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Question: Please comment on present world situation of mundane and religious matters. I mean world which is leaving God and leaning towards other side, in Pakistan and here also elsewhere, please comment on this situation? 
Answer: There are two powers. A man came to a Saint; man questioned him that how he found Rab (God). Saint replied: when I left my first Rab (God), he was shocked on hearing first Rab (God) and asked who is first Rab (God)? Saint replied; did you not read in Holy Quran that “people had made desire & greed as their God”. Unless you leave that Rab (desire & greed) you will not be able to find real Rab (God). People are rushing towards that Rab (world). There are a very few people who are rushing towards this Rab (Allah). Now overwhelming majority is towards that Rab (world) and towards that Rab which is “Satan”. Satan is eternal enemy of human. Satan in very easy way and in very pleasant way making people fight among each other and getting them fed up with religion. Now the only way is to leave that Rab (world) and return towards this Rab (Allah). They will get the same livelihood which is on that side. If you are on the side of Satan you will get the same livelihood and if you are on the side of God then also you will get the same livelihood whatever is written in destiny. Then instead of going towards Satan, why don't you come towards God/Allah! 

: How do you look towards the present development of Europe and America. The peak which this development has approached is it possible to continue this development further or as we have read that when the development reaches its climax then the decline starts to takes place? 
Answer: Whatever was needed by Allah, that level of development has taken place already. Now, development more than this it is not required by Allah. It was required by Allah that people should invent satellites, invent telephones and came up with scientific inventions. It was very necessary. Allah made all this possible Himself as He was willing so. People say that British’s & American’s have done all these advancements, but the fact is that Allah has got it done. Because Allah had to send Imam Mehdi and if this system was not there, Imam Mehdi would have sat at one place. Imam Mahdi was to be sent for the entire world. Prophets were sent to their particular regions. But Imam Mehdi is to be sent for the entire world this is why communication system of this world took place. So that He could arrive every nook and corner and also people could get closer to Him. 

Question: Do you want to say….. World is going to be end now? 
Answer: There will be no further development after this. 

: But we have heard that before that Imam Mahdi a.s. will come as well as Jesus will be descended from heavens, war will take place with Dajjal? 
Answer: All these facilities are only for them. 

Question: It means that doomsday is not near; even we heard that Imam Mahdi a.s. will rule for 40 years?
Answer: someone said that he will rule for 10 years, someone said that he will rule 40 years and someone said between the period of 10 and 40 years. 

 Will this period be according to our timeframe or according to system of Allah? Time period of 10 years, 40 years or between 10 to 40 years? 
Answer: This will be according to system of Allah. 

: The speech which you delivered during your visit to England, I received press release of that speech which I published in my newspaper. In response to that there was a statement from Sipah-e-Sahaba issued in an Urdu newspaper which was published from New York “Pakistan Express” which says that you written in your book “Roohshanas” there is no need to offer Salah (prayer) and practice Fast and you have claimed to be Imam Mehdi? 
Answer: First thing is that up till now I had never said there is no need for Salah (prayer) and Fasting. I definitely said to do the zikr (remembrance of Allah) you will be better than previous condition. Then, when you will offer Salah you will be more better. I definitely said if you drink alcohol then you cannot perform Salah. Yes when you will do zirk (remember Allah) It may get you rid of drinking habit and you will be able to perform Salah. I have said this but I never said that you don’t offer Salah. Secondly I never claimed to be Imam Mehdi. However I have elaborated the signs of true Mahdi. As Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) had a seal of prophet hood on His back in the same way there will be Kalma (moto) written on the back of Imam Mahdi, who so ever will possess this sign we will accept Him as Imam Mehdi a.s whether it is me or you, child or old. I had said this and I am still saying it. Moreover it depends on their own understanding, Ask them why they consider me Imam Mehdi, or what symptoms they saw in me due to which they consider me Imam Mahdi. It’s their own intellect & understanding, but I never said and I might never say in my whole life and may be I don’t say even if I become. This is only jealousy and hatred of accusers/ opposers. As far as Imam Mehdi is concerned, he has to come and he will be from amongst us (human being). The false claimants will ultimately face insult as it has been happening previously. Imam Mehdi who will be sent by Allah, even though he will never say I am Imam Mehdi even if you lock him in jail. Eventually he will be Imam Mehdi from Allah. 

 There were comments from Sipah-e-Sahaba that he claims to be Imam Mehdi and secondly he is very rich? 
Answer: it is not a sin to be rich- was Hazrat Uthman not well off? Have we not had money, how we would preach in here (in USA). Most of our work was done by these vehicles, we went from places to places in these cars, then when we got money we traveled by flights, a lot is spent in traveling by airplanes to foreign countries for this work only, we didn’t have any business (for which we would go to foreign countries). If we are rich it is Allah who made me rich. We had gone to jungles leaving all the things behind, had we been fond of money, why we would have gone to forests? One who has a fondness for being well off does ever go to jungles? Allah ordered us to move to cities, we said: we have nothing to serve your religion. Allah said it is my responsibility If we became rich it was from Allah. Allah did not give us money directly but he made some of His believers help us, He doesn’t come to us with sacks full of money, there were some of His believers who supported us, some supported us by cars, some supported us financially, some supported us by giving us tickets and some by managing langars. Then our buildings were built and Madrasas (religious schools) were established, then we started to get some leather (animal Skins) and madrasas started to be built, it is not a matter of sin. As for their objection on my traveling in cars so it is not a sin. They even object on me for putting on good clothes, it is not a sin to wear a good dress. They have even written “he uses scents”; those (opposers) themselves always use scents and object us for the same reason. Although I do not use scent and even if I use, what is sin in it? 

: people of different sects say that you have formed a new religious sect, please comment on that? 
Answer: I invite all the religious groups to tell me how this is a new sect? It is not a new sect; this is the first sect which was at the time of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). There was no Sunni at the time of Prophet Mohammad (PUBH). You say Ahl-e-Sunnat was there any such group at that time, no it wasn’t. Shiites, Wahabis, Dewbandis, no such name is found. There was only Ummah at the time of Prophet Mohammad (PUBH), there is no mention of Ahle-e-Sunnat in Quran, there is only mention Ummah. And for Ummah, prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: my Ummah is only those who have Noor(light of the name of God), This is true! Who ever had noor was His(PBUH) Ummah, as light of the name of God faded from their heart, they turned in to Shiites and Sunnis and Wahabis. Now tell me it is the first sect or the new formed sect. If you get Noor(light of the name of God) within, you will never say I am Sunni I am Wahabi, you will only say I am your Ummati (follower) o’ Rasulullah, this is not a new sect and this sect has been existing from the onset. Now they say: these people meditate Zikr and don’t offer prayers. Those who use to offer prayers are offering prayers along with zikr (meditation). Those who don’t offer prayers used not to offer at that time and still not offering. The prayers were obligated after the eleven years of the prophecy, what would they do before the revelation of the prayer, this was the Zikr (meditation), they used to do the zikr of Allah and when prayer was reveled it was not like that of today, it entered in their hearts. They found the real prayer (Namaz-e-haqeeqat). The people who are doing zikr (meditation) and if they offer prayer ever after eleven years it will be a true prayer(Namaz-e-haqeeqat), by meditating at least they will hate sins or at least love of Allah will come in their hearts. May be the love will became the reason of salvation. So it is not a new sect. 
It would have been new sect if we say: don’t offer prayers towards this side but offer towards that side. Don’t kneel down like this but in that way. 
Ruku and Sujud are as same as of Ahl-e Sunnat and Salah is the same. We never said to change it. We say only that the heart is vibrating without Zikr of Allah. One should try to do Zikr by Heart and if it starts, you will not argue any further and it will be understood that this is right. If you are not doing zikr then I will only say that if you offer Salah then, you should do it along with Salah, and if you do not offer Salah, even then continue doing zikr so that it can compensate somewhat for Salah. If you do not offer Salah, it will be written as sin. You will do meditation of Allah; you will be given good compensation. May be reward of zikr exceeds sin. Allah says to remember me more and often, remember me as much as you can. Now what kind of worshiping is here seemingly except for zikr (remembrance of Allah) which terms all these practices as a new sect? 

people of different sects say that what you say is not found in books and it away from Sharia also? 
Answer: They are saying this true! A Prophetic statement: One of the companions of the Prophet Mohammed Hazrat Abu Hurairah has stated:" I have received two types of knowledge from the Prophet Mohammed, I have told you about one of them and if I tell you about the other you would kill me”. This is Hathidh which means that second knowledge was far away from Sharia because of which people would have killed him. If it was within Sharia then why they would kill him? For Sharia, there are Holy Quran and Hathidh. This is knowledge which I am talking about is transferred from chest to chest, this is for special people and former is for common people. That knowledge makes Moses and this knowledge makes Khidr and both are absolutely right. You cannot refute both of them, while they contradict with each other. There is great difference between them. But both are right; Sharia and Tariqat. This is the knowledge of chest. In this regard Prophet Mohammad said “I have received three kinds of knowledge, one is for common peoples which is Sharia, one is for special people that is for Saints (wali Allah) and one is for me” which is only for Him (PBUH). This knowledge is there, signs of this knowledge is to be found in the books. Sign of Musa and Khizir can be found, sign of zikr (remembrance of Allah) is also there “remember me while sitting and standing, remember me every time” these signs can be found. As is written to offer Salah not it is written how to offer Salah. Like this, we were taught how to do the zikr. There is a kind of zikr which can be done while sleeping, we teach them how to do the zikr while sleeping. We tell all these details which we were given from chest to chest. There are signs of this knowledge in the books, but this knowledge is not available in the books. This knowledge was given us through the chest of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). For that knowledge you found white paper and for this knowledge whiten your heart you will receive this knowledge. Since everyone cannot clean his chest so everyone can not gain this knowledge. 




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