kaaba is not here, it is your Khana Kaaba over here (in mecca). There Kaaba is bait-ul-Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba), and then to offer their prayers they go to bait-ul-Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba). Momin‘s voice only reached there but in case of a saint his soul use to go there. That does not raise its head until Allah does not answer. Allah answers “I am Present O' worshiper” (Labaik Ya abadi) then they raise their head.

When this body was made six creatures were put into it they were neither light bearing (Divinely) nor Devilish. One such creature which was put into this body, its name is self (nafs). When that self came into this body Bullay Shah said:

This polluted Nafs (self) has polluted us; we were not polluted from origin

What so ever the disease of sin is present in you that is due to this Nafs/self. 

Thus either you purify it or take it out from inside. It’s very difficult to take it out and it’s very tough to purify it as well. Killing nafs (self) is equal to killing a big oppressor. When that Allah Allah goes in every vein, it reaches every vein.

That self (nafs) is sitting in the navel point (naaf). 

That is why while praying/salat we press it (pressing with two hands at navel point while salat).

That (nafs) is in the navel point (naaf). The light goes till that self (nafs) as well and that noor surrounds it from four sides. The food of the self (nafs) is a phosphorous (naar); it goes in through the food we eat or with the air. When that (naar) gets in that noor/light burns it. Then the food goes in and that noor/light burns it. Now that self (nafs) becomes hungry. Those are creatures and they also talk with each other. At this point of time, it (nafs) asks the neighbors to provide some food for survival. They reply to take this morsel of light, and recite the kalima (Motto).

Some self (nafs) are defiant, they don’t recite kalmia neither they take food of light, they dies, if it dies the problem is solved.

Some of the self (nafs) are kind of cowardice thus they recite the kalmia (Motto) for survival. 

When they recite the Motto (kalima) then they are given the food of light. They recite the kalima (Motto) just to survive. That was a black dog and now by reciting the kalima (Motto) that has become a white dog and by continues recitation of kalima (Motto) it becomes in the shape of an ox. Then by keep reciting the kalima (Motto) it converts into the shape of goat. Then by the effect of kalima (Motto) its shape becomes like you. Then at that time when you will offer prayers he will also offer prayers with you, when you will chant the name of Allah he will also swing with you.

Then he (Self/nafs) is to be taken in the court/gathering of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); that time Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and people sitting at that time in that gathering (Hazrin e Mehfal) greatly admire him. Blessings/plausive for him and for his Spiritual guide (Murshid) purified the dog and made it a Man and brought him to My (PBUH) gathering. This is called satisfied self (Nafs-e-Mutmaina).Then Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) grant him some prestigious status.

Now it has approached here. Now Allah is next. Dear! So far you have only reached till Baitul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba) you have not reached to Allah yet. In the Baitul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba) there are angels as well, Gaberial (AS) is also present there. Allah is way far from here where the angels also burns. There are seven skies/heavens, Malkoot, Jabroot, Lahoot......... Almighty Allah has kept seven creatures within you. Names of those are categorically mentioned in Hadith Sharif --- Qalb, Ruh, Siri, Khafi, Akhfa, Ana, Nafs.

  • Maybe he is found of sightseeing Malkoot, he will make heart (Qalb) powerful and will visit the Malkoot (the Realm of Angels).
  • Maybe he is fond of going to Jabroot, he will make his Spiritual entity soul 'Latifa-e-Ruh' powerful and will reach into Jabroot (the Realm of Divine Compulsion).
  • Maybe he is fond of visiting Lahoot, he will make spiritual entity the secret 'Latifa-e-Siri' stronger and will reach Lahoot (the Realm of Divine Nature).
  • Maybe he has passion to see Allah, that is a creature which is in forehead; by that people become Hafiz, that uses to have vision of Allah. May be he has passion to see Allah; he will make his spiritual entity Ana 'Latifa-e-Ana' powerful. Dhikr of this spiritual entity Ana is Ya Hoo, by the light/noor of Ya Hoo it will be lightened and will become powerful. Then you thought let’s see what is happening up above, you thought and it had flown up. Its station is not Bait ul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba) its station is something else and for this Allama Iqbal has said:

Still more heavens are present beyond the stars;

still there are more trials of Ishq (Passionate love) to come"


(Sitaron se aagay jahan aur bhi hain, Abhi ishq ke imtehan aur bhi hain)


It flown up and those who were in Bait ul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba) they were amazed to see. (And said) “Whatsoever it is let it be, beyond the Bait ul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba) it will be burnt because even the angels are unable to reach there”. And this! Has reached beyond the Bait ul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba) it has reached where essence of Almighty Allah is present. With apparent body Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) reached there and by these creatures the saints of Allah 'Awlia Allah' reaches there. Once it has reached there, since it has gone through tough times, he went with great struggle, he went by the help of great preparation then they see each other with great love & affection. Then Allah says, “I see you and you see Me”.

Now! as it’s a satellite above and an image is telling here that what is happening up above.

Your latifa (spiritual entity) is above and the whole image is coming into your heart.

The whole image of Allah comes into his heart.

Then Allah instructs him to go back to the people now on “whoever will see you, will see me”. 


Dear! Now the angels come to know about this they were very fond of seeing Allah they had been worshiping since thousands of years. They come to know that he is the very person. Gabriel (AS) declares that he is the very person in whom Allah has entered, and then he is sleeping down where as till heavens there are queues and queues of angles waiting to see him (Saint of Allah). This is one who is called Perfect Spiritual guide (Kamil Murshid). For whom Sakhi Sultan Bahu said:

O' Bahu seeing the master is equivalent to millions and billions of Hajj

Now this is the very Murshid (spiritual guide) who will take/lead to God, This very Murshid (guide) will bring one to God. 

Even if he does not take/lead one in the court of God, yet also his vision is a 'thawab' virtue! still his vision will be rewarded.

At this time there is a numerous number of Murshids (guides), don’t know how many thousands of them are there; apart from Pakistan we have seen many of them in Europe and Norway as well. As the son of a Prophet cannot be a Prophet in the same way the son of saint cannot be saint. Prophet Hood neither is a heritage nor is Sainthood a heritage. If the saint hood would have been a heritage, firstly it would be the right of Prophet Hood. The son of every Prophet would have been a Prophet. We don’t say that the sons of Prophets did not become Prophet, but all of them did not become Prophets. From saints came forth some saints. But all of them did not become saints. Now what did they do? They started taking Bait (Oath of allegiance) form people.

Only a friend of Allah has authority for taking Bait (Oath of allegiance). The condition for Wali/Saint (friend) is to be Wali Allah 'friend of Allah'. The condition for a friend is that they should have seen each other and they must have a conversation among them. If neither they have seen each other nor had a conversation so then this is not the friendship. As some body is not a Prophet but he claims to be a Prophet he is called infidel and the one who follows him he too is called infidel. And the one who is not a Wali/Saint but claims to be saint/Wali due to his tongue he will not be called an infidel, but he is not a less than an infidel. He (the one who claimed to be a Prophet) was an infidel for himself and has gone by harming himself but he (fake claimant of sainthood) has harmed thousands of people.

Why did we Bait (took Oath of allegiance) from him? Why we sold our self? For the sake of God. We can perform the prayers/salat without Bait (Oath of allegiance) as well. We even become

Hafiz without the Bait (Oath of allegiance). We sold our self before him for the sake of Allah.

This body does not reach to Allah, the things present inside this body reaches to Allah.

The vehicle which is inside proceeds to Allah.

Now he has wasted the things present inside. Now who will be responsible for that? He is the one who is responsible for that. Those things for which Allah say “I have a creature about which nobody knows except Me”. That very person in whom those exists even he also does not know and that very creature when prays/dua with the light bearing (noori) hands The Almighty Allah accepts his prayer/dua.

Now who has that right of preaching? There are 72 sects and they are preaching. Then they fight with each other and preach as well. Why do they fight among themselves? You are also showing the path of Allah and he is also showing the path of Allah. Then why do they fight? The right for preaching is for that person:

  • Holy Quran itself says, “HoDalil Mutta’keen --- I am guidance to those who are purified”. And for this very purpose firstly have to be purified.
  • It is in one of the hadiat Sharif (Prophetic traditions); “Some people recite Quran and Quran curses upon them”. People says that it might have been said for the infidels. No! Anybody having Nafs-e-Ammarah (the commanding Self or the carnal Self) is impious. If there is a dog within you then you are impious.
  • It’s found in another place (hadith) “Angels of mercy do not enter a house where there is a dog”. This dog (Nafs-e-Ammarah) said “that dog, not me” Oh why not you? That dog was made for the protection of Adam (AS) in the paradise, he is protecting human till today. What is it's fault? Now if you will chain him (dog) at the corner of the street how will he protect you? Not that dog, (it is said about this) dog (Nafs).
  • Mujadid sahib (Mujadid Alif Sani) says in Muktubat sharif (name of the Book) that “the Follower (Muktadi) should first chant the name of Allah” those people are not eligible to recite Quran who’s Self (Nafs) are like dogs. He said “firstly one should purify the self (nafs), and then he should recite Quran”. That time “one moment of thinking is better than 100 years of worship”.


Now you are cramming (ratta) Quran and considering it a book, than the Quran will enter within you and you will concentrate on each and every verse. (The Quran said) “HoDalil Mutta’keen” those people who were purified they received the guidance from the Quran and they also converted infidels into Muslims. And the people, who tried to seek guidance from Quran without being purified their self (nafs) first, those very people went astray and those very people created 72 sects. Those people who were pious/righteous converted infidels into Muslims. And these, they declare even Muslims as an infidels. Ain't they calling Muslims as infidels? They were also scholars and these are also scholars.

They are called the Godly scholar (Aalim-e-Rabbani). People go and kiss (show gratitude) their shrines as well. (Godly Scholars) eradicated the Dispute (Fitna) instantly wherever it happened. And those, whose nafs (self) are dogs they are called Aalim-e-Sue (worldly scholars). And the entire dispute which has been spread, it’s all spread by these very worldly scholars.

Dear! Those whose nafs (self) were dogs they are the one who spread the dispute (fitna). The insult of those scholars is actually the insult of religion of Islam. If you insulted the Godly scholars you insulted the religion of Islam. They are alike the Prophets of Bani Israel. And regarding these worldly scholars Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said, "Be fearful of and stay away from the ignorant priest (scholar)”;

Companions (RA) asked “a Scholar and Ignorant, too (simultaneously)”?

Prophet PBUH answered “whose tongue speaks the knowledge but the heart is ignorant means dark”. You avoid from him, stay away and run away from him; that he will involve you in some kind of sect.

There are 99 names of Allah everyone knows, 98 names are attributes (Sifaati). 124, 000 Prophets possessing ‘Attributed’ names collectively were not able to approach the status of one having Ism-e-Zaat (Personal name Allah). Where 124,000 Prophets and Wide apart to 'One' Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

They collectively were not able to approach the status of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). What was the secret?

Every Prophet received the attributed name (of Allah). Prophet Moses (AS) chanted Ya’ Rehman (O’ Compassionate), Prophet Jesus (AS) --- Ya’ Qudoos (O’ Pure), Prophet Solomon (AS) --- Ya’Wahhab (O’ Giver), Prophet David (AS) Ya’ Wadood (O’ Friend, O’ Love), and the remaining Prophets kept on reciting the Kalima (the Motto) of (Mursal) Messenger of their time.

One day, Prophet Moses (AS) said, "Allah! Let me have a vision of you". 

He (Moses) was replied, "You can't bear it". 

Moses asked “Would there be anyone who can bear it”.

Answer came, “Only my Beloved and His (Ummat) followers”. 

It was said for Ummah, not for Sunni, Shiite. Ummah (one bearing light of God) can have the vision (of Allah) Sunni, Shiite cannot.

Prophet Moses (AS) said “I am not even equal to an Ummati (follower). Give me Your vision, it will be seen”.

Allah revealed His vision and Prophet Moses (AS) went into unconsciousness.

Now what is the reason that Prophet Moses went into unconscious on Koh-e-Toor (Mount Sinai) in this world and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) while standing in front and smiling. What was the reason? The body of Prophet Moses (AS) had the Light/noor of attributed Name 'Ya'Rehman' (O’ compassionate). The attributed noor/light couldn't bear the essence of God (Zaat). The Noble Body of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) contained the Light of Personal name. The Noble Personage smiled before The Personage (zaat) and through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) this Ummah received that Personal name and then it got Superiority (Fazilat).

It is there in a hadith (Prophetic tradition) On the Day of Judgment the (ummahs) nations will be recognized by the light”.

The ones who will be bestowed intercession (Shifa'ah) by the Prophet (PBUH) will be those who are the followers (umti). This nation which is shining by 'Ya Rehman' they are Ummah (nation) of Prophet Moses (AS). This nation which is shining by (the light of) Ya’ Wadood (O’ Friend, O’ Love), is the nation of Prophet David (AS) and these ones who are shining by the light of Allah Allah, they are indeed the Ummah (nation) of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). If you have got Superiority (Fazilat), it’s only due to the The Personal name of God 'Allah' (Ism-e-zaat). The Prophets of Bani Israel were kept on longing, but even the saints (Wali) of this ummah says “we have the vision of Allah”.

  • Imam Abu Hanifa said “I had the vision of Allah 99 times
  • Abraham Bin Adham said “I had the vision of Allah 70 times
  • And Sultan Bahu says that “whenever I want, I have the vision of Allah”.

This is the reason why it is found in one of the hadith “The Prophets of Bani Israel will envy the saints of my Ummah (Nation)”.

One day Prophet Jesus (AS) called out “O' Allah I have great eagerness/passion to see you. I have great eagerness; I am craving to see you. You make conversation but can't be seen”. 

Allah said, "Had not you seen the state of Moses (AS)?”. 

Since He (Jesus) had seen His (Moses) condition, thus he blenched and asked. “Then how to have your vision”? 

Allah replied, "You'll have to become the Follower (Umti) of my Beloved Prophet (PBUH)". 

Prophet Isa/Jesus Said “I accept this condition”.

Now, when Imam Mahdi (AS) will come, Prophet Jesus will come again. Then Prophet Jesus will take oath of allegiance (bait) from Imam Mahdi (AS). He (Jesus) will become Ummati, and then He (Jesus) will have the vision of Allah.

Now, without this (Dhikr) even your Salat/prayers are not valid.

You Namazi (one who is regular in salat) people quote the hadith; “Prayer will be the first thing a person will be questioned about on the Day of Judgment”. You always quote this hadith, isn't it? Ahead of this very hadiat it is mentioned; Without the attendance of the heart, Salat/prayer is not valid” it is written there. The person will be questionable about the prayers/salat, and that hadiat is saying that prayer is not valid without the presence of presence of heart (qalb). Therefore, that (prayer) which is not valid, what would be its accountability? This is the Prayer of apparent appearance (Namaz-e-Surat) which is not valid, which is performed by 72 sects. This is the Prayer of apparent appearance (Namaz-e-Surat) which was also performed and even led others in prayers/salat by that Sikh spy and he departed.

Majadid Sahib (Mujajid Alif Sani) says: “prayer of common person is a Prayer of apparent appearance (Namaz-e-Surat); prayer of only the special people of God’s is real prayer (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat)“. He says that it is the responsibility of every man to search for the Real Prayer. He also said: “Until the prayer of reality (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat) is not found, don't quit Prayer of apparent appearance (Namaz-e-Surat)”.

Now, what is the Real Prayer (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat) and Prayer of apparent appearance (Namaz-e-Surat)?

You must be aware of that. 


Allah said to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Qul hu Allah hu Ahad; “say God is one”.

Prophet (PBUH) said Aameen ("So be it; truly").

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said to people say God is one.

those who said Aameen ("So be it; truly") became Muslims, those who involved in disputation became Hypocrites and those who rejected become infidels. 

Now to whom a Muslim addresses? That ”say God is one”.

Bullah Shah said: The whole debate ends, in only one point”.

Muslim addresses to his heart that “say God is one”. 

The heart replies --- ‘even the flour is not at home’, he (heart) executes hypocritically; isn't it? 

Then addresses Allah hu Samad.

The heart answers --- ‘wife is sick’. 

Then addresses again Lam yalid wal lam ulad.

The heart says --- ‘you’re getting late from the duty, let’s go”.


Infidel’s tongue doesn’t admit; Hypocrite’s hearts do not confirm and bodies of the Liars do not act.

Now tell? Your heart was indeed a hypocrite! Wasn't your heart hypocritical?

This prayer is also a show-off Quran says that “those who offers such prayers, for them it's a destruction as well as show off”. Now how this is a Show off? Offering prayer since long with complete devotion and involvement (Khusho Khuzoo). People say that he is offering prayer with complete devotion and involvement since long time.

Allah Almighty says, “No! I see neither his beard nor his bowing, I see only his heart (qalb) and intention”.

What people looks at, he is active in that; and what God looks at, and he does business in that. This prayer is show-off even if pray inside the home by locking your doors, still it will remain a show-off. This is prayer of apparent appearance (Namaz-e-Surat).

Now what is that Real Prayer (Namaz-e-haqeeqat)? Real prayer (Namaz-e-haqeeqat) is your first pillar, the first pillar is kalima (Shahadah) and by reciting Shahadah one become Muslim. Came into the milk, and became milk. When the milk was grinded (when friction took place), then it became a Momin. Only when the milk was grinded then it becomes butter. By reciting Shahadah once became a Muslim and by repeating it again and again, with its noor/light then you became Momin (one who contain the light of God in the heart). This is your first pillar.

This is the first word of your Quran. Alif-Lam-Meem”. You said “these are short verses (Haroof-e-Mokate’aat), go ahead”. Why to proceed further? Firstly ask from it, it's standing foremost, what does it says?

Sultan Sahib (Sultan Bahu) says” I have not studied in any apparent religious seminary (madrassa). I just took the first word of the Quran that there must be something in it; and kept on chanting Allah-Allah with ALIF”. He (Sultan Sahib) stated that “only by chanting Allah Allah my heart was enlightened”. He (Sultan Sahib) says that “when heart was enlightened Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saw that shining heart and embraced heart with heart and automatically I received all kinds of knowledge. Knowledges which were not possible to obtain through seminaries, I obtained those knowledges by embracing automatically”.

Chant Allah–Allah With ‘Alif’, if you’re scared of its Majesty, then at least recite ”La Illah Ila Allah” with ‘Lam’; if you don’t even have the divine grace for this, then with ‘Mim’ at least keep chanting "Mohammed’urr Rasool’ullah", you will be purified by this.

When you will be purified then proceed further.“HoDalil Mutta’keen

--- I am guidance to those who are purified” Only then the book

will give you guidance otherwise it will lead you astray. This very Quran has given them the guidance and the same Quran misled others. 

This is your first sunnah (habit or usual practice of Prophet Muhammad) as well. What did Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to do in the Gar-e-Hira (Cave of Hira)? He wasn't used to pray Nawafil. Prayers/salat was not even descended at that time. He (PBUH) used to do only the Dhikr (remembrance) of Allah at that time. He (PBUH) always used to do the Dhikr-e-Allah (Chanting 'Allah'), by going in Gar-e-Hira. Whenever He (PBUH) is in the state of bliss excitement, he used to go in Gar-e-Hira. Then, the time He (PBUH) converted people into Muslims, then those who were newly converted Muslims, prayers were not descended even at that time, there was only the zikr of Allah. They (newly converted Muslims) also used to do the zikr of Allah. By chanting Allah-Allah (zikr-e-Allah) their chests became enlightened. Thenceforth the prayers/salat was descended, and then the prayers did not stuck in the throats, went straight into the chests. Now, there is verse in the Quran:

Remember me while standing, sitting even lying down on your sides,

even don’t divert from it while merchandising or selling. 

A person thinks that “what did God did to me? He has also fixed the stomach in me, and He has also attached children and wife with me. Still says that “keep chanting (zikr) while buying or selling, while sleeping, while standing & sitting”. That's what person thinks; isn't it?

O' it hasn't been said to you. This is said to the person that resides within you.

When the person within you will awake up, it is commanded to that person; “you don’t have children, you don’t feel a sleep, you chant the name of "Allah” and you are asked to struggle for nourishing your children. Once your inner self will wake up, then the hand will be busy in function/work and the heart will be towards friend (Allah). Then you will try, while reading newspaper or magazine 'Allah-Allah' should also be continued. While I drive a car the chanting of the name of Allah must be continued, you will succeed. Thereafter you will try to continue Allah Allah whilst praying/salat.

That time the tongue will ask (heart) to say “Allah is one”, the heart will accompany it by saying “Allah and only Allah”. ‘Allah us’Mud’ --- the heart will say “Allah and only Allah”. LamYaLid WaLamU’Lad, the heart will say “Allah and only Allah”, the tongue is affirming and heart is testifying. This is called Iqrar bil-lisan (verbal profession) and tasdiq bil-qalb (heart-felt conviction). Tongue is affirming with the argument “say God is one”, and heart is testifying without any argumentation that Allah and only Allah. This tongue has the power to speak from here and people in BBC can be heard and heart has the power to chant here and Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God) will hear. This very heart will carry your prayers to Arsh-e-Mo’alla.

One day Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA) asked Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that “while I offer my prayers/salat, Evil whispers (wiswas/waswasa) comes to me”. He (PBUH) replied that “you are getting double reward (swab), one for offering prayers and second for waging jihad. When Evil whispers within you, and the Allah Allah which is being continued inside you that sends them out, again Evil whispers comes and it sends them out. Thus the fight has begun within you. This way the fight between Satan and Allah has begun, thus this is a jihad”.

If Evil whispers within you, and no one even takes them out, thus they will stay inside the heart. 
It means that you heart is involved with it, so then it is not a jihad it is hypocrisy (manafakat).


There are some such things which person can't understand. Public can be able understand but our Ulma (scholars) are unable to understand. It's a reality! Don’t know what's the secret behind it?

Anyways, since already many fatwa (verdicts of scholars) has been issued against us, no matter if one more (fatwa) is issued.

Now the thing is, this body which you are having didn't existed up above, and it also will not be in hereafter. Hereafter you will also receive the bodies, those will be others than these. They'll neither be burnt nor die neither they will become aged. You at-least admit this; isn't it?

So the bodies which have neither any connection with the beginning nor with the hereafter, then what’s the need for him to perform prayers/salat? It indeed has to go into the clay, and then what's the need for him to perform prayer. It has no need; absolutely it has no need. Those souls which are clung with in it, it’s their necessity (to offer the prayers). As the mother makes her son stand up and makes him to sit down, similarly this body makes those souls to perform ruku (bowing) and sajood (prostration). Those souls are dependent upon this body, such as that son is dependent upon his mother. When the son becomes young that mother becomes dependent upon that son. When your soul inside becomes young then this body becomes dependent upon it (soul). Then, why does it become dependent? When that soul will be enlightened, then this body will also be lightened, then this body will not be eaten by the insects (in the grave). Then people will respect this body and will kiss (praise) it.

The real thing is that which is inside, that has to be ascended.

So now when that (soul) will become young, then its Kaaba is Bait-ul-Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba), where the souls of the Prophets and saints offer their prayers, then it will also offer its prayers over there. So then no matter either you (body) are sleeping or deceased, its (soul's) prayers will continue in Baitul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba) and it will continue till the Day of Judgment. This is a secret! If once you have awakened that person. All the people present here, everyone contains sixteen humans inside, it's not one, they are sixteen.

Once Ghaus Pak (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini) was simultaneously invited by 9 different people for a meal. He went to the houses of all 9 people and had a meal. But His holy body was present in the mosque with muezzin then things inside the body went there and had meal. Those who can have meal, they would have stood up, they would have been seated as well, and they must have been having conversation too. Then these are the very things which are in the prayers/salat. Maybe they would be offering their prayers in Kaaba. It is said that the prayers of saints used to be performed at Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God); ain't you say so? Our Ulma (scholars) becomes very much anxious, that I cannot go over the wall, how can he (saint) go at Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God)? Oh’ this body does not go at Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God), the things present inside the body goes to Arsh-e-Mo’alla.

We are taught that according to hadith “whoever does not have the love (ishq/passionate love) for Prophet Muhammad, whoever does not have passionate love for Allah, he has no faith”. They tell the prescription of medicine but the medicine is not given! They just talk about the passionate love! What is actually Ishq (passionate love)? How does the passionate love come? They just talk but do not provide the medicine, thus (people) are same like they were; from inside they are same like as they were. Now the religion of Allah (Deen ul Elalhi), that is something else. Then how does the passionate love come?

Now the Religion of Allah is something else. You people say that, this Quran is the religion of Allah; it's a big betrayal/dupe to you. Don't you say so? There is some different religion in The Old Testament (Jewish Holy Scripture). There is some different religion in Psalms of David (Zabur). There is some different religion in Bible, there is some different religion in Quran, then what is His (Allah) Own religion?

Whoever enters into His (Allah) religion; he is called an infidel by the Ulma (Scholars).


Seheli Sarkar from Muzafarabad, doesn't used offer prayers/salat, the prayer was offered there as well. He was not even having beard. When he (Seheli Sarkar) died. The Scholars said that we are not going to perform his (funeral) prayer, he was an irreligious. He was an irreligious, since he was in the religion of Allah. They said he was irreligious, was not even having beard. Meanwhile one of his khilafa dazed & took the shroud off from the face again, and saw that the beard has appeared. Then what they (ulma) did was, that they washed it with hot water to make sure that whether someone has glued/pasted it? But it was the real beard.

Now, what is the religion of Allah? These saints, used to go towards the religion of Allah.

Dear! The religion of Quran is in the cities, it's with the scholars (ulma) in the mosques. Dear! Isn’t the religion of Quran is in the mosques, isn't it in cities, isn't it with the scholars. Then, which is the religion in the forests (jungles)? Your Gaus Pak (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini) even went there, your Khawaja Sahib (Syed Muhammad Mu'īnuddīn Chishtī) even went there, O' Bari Sarkar (Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi) even went there, O' Data Sahib (Hazrat Syed Abul Hassan Bin Usman Bin Ali Al-Hajweri) even went there. So then, they went there for the religion of Allah. So then, what is the religion of Allah? 

Believe it! To enter into His (God's) religion, the verdicts of irreligiously will be issued against you for sure.

When Allah-Allah will start in heart your heart, 'whatever' thing when once settles in the heart, love for that will happen, whatever it is. 

Those who says that we love with Allah and Prophet, they are pretender. 

The love is not related with the tongue; instead love is linked with the heart.

Material world is in their heart and with tongue they say “we love with Allah and Prophet”.

When Allah-Allah will start in heart your heart, the love of Allah will be produced in your heart. Once love of Allah will springs up in your heart, then quality of Allah is that He doesn't take anybody's obligation upon Him. Spend one rupee for Him and He returns ten. Dear! If He accepts obligation, then why would He return it back? Do one noble act, and He gives the reward of ten virtues. Make a little love; and He does ten times in return and to whom Allah loves, He (Allah) sees that person as well. Then, He doesn't take bird's eye view rather 'Sees' with greatest affection.

The day when sight of Allah focused on that person, now love has finished, now it became Ishq (Passionate love). Then I'm yours and you are mine. The religion of Allah is Ishq (Passionate love). The very first thing which He did was the Ishq (Passionate love) with His beloved. From that day onwards, He Himself is (Ishq) passionate Love,

He Himself is Lover, He Himself is Beloved. 


Dear! Once you enter into His religion, you become lover, and then you (definitely) have become an irreligious.


Now, how do that Allah-Allah comes inside? Now we give prescription, how that medicine comes within? How does love & (Ishq) passionate love come within? For this, write “الله” Allah on a paper with black ink 66 times daily. After the Fajar prayer (dawn time), it is very good time otherwise whenever you have time, there is no restriction. If you are idle/free, write "Allah" several times in a day. Whenever you write, write it with great affection, occasionally He (Allah) looks down to the world so it is possible that He might be looking at this time. So a day will come that whatever you were writing on paper that will start hovering in your eyes. That, writing 66 times will become an activity (amal). Once it starts moving in the eyes; then, stop writing. Few people call it “mesmerism”. In fact it’s not mesmerism but mesmerism is originated from this. What do the mesmerists do? They bring the light of sun & candle into their eyes and with the power that light when they look at glass that cracks. But on the heart of person, there are 180000 nets/webs. That light of a candle or the sun can not break those webs/nets. When that 'Allah' comes into the eyes, from eyes then with concentration they make an imprint of it on the heart. So then, it proceeds & sits on the heart by breaking those webs. A person with police tag is a policeman and once is Allah written (on heart) will become man of Allah. That time your heart beats will get fasten --- tik, tik, tik, tik. Then synchronize 'Allah- Hu' with it. With one (beat) synchronize Allah and with another 'Hu'. By doing this again and again and it will start colliding with each other.

Now, do an experiment that either the light being produced inside me or not? That (Allah) was blackish, and then with the light/noor it will become white. Then one day it will be glittering like the sun. That time you be fearless. Even go into the grave, go with great magnificence. Don't become afraid from Munkir-Nakir (name of angles who comes in grave). Now they (scholars) make us afraid, don't know what kind of questions they will ask. Now since this stamp (Allah) has been embossed, now can they ask? After going into the grave, Munkir-Nakir will come. The very first question “tell us who your Lord is”? Keep quiet! Don't answer them, tease them. They'll ask again “why ain't you tell us, who your Lord is”? Silent! They'll ask third time again “are you dumb! Tell who your God is”? Remove the shroud/coffin. Show them Allah “الله” is shining. Believe it they'll not have courage to ask any other questions from you. “O'the man of Allah! Sleep peacefully. This (matter) is between you and your God. We're feeling shame, what questions we should ask you? Assalam - o – Alaikum we are going”. They are those people.

First of all this personal name was given to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). First of all it was granted to Prophet Muhammad PBUH, none other Prophet was granted. After prophet Muhammad (PBUH) it was granted to nine of the Companions. Chishti, Nakashbandi, Qadri, and Seherwardi etc, there were nine such orders like this; it was granted to them (companion). From them it was then granted to twelve Imams, who were called Gaus of that time. Then by taking it from twelve Imams, it was then given to Gaus Pak, thus he (Sheikh Abdual Qadir Jilini) was called Gaus Azam.

At present the personal name (Ism-e-zaat) is with Gaus Pak (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini). Now howsoever Ism-e-zaat may enter within you, either it’s by any Sheikh or through dream you enter into the disciples (Murid) of Gaus pak. Those people who received Ism-e-zaat in his (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini) time they were his real disciples, after his time through whichever way if one receive Ism-e-zaat enters into his disciple, that very person enter into his discipleship spiritually. That is why Gaus Pak (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini) said “O my disciple! My approach is very high, my power is great. He said seventy times I have taken the oath from God that my disciple will not die without faith. Be fearless, be fearless you will not go (die) without faith”. Then he said, “Who is my disciple? My disciple will only be that very person who will chant the name of Allah”. He said in, “Behishat Alsarar” the one who will do the zikr he will be my disciple, I only consider him the zakir (one chants the name of Allah) who's heart chants Allah-Allah, otherwise orally a parrot can chant Allah Allah as well”. If a parrot chants Allah-Allah, will he becomes the disciple of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini? On the other hand Almighty Allah has said by Himself that “at the time of death, the one who will have Shaha'dah/kalmia on his tongue he will get into paradise without accountability”. People say that “we will recite the Kalima/Shahadah, we know it”. But they don’t know this that your tongue will stop before you die.

There the condition is that while reciting the Kalima one should be dying (simultaneously).

We hear one out of thousands, reciting the Kalima while he was dying. 

There has been a holy personality named Hazrat Imam Razi. He used to recite the Kalima/Shahadah so much, that even while sleeping his tongue continues to recite kalima, but when he used to talk, the tongue gets busy there. The hour of death came, Satan thought that he will pass away by reciting Kalima there will be no accountability, although he is paradisiacal, but let’s embroil him so that the accountability may took place. Thus he (Satan) went and asked (from Imam Razi), “Tell me why you believed God?” He (Imam Razi) gave him a reason, (Satan rejected and said) no it’s wrong. He gave (Imam Razi) 99 reasons. The purpose of Satan was that he may pass away while giving reasons. On the other hand Hazrat Najam Kubra was watching. Once Hazrat Imam Razi went into his gathering but he did not like something in the gathering of Hazrat Najam, thus he did not go afterwards. Now he (Hazarat Najam) thought that he (Hazrat Imam Razi) came for once in my gathering so looking at that I must do something, so he took a little water and threw it upon his face and said, “O witless; say that I accepted God without any reason, recite Kalima”. Then he recited the Kalima and the soul ascended. He recited the Kalima thrice and the soul ascended. Satan hasn’t even spared those people, then how an ordinary person can say. Then how Gaus pak claimed that my disciple will not die without faith.

The control of Satan can be on tongue; this tongue belongs to this Nasoot (world). Satan cannot control the heart, this heart belongs to Malkoot (first realm), and Satan is not allowed to interpose there. Once you will be granted permission to chant Allah from Malkoot, then Satan will become helpless. That time you were even dying and were also doing Allah-Allah, even-though you died, and for one & half second kept on doing Allah-Allah. There it is said about the tongue! The tongue of the heart is 70 times superior to this (tongue).

Now how will they go without accountability? Munkir-Nakir (name of angles who comes in grave) has left him and gone. Then another angel will come, his name is Aaman. He has to bring that soul up according to that whatever is written. Munkir-Nakir (name of angles who comes in grave) has to write upon his shroud that either he has passed or failed. Now when it is seen that nothing is written there at all, then he (Aman) uses take out the soul, it is shining with the noor/light of Allah. It is then taken to Rizwan (name of the angle at the gate of heaven). He (Aaman) asks to let it enter into the paradise and he (Rizwan) replies to present its account, he (Aaman) says that this very shining & glistening is its account & accountability. In this way it enters into the paradise without accountability.

When you go to sleep at night, imagine your finger as a pen, (with imagination) while writing Allah-Allah on your heart, fell asleep. The slumber should befall upon you while doing this. Because whatever the intention is at the time of sleeping happens same in the dream. Slept while chanting 'Allah-Hu', and continued this Allah-Hu in dreams. When you get up in the morning, don't worry whether you have the ablution or not. The ablution of heart is not performed with water. Even-though you are in the water for the whole day, the water is not going to enter into the heart, so then how the ablution will be performed? When that noor/light will be produced the heart, it will wash the heart, it’s called the blissful ablution. While going for the work or to office keep on doing secret commemoration (Dhikr-e-khafi).

Until and unless it is synchronized with the heart beats that is called secret commemoration (Dhikr-e-khafi).

Once heart beats starts calling out Allah-Allah, that is called meditation of heart (Dhikr-e-Qalbi).

This is your step in Tareeqat (mysticism).

Tareeqat (mysticism) is related with heart. Then once the vehicle proceeds

from here by chanting Allah-Allah, when it is reaches to Allah, then that

is called Haqeeqat (Reality). Reality (Haqeeqat) is associated with sight. Thereafter once Allah bestows him with something that is Mua’rifat. 


All of these four are different from each other.


Now here it is that!................. You are also Alim (scholars), you will dislike about what I will say. Believe it! You people have stopped us, from the path the Allah. You people say that Tareeqat is also in Shariah, Haqeeqat is also in Shariah, Mua’rifat is also in Shariah.

Thus, haven't you stopped us in Shariah in this manner!

We went to Norway, there is signboard bearing that “there is 'no world' beyond this point”. If there would be any adventurer (explorer) of the world, he will stop by approaching there. He will say "there is no world beyond this point then what can I do". When you said that there is nothing beyond Shariah; then if someone who is seeker of Allah will be trapped in the Shariah and people are even trapped. You should say it that tongue also chants Allah-Allah, the heart also chants Allah-Allah and the eyes also see Allah. Why don’t say this?


Now I give you a second example. You are Hanifi (Following the school of thought of Imam Abu Hanifa); mostly people in Pakistan are Hanifi. Hanifi teaches the whole of shariah (law), makes a person to also become a Hafiz. Hanifi teaches all the knowledge of Quran & Hadith as well. Why then there are Qadri or Chishti? Dear! The prayers are similar. Why then they are Qadri or Chishti?

You are a Hanifi. Hanifi has taught Allah Allah to your tongue, once you have become Qadri then they taught Allah-Allah to your hearts.

In old times, when somebody used to come and say that “I am a Naqshbandi”, people used to stand up because there must be word 'Allah' embossed upon his heart. That person is called Naqashbandi. People used to stand up with respect. Now a day if you say that I am a Naqshbandi, I am Chishti also, I am Qadri also and Seherwardi also nobody stands up because they know that he is empty from inside. This is Tareeqat which is related to heart and for this very Tareeqat you say that there is no asceticism in Islam. This is what you say isn't it? Stay in cities and eat Pudding and parathas (flat-bread). Why then your ancestors went into the jungles, were they not Muslims? They went to purify their nafs (self) and when their nafs were purified, they came back by becoming source of guidance for you. That is why this Holy Ramadan is for you nafs so that you may do reformation of your nafs and if it does not happen in twenty days then sit in Itikaf (seclusion in the Mosque) for ten more days. This is for the betterment of your nafs.

Many people say that name of Allah is Jalali (glorious). (When Asked) why don’t you chant?

(They says) it's extremely glorious, It gives anger (jalal) and people become crazy.


They give the reference of a bird called "Phoenix".


Once a saint went into a jungle and there he kept on chanting “Allah Hu”, but by the time that saint left the jungle that "Phoenix" had learnt “Allah Hu” and this bird also stated chanting “Allah Hu”. That “Phoenix” is like a parrot. Now when it saw that the heat is being produced in my body by chanting Allah Hu. The degree of heat was such high that Phoenix thought it might be burnt away by that heat. So it collected few twigs, so that if it catches fire only the twigs will be burnt and I will be saved. But when the fire was lit the bird was also burnt and the twigs were also bunt. And then from the ash of that bird, an egg was formed and from that egg a baby bird was hatched and it also started chanting Allah Hu and it was also burnt away. Since centuries this cycle is being continued. People say that Phoenix gets burn by Allah Hu. Dear! It had heard Allah Hu only that is why it was burnt if it would have heard Muhammad Rasool Allah (PBUH) why would it have been burnt.

If you feel the heat by doing zikr then start reciting Darood, it will cool the heat inside, don’t be afraid. The companions of the holy Prophet (PBUH) say that whenever the hard time comes upon them, they used to recite Darood Sharif. What they (companions) use to do before this? 24 hours they used to chant the name of Allah, when they felt the heat or zikr slows down or when it seems to stop they used to recite Darood Sharif, which start the zikr up again, that is its method.

Now for this (dhikr) permission is also required. What is the purpose of permission? You offer the Tahajjad (midnight prayer) here. Satan stands at the corner and laughs (and says) “o' keep on getting tired, your heart is actually in my hands, whenever I wish I'll turn it” and one day you will complain that “I was very regular on offering Tahajjad (midnight) prayers, don't know what has happened to me, now I even couldn't offer the obligatory prayers (Farz)”. So, the Satan has turned the heart.

  • When Bayazid Bastami was young, he went into the jungle, when he used to recite various Wirid and Wazaif, Satan used to watch at a distance but when he (Bayazid Bastami) used to chant Allah Hu with strokes, Satan used to come near to tease him, so that this Allah Hu may not enter within him. One day he (Bayazid Bastami) became angry so he took a cane/stick and ran after him to hit him but he (Satan) was also very clever. Satan ran before him slowly but he (Bayazid Bastami) ran after Satan in quick pace, he (Bayazid Bastami) was unable to hit him with a cane. He (Bayazid Bastami) had traveled a far distance, he was perspiring/sweating, then a voice came; “O Ba-Yazid, he can't die with sticks, he burns with Allah’s Noor, you chant so much, you chant so much, so that you become Noor-ala-noor (light upon light)”.

When (Bayazid Bastami) became Noor-ala-noor (light upon light), all magicians left the city of Bistam saying that “now our magic no longer works here”. Satan knows, by chanting Allah-Allah maybe word 'Allah' gets embossed upon his heart. And about this Holy Quran says:

there are some people on whose hearts, Faith (Imaan) has been written

Khwaja Bahauddin Naqshband used to embossed (nakash) word 'Allah' upon people’s hearts.

That is the reason why he is called Nakashbandi.


There are some such people, upon their heart 'Holy shrine of Prophet Muhammad' comes,

because He (PBUH) is neither Allah nor even separate from Allah.


  • When Holy shrine comes, then no matter where he is, is actually in Madina. That which is said, prayer/salat which is offered in Khana Kabbah is equal to hundred thousand prayers and which is offered in holy city of Madina it is equal to fifty thousand, it is said, isn't it? The one, inside whom Khana Kabbah settles, he gets the reward of 100,000 prayers and the one, inside whom Holy Madina appears he gets the rewards of 50,000 prayers. No matter wherever that person is, will be rewarded.


There are some such people who always chant Allah-Allah; Khana Kaaba appears on their hearts. 
There is evidence that it (kabbah) appears. 

  • Once, Majjadad Sahib saw that hidden creatures, Genie (jins) and angels are bowing in adoration to him, he became very much worried because this adoration is not allowed for human being, then why they are bowing in adoration to me? Has any satanic delusion happened? A voice came "don't be frightened, they are not bowing in adoration for you, they are bowing to Khana Kaaba which has been settled inside you”.


  • When Khana kaaba appeared on the heart of Rabia Basri, that Kaaba (which is in Mecca) was ordered to “go and circumambulate (tawaf) to 'This' (Kaaba which was in the heart of Rabia Basri) you were made with mud & clay by Abraham (AS) and I (Allah) made it with my own Light (noor)”. Now some people say “that Kaaba would be exemplary (misali), it can't be original it was exemplary”. Don’t they say so? If that Kaaba was exemplary, then Throne of Balqis would have been also exemplary. If the Throne of Balqis was real, then that Kaaba which came was also real.


  • At midnight, Hazrat Ibrahim Bin Adham approached Kaaba, they saw that the Kaaba was not there, people were sleeping and the Kaaba was not there "Thought --- perhaps the Day of Judgment is about to come, Allah has lifted it up". A voice came; “Nay, it has gone to make the circumambulate (tawaf) of an old lady. Go towards the north” when he goes to the north, sees that Rabia Basri is sitting and the kaaba is making the circuit (tawaf) around her.


  • For this very thing Shah Mansur (Mansur al-Hallaj) was crucified. He (Mansur al-Hallaj) used to say that “why do you go towards that Kaaba, only those goes towards The Kaaba, who are good for nothing”. He used to say that “you settle Kaaba within yourself, so that, that Kaaba may come to you”.


  • Molana Romi has then said regarding that Kaaba (The Kaaba in the heart) if that Kaaba gets settled in anyone's heart, then that heart is better than thousands of Kaaba”.


Every man considers (himself), “Habal-ul-Wareed (nearer to your jugular vein)” that God is near than my jugular vein.

Everyone considers this, it's just silliness. 

  • Alama Iqbal had also said that “You (Allah) are also everywhere”. He used to say that if we drink alcohol or commit a sin, You are Habal-ul-Wareed (nearer to jugular vein). You are also along with us, so for what will you make us accountable? But when he (Iqbal) wrote Jawb-e-Shikwa (answer to complain is a poem written by Allama Iqbal, which consists the answers, given by Allah) then it was told that, He is nearer to jugular vein of only those who have settled Him (Allah) within themselves.


The one within whose heart, the image of Allah is entered (that is habal-ul Wareed)

After that Kaaba, then the image of Allah comes within that person.

For that time Allah then says “I am indeed within him, I become his tongue with which he speaks. I become his hands with which he holds.

The Satan knows that, this Man can reach at this stage. Satan has Hindu army, he orders (Hindu evil spirits) to “go and ruin him, make him crazy and do whatever you can, Allah should not enter within him, otherwise he will slip away from our hands for the whole life”. Now, you don't even have one Genie (Jin) to retaliate them. They will come; they will tease you and will attack on you. But from where one gets permission for this zikr; Allah gives them also a Compassionate Army (Rehmani Fauj). As soon as that Satan's army attacks you; this Compassionate Army attacks on them. That Compassionate Army will accompany you until 'Rehman - The Compassionate' does not wake up within you. Then, one doesn't remain only Man; becomes the Man giver (banda nawaz). Doesn’t remain poor, becomes the Poor giver (ghreeb nawaz).

For this we neither ask you to bait (Oath of Allegiance) nor ask for any donation. It's a secret, which is the secret of an umti (follower). This can only be attained from Murshids (spiritual guides). But now all those sitting here must be having any Murshid (spiritual guide), everyone would have considered their guide a (Kamil Murshid) perfect guide that is why they take bait (Oath of Allegiance). Now the Murshid of everyone couldn't be kamil (perfect) as well, then who knows, whose Murshid is kamil. First of all one should have the touchstone (so that one can test), if my Murshid (Spiritual Guide) is perfect then it’s alright since it has been make sure but yet it’s not sure.

Thief is recognized by thief and (wali) Saint is recognized by Saint.

If thief of Lahore is sitting in one corner and thief of Peshawar is sitting in other corner, both of them are unknown to each other, once their eyes collide with each other they will recognize that he also belongs to my field. Make one saint to sit here and the other one to sit there, hearts of both will collide. The hearts will collide due to there is light in their hearts. Once the noor/light will come into your heart, then may you go to Bari Sarkar, there is also Noor and here (heart) is also Noor, there is also Allah and here is also Allah, it will collide, tenderness will take place. Just like the clouds strike with each other, thunder is produced. When Allah collides with Allah the tenderness will be produced, you will understand that it is Perfect Man (Mard-e-kamil). Then for satisfaction you may go to Data Sahib, there is also Allah and here is also Allah, it will collide, tenderness will take place. You will understand that it is Perfect Guide (Wali Kamil). Your Dhikr (chanting of the name of Allah in heart) will get faster. Then go to your spiritual guide. If by going near him (spiritual guide), the state you felt at Data Sahib, which you felt at Bari Imam, if the same thing is happens again; then, your spiritual guide is perfect one. Then even if you are losing your life let it go, then never leave him, because life has to go anyways. Then no matter how you are, he himself will purify you. Now, if go there again and again. Time and again going to him! And nothing happens; it means that he is also nothing. Then your life is being ruined.


The goal is not to seek personality


the goal is to seek Allah

Now if you want to find a murshid (guide), then the time you start writing Allah with your finger, first of all it’s right of your Murshid/guide, call upon him. It is said that, in the time of difficulty call upon your Murshid/guide. What can be more difficult than this that you are trying to get visa for Allah. What can be more difficult time for you than this? Imagine, my Murshid is holding my finger and writing Allah on my heart. If your guide would be perfect he will definitely reach. For whom he died, will he not come for Him. If nobody comes or you don’t have any Murshid, then with any Shrine which you love, imagine that Shrine, consider the Saint whom that shrine belongs to, is holding your finger and writing “Allah” upon your heart. If you don’t have love for any Saint nor go to any Shrines, then consider the image of The Shrine (Roza) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), since I am you’re the follower, and that I don’t know the path, but I am seeking for the path, anyone come and help me. Imagine The Shrine of Prophet Muhammad that you are getting the benevolence (faiz) from there. If, there also you are like Deobandi type, you consider Him (PBUH) like yourself. Then consider the Kaaba. Haven’t you understood! That you are getting benevolence (faiz) from Kaaba. And then whoever comes before you he is your guide (murshid). Dear! Whoever comes before you at that time he is your guide. The goal is not to seek personality, the goal is to seek Allah. No matter from where it can be obtained. For this permission is required.

Now for this there are vehicles. Such as you go to bus station vehicles are standing there, likewise these orders like Nakashbandi, Chishti, Qadri are also vehicles, these are all sources for reaching to Allah, destination of all is one. GTS also goes from here and private buses also go from here but the destination of all is Rawalpindi. Chishti, Qadri, Nakashbandi and Seherwardi everyone’s destination is same. The vehicles are standing whichever’s engine you see is start go and sit in it, it is no offense. Whether sit in Nakashbandi, sit it Chishti whichever’s engine you see is start sit in it. But if the vehicle is on its way (moving position), and you are sitting in it, then if tried to alight/getting off you will be injured. Then you are an offender. If (chanting of) Allah Allah is taking place within you then only your guide (murshid) is enough for you. He is Saint (Man of Allah) rest journey He will make you! If not He, then He will send you towards someone. If your vehicle is not moving, then you can sit in any of the vehicle, you are not an offender.

We are not making you to bait (Oath of Allegiance) us, we are making you ‘enlightened heart’. Once your heart will become enlightened, once you will get the touchstone, and then you will search of spiritual guide (Murshid), then whoever you will found out will be the man of Allah. Dear! It is said here (world) Nakashbandi, Chishti, Qadri but believe it, it’s an offence to say this over there (on heavens). There everyone is friend of Allah. There it is no difference among Nakashbandi and Chisht. There everyone is the hair of same body, here (Terrestrial Realm) it is separate; there all are united. If you will pull one hair all will feel pain. We will accompany you until, these creatures inside you does not wake up.


Inshallah when you will call us,


inshallah we will reach to you.


There is no condition for it. When the situation becomes messed up! Previously committees/council of elders used to resolve the matters but when those committees became bungler, then deal need to be made directly. This was the duty of Spiritual guides (Murshids) and Godly scholars (Aalim-e-Rabbani), but now they are also bungled. When these become bungles, then where should we go now? Now we should contact to Allah and we have to seek His help. And believe me; now if someone goes to heaven or goes to hell, we have no sorrow, we have no regret. If there would be sorrow, it would be to your Prophet, whose follower (ummat) you are. We are an agent between you and Allah. What does an agent does? Firstly he convinces to the person who is selling a vehicle and then convinces the buyer. Firstly we will convince you and then we will convince Him. Now what does the agent will get? Once both the parties will be convinced. He will get the commission, will get the money. So what will we get, once both the parties are convinced? The Allah-Allah which will take place within you, we will get its commission. We are struggling for that. So try your luck for this.

If Allah-Allah enters within you then just pray (Dua) for us and if it does entered within, then you will remain as you are. 

At least practice for five to seven days 

Everybody thinks that “Allah is kind upon me”. (Upon asking) why? “I have car, a big house if this is not blessing then what is this”? You are content/satisfied just for this (car/big house etc). Upon asking from second person, how are you? He/she reply “great blessing are upon me”. Why? “I once belonged from a poor family and now became such a big officer”. If this is not a blessing, then what is this? And upon asking third person, how are you? He/she reply 'I have a lot of blessings” Why? “Despite being in old age, I am still healthy if this is not blessing then what is this”? We say that if you consider this a blessing, then the infidels have all these things.


Whatever is given to infidels; the same is given to you, then what is the blessing upon you?


If you really want to see His blessing, indulge yourself in His Dhikr. If within two, four, five or six days, Allah Allah starts within you then you are bestowed with His blessing. "Fazko'Runi Az'koro'kum --- Remember Me and I will remember you". If even in spite of trying, Allah-Allah does not start; then there is no blessing of Him upon you. If there were blessings upon you, then He would have included you among those who remember Him. After once Allah-Allah started; then He bestows car, big house only then these are blessings, then you become an officer that is further blessing.


The secret of recognizing yourself, the secret of recognizing your

spiritual guide (Murshid) and the secret of recognizing Allah that

how much He is merciful upon me, this is the only touchstone.


  • One Caucasian/foreigner asked a question in Gujranwala. He said that “I am ready to become a Muslim, I will quit all the bad deeds, I'll quit alcohol too, I will also offer prayers, and even I'll offer the Tahajjad (midnight) prayer, I will keep fast as well, I need the guarantee for one thing”. Asked what (guarantee) you need? He replied “Your scholars say that even then it is not known whether you are hellbound or paradisaical”. He said I leave my religion and enter into theirs and they say we our-self don't know whether we will go into hell or paradise so how can we you the guarantee. They are not giving guarantee for themselves. He said that “the firm which produces weak products does not gives guarantee, your religion Islam is weak". And we say that the religion Islam is a guarantee indeed. Not in years, not in months, in days it will be known that 'who you are?' If Allah-Allah gets started within you than it is indeed guarantee.

Whoever contains even tiny proportion of Light/noor will never go into Hell.


For that take the permission of zikr (heart Meditation) and try your luck. Should I say something more if you want. Presently there are 72 sects. There were no sects in the period of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. There was  ummati (follower) or Hypocrites and (expelled) Khawarij. These were the two only.

Who were Khawarj (expelled)? They used to say that we will perform all the prayers, we will also roll the rosary, we will do the recitation as well and we will do all acts but we will not quit doing the business of interest/usury. They were (Khawarj) expelled. Holy Prophet [PBUH] expelled them though they consider themselves Muslim ummati (follower). But they have been expelled.

Others were the Hypocrites. Those (expelled) Khawarij are present even today, they are present in this world and they are in great number. Second were Hypocrites. Hypocrites used to say that only the Quran has been revealed upon Him [PBUH], means only a book is revealed upon Him [PBUH], so what is the difference between Him [PBUH] and us? He [PBUH] also eat and drink, He [PBUH] did marriages. He [PBUH] was a postman between Allah and us. Such people are also available (in this world). 

Neither the worship of (expelled) Khawarij is accepted nor is the worship of Hypocrite accepted.

Now the ummati (follower) left behind isn't it? Now those who are left behind regarding them Prophet Muhammad has said that "liar is not my Ummati (follower)". Now you do the things bigger than lying, don’t you? Now how do you know that either you are expelled or not, either you are in (Ummah) nation or not? There is no proof/evidence, isn't it? There must be proof/evidence, isn't it?  Thereafter a person should move his vehicle. If a hypocrite comes to know that his prayer is not accepted then why will he pray/Salat; why will he offer his prayer if it is known that it is not accepted?

Those who were Ummati (followers), the heritage of light/noor which was in their destiny Allah has send in this world.

So you may take your share without any condition.


There are always some methods for taking. Somewhere you have to queue up in the line and somewhere you have to buy a ticket or somewhere you to take note written upon a piece of paper so these are few methods. So according to the method I have told take your share. If you able to receive that light/noor, Allah Allah start within you then you are a follower (Ummati). Dear! Sign of a follower “the one who have light/Noor within him”. Then you are indeed a follower (Ummati).  Until it was not known was not known but now you have come to know. Now the medicine has also been given to you. Still if the medicine does not effects then it (that person) is nothing.

After coming of the heritage yet if Allah Allah does not start within you, you are not able to obtain the light/Noor. Then either you are Hypocrite or an expelled (Khawarj) and this you have to acknowledge.

Then all these sects are either hypocrite or expelled; none is a real (Ummati) follower.

And once you will become an (Ummati) follower than all these sects will come to an end.

Since all become (Ummati) followers thus all become light-bearer (noori).

Just like there are magnetic mountains in the West and the compass (Kutab Nama) is kept here. Bring it (compass) to any city no matter if you move it forward or backward its direction will be towards the West, since it is related towards that side. Once the light/Noor will come into your heart then no matter you are Deobandi or Marzai or a Wahhabi your direction will be towards Allah. Once your direction will be towards Allah, than whichever side Allah is, you will be there too.

For this take the permission of Dhikr (heart Meditation) and test your luck. I think people who wish to take the permission of zikr (heart Meditation) are great in numbers and it will take long time . Now we don’t urge you take zikr (heart Meditation), if your heart accepts!  if your heart accepts it, then confess Allah Hu thrice along with my tongue and he will have the permission of Dhikr. The one who does not want to take Dhikr he better keep quite.

Those who are dumb here will be dumb in hereafter.


So say Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu.



***Allah Hu***Allah Hu***Allah Hu***Allah Hu


If you also wish to get permission of Heart Meditation (Zikr-e-Qalb) from Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi The method is: when there is a full Moon from the East, look at it with concentration, and when you see the image of His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi on it, say Allah, Allah, Allah thrice, and you will be blessed with this spiritual grace. Thereafter, without any fear or reservation,begin the practice (of the meditation), as described. Believe (the fact) that the image on the Moon has spoken to many people in every language. You can also try looking, and speaking with it.


The second method is while watching this video (by clicking here) can get permission of Heart Meditation (Zikr-e-Qalb) by repeating ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH  with His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi and then you can do the practice of Zikr (meditation) without any fear.




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