1) About the "Asteroid coming towards Earth" and "End of World" (Excerpt   from book "The Religion of God" as written by His Holiness Gohar Shahi in 2001):-

Our scientists with their scientific knowledge now are interfering with God's affairs. In order to instill a fear into human beings now, a small disaster has been instigated, and for the complete destruction, an asteroid, already sent towards the Earth, is expected to hit the Earth in about twenty to twenty five years. When it does, that will be the last day of the Earth. A part of that asteroid has fallen on Jupiter within the last two years. Our scientists are aware of this fact.

They are wishing to move to the Moon or some other planet before the impending disaster. As such, there have been plot bookings on the Moon, when they know that life cannot be sustained on the Moon as there is no oxygen, water or vegetation. What is the purpose of all the frenzy? As far as research is concerned, what benefit did humanity gain by reaching the Moon or Jupiter? Has any medication or prescription been discovered for longevity, or has a 'cure' been found to prevent death?

Even if we reach the creatures of the Mars, the difference in environments (Oxygen) would make our life on the Mars impossible. All the wealth is being squandered (in this matter). If the United States and Russia spend it on the poor, then everybody would be prosperous.

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Starting of the destruction of world will be start from San Francisco. Large number of floods and earthquakes will take place. Glaciers will melt, extreme Ocean storms will take place. Third world war will brake out. Gog and Magog (Hebrew: גּוֹג וּמָגוֹג; Arabic: يَأْجُوج وَ مَأْجُوج) will come out.


2) Sayings about the appearance of Imam Mahdi  (AS) and Dajjal/Antichrist

It is mentioned in Hadis (Prophetic tradition) that Imam Mehdi's mother's name will be Amina and His father�s name would be Abdullah. There are two explanations for it. One answer is logical and the other is spiritual. It is also narrated in same Hadis (Prophetic tradition) that antichrist would come while riding on a donkey and would be blind from one eye. If he would really come riding on Donkey and blind from one eye, we can easily recognize that he is antichrist. We say that can't anybody give even a car to him as he will be having thousands of followers? If he has to go to Islamabad from here, imagine how much time it will take while riding a donkey! Whereas the fact is that this is an age of cars and airplanes. Then people say that once this age of science will end then that other stone-age will come, and then he (antichrist) will come riding donkey. We say that ok if this science age will end and there will not be any cars, but if there will be donkeys then for sure there will be horses as well present at that time (of stone-age), then why would he not prefer horse to ride as that will be superior ride. Then people argue that it is just a hint. Actually �Donkey� means that it will be Satan (devil). Antichrist will bear complete satanic forces and blind from one eye means that he will be lacking spiritual knowledge. click here for more......


3) Where are Gog Magog (Yog Majooj)?

4) Was Allama Iqbal a Saint?:-

There was an incident. He (Iqbal) was student of fourth grade. His mother had already passed away. He had father and two brothers. His father used to make pancakes, one for each of two brothers. He used to make in the morning and keep as they would come in the afternoon and eat.
One day when Allama Iqbal came, a bitch too came along with him, following him. When he (Iqbal) looked, he realized that she must be having some necessity as she was following him. The bitch must be having the necessity of hunger. What else necessitate could be? While he started climbing up the stairs of his house, that bitch sat down and she started staring at him with wistfulness. He (Iqbal) went upstairs. He gave half of his pancake to the bitch and kept other half for himself, without letting his brother and father know, thinking that he would eat half, but she ate quickly. She kept staring at him again wistfully.  click here for more details .....

5) Sayings about Ostentatious Scholars
Ostentatious scholars who don�t have internal Light/Noor will be helpful/benefactor of Dajjal/Antichrist
Answering to questions in the sitting with truth seekers, great spiritual leader of ASI His Holiness Syedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi said that Imam Mahdi will be evident/ manifested and Dajjal/Antichrist will be self-proclaimed. The great battle between the Truth/Haq and the False/Batil will be fought, in which ultimately truth will prevailed. click for more details....

6) Saying of His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi during the lecture at the venue of Shia Imam Bargah Karachi Pakistan

In those ten chapters (of hidden Quran) we read a verse. Until today we haven't told anyone about that. Because people would not be able to understand and unduly will become against us. We neither told to Sunnis nor to Shias. Today since both have got united. Now thought that I should reveal it to you people. It was written there, it was written in those ten chapters "Once Prophet Muhammad PBUH gave his ring to Hazrat Ali r.a. (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) helped Hazrat Ali r.a to wear the ring and He wore it. After some period of time Prophet Muhammad PBUH went to Meiraj (ascension ) and saw that the same ring was wore in the hands of Allah". Now we can't understand that what was that secret? Neither can anyone argue on this matter nor it can be understood that how that ring went into the hands of Allah.

7) Talking in a personal meeting with the seekers of truth, the reliever of present time His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi said: when seminal fluid enter into the womb of the mother, first of all the mineral spirit (the spirits which bond and solidify atoms) comes which is found in stones. After sometimes there comes the botanical spirit which is found in the trees due to which the child starts growing in the womb. After this the animal spirit comes and at the time of birth human spirit comes from the sky. First three spirits come from this world while the fourth human spirit comes from the realm of souls in the sky. When a person dies, the human soul goes back again to skyward but the remaining three again enters into any newcomer/newborn. That is why the Hindus claim the second birth. But the three spirits which Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] had --- Allah has kept them for Imam Mahdi. As the three spirits enters into the newcomer, likewise all these three spirits of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] will enter into Hazrat Imam Mahdi (A.S).
Imam Mahdi will be custodian of noble virtues of Prophet Muhammad[PBUH]. For this reason when Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] explained the indications/signs of Imam Mahdi to His Sahaba (companions), they asked "would You [PBUH] be that one!". Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] remained silent upon hearing this.
His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi said in response to one question that Imam Mahdi will be Hasani, Hussaini Syed. The Imamat (successor-ship) has been transferred to the ummah after the eleventh Imam Hasan Askri of Sadaat. Thus Imam Shafi'i, Imam Abu Hanifa etc were 'Imam' which were not among the Sadaat, whereas they were mere ordinary Followers � Umati. Similarly Imam Mahdi will be among the ummah.
Question was placed that whether Shiite will endorse Imam Mahdi; there are millions of Shiite in Iran and they are devotees of Imam Mahdi. In answer to this His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi said that in the beginning they will oppose Him strongly but later on they will accept Him after looking at signs and gradually they will not only enter into His devotees but also sacrifice life for Him (Imam Mahdi A.S).
Voice of truth: 16-31 July, 1999.

8) Hindus recognize Adam as "Shankar Ji", Eve as "Parvati", Khider as "Vishnu Mahraj" and Hazrat Fatima (R.A) as "Durga Maa".

9) The spiritual personalities will unite the world near end times.
10) Flooding and devastations are expected. People should turn towards God.
11) The mission of Prophets and Saints has been to eradicate injustice and tyranny.

12) The love of God is the basis of all religions. The spiritual knowledge should also be learnt along with apparent knowledge to have the essence of God.

13) The peace in the world will be established by virtue of God's Love. The scholars, who lack light of God (Divine Light), have promoted Sectarianism, Extremism and hatred.

14) God does not exist in forests and wilderness but resides in Human's heart. The person who has love for God in the heart cannot go to hell. Sufism is a way to achieve essence of God.

15) The Earth is stationary whereas the Moon and Sun are revolving. The Moon's speed is fast as compared to the Sun due to which the distance between them varies.

16) The image on Black Stone (Hajre Aswad) is by God. It is infidelity to deny its existence. I also testify its existence and appeal for the proper investigation. I have taught heart meditation (Dhikr-e-Qalbi) to millions of truth seekers by virtue of which they have given up sins and achieved love of God and Prophet. And thousands have reached up to the courts of Prophets and achieved essence of GOD.

17) There is a difference between Ishq-e-Majazi (love of soul with human) and Ishq-e-Haqeeqi (divine love). Normally, the love (ishq) that people make, they think they�re making love of soul, but in fact, they are doing love of self/nafs (Ishq-e-Nafsani - which is called lust) because they are caught by physical love not by soul. The love that is made without having any desire with the soul is called Ishq-e-Majazi (mundane love of soul) such as the love of Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha, and Sussi-Punnu. Those people when meet alone, feelings of lust never borne in their heart; the same love when it happens with God --- is called divine love/Ishq-e-Haqeeqi . But there are very few lucky people who achieve divine love.
Voice of truth: 1-15 August, 1999.

18) Politics is not our purpose, sectarianism is not our conduct. We are just correcting the Muslim nation/Ummah through the preaching of mysticism (tareekat), spirituality and are gathering Muslims on one point of unity. By adopting the apparent knowledge of Shariah the Ummah has been divided into 72 sects and are declaring each other as infidel. On the other hand the followers of the knowledge of mysticism (tareekat) never spread the schism within themselves. Therefore it is necessary for the Muslim Ummah that with the verbal knowledge of Shariah, they should immediately take step towards achieving the esoteric knowledge of mysticism (tareekat). The foundation of the knowledge of mysticism is the Zikr-e-Allah which should be done with the permission of perfect spiritual guide in such a way that it should conjoin the heart and should be started continuously.
The real Satan never commits any sin by himself, he rather offer prayers and is a great scholar (Alam) and provides the solution of issues as well. Jealousy, proudness and envy should be present in the real Satan. These characteristics/attributes are found profoundly in worldly scholars. Worldly scholars (ulma-e-su) who tease the saints, are real Satans. Worldly scholars (ulma-e-su) has teased the saints in every age, issued the verdicts of murder and infidelity on them. Even today such Worldly scholars (ulma-e-su) are present and are doing their work.

20) The Scholars of today are going in a big loss. The reason is that these scholars, after getting the exoteric knowledge of Shariah (law), instead of going towards esoteric knowledge of mysticism (tareekat), are involved in politics. Whereas Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalani, Hazrat Usman Marwandi, Hazrat Moin ud-din Chishti, Hazrat Sharaf ud-din and Hazrat Datta Ali Hajwari were tremendous scholars of Shariah of their time. But after the exoteric/apparent knowledge they worshiped and meditated in jungles and obtained the knowledge of mysticism (tareekat), reality (haqeeqat), theosophy (maurifat) and were positioned high ranks of dignity and fame in the world.