Spiritual sitting with His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi

Manchester 13 October- 1997 

We tell the purpose of coming here and why do we go place to place! One thing is that it’s a command of Allah and His Prophet. One are such people who only begged for the world up above (at primordial time), therefore approaching them is in vain.


When Allah created the souls, He asked everybody, "Alasat Berbokum": Do you accept me your Lord? Every soul replied,”Qalo Balla” (said yes). Then Allah showed them illusionary worldly pleasures. And asked if someone wants it? A multitude of souls rushed forth towards them, so those worldly pleasures were written in their destiny.


Many souls were not leapt towards it, they remained beholding His manifestation, and when they remained beholding His manifestation then Allah started loving them and they started loving Allah. Now those souls who desired world, they got the world, they desired for profligacy and they got it. Now when those people started getting old, after spending their entire life in bacchanalia/profligacy, when they become aged they thought now they are going to die, they are not able to debauch/profligate anymore, how they will be able debauch/profligate in life hereafter? Therefore they took beads and started praying, so that they may also get damsels (Hoors) hereafter, not for Allah, but for their profligacy, they started worshiping, so that in hereafter they will get virgins of paradise/damsels (Hoor) and they will have paradise.


Now those second types of souls who were loved by Allah, they also came into this world. Some went into the house of Muslims, some went to house of infidel, and some went into America some into Japan etc. Now we are searching for those souls. Now, when those souls came, they came inside (inside the body), and they were locked in (became captive in the body). Now since they are locked in, thus they are unaware (can't remember anything), they are motionless inside; they require to be awakened/resuscitated, they loved with Allah, therefore, we have to transmit chanting of the name of Allah within them. When echo of Allah takes place in them, then they (souls) also starts chanting Allah-Allah, when those souls start chanting Allah-Allah then they recall, what we were? We were the lovers of Allah, so again they receive the same status in this world.


Now, only that soul will chant the name of Allah who loved Allah. The one who didn’t loved Allah, no matter if he struggle thousands of times, Allah-Allah can never take place in that (soul). Now, how the chanting of Allah-Allah can be send to soul? And those (soul) who came into the house of Muslims, few of them got this secret, that how Allah comes within? Even few among the Muslims got this secret and the Non-Muslims didn't receive this secret.


Now there are the ones who recite the name of Allah, they chant the name of Allah with chaplet/beads. This is not your soul chanting the name of Allah, it is you who is chanting, and you are doing outwardly not inwardly. This chanting of the name of Allah has to be sent inside, one is your bead apparently (in hand), and other is the one which is implanted inside (that is heart), that produces ticking (tik tik) sound. With this tik tik the name of Allah is synchronized; Allah hoo, Allah hoo. Now Allah hoo can be chanted even without the beads, so what is the need of beads? What is the need of counting? When Allah-Allah is to be carrying on chanted day and night, then what is the need of beads? Just like a stone collides with stone, a flame is produced, when water swashes with water, electricity is produced, when Allah collides with Allah noor/divine light is produced, (that’s why) they recite the bead for this very light/noor.

We had seen a woman in Hyderabad (Pakistan), she used to recite the chaplet يا نور السماوات والارض (Light is in the heavens and earth) with bead, so she become ‘ogamist’ of it. On every Thursday night she calls people, and used to recite the bead in front of them. It was seen from afar that the lights were being emitted from the beads. But as Man is skeptic by nature, so people alleged that she has done something with the beads. But when somebody else rolls that bead nothing happens. Then they ask her to roll it without reciting that particular verse, so when she did so, nothing happened, but when she rolled it reciting the verse she used to, the light began to emit from it.

It means in order to produce light, along with the rolling of the beads; they chant the name of The Allah, so that with its collision light may be produced. With this (beads of hand) light is produced obviously, but its outward, does not goes inside. If it will work, it will work only on the Day of Judgment, it is not providing you any benefit at the moment. When we synchronize the chanting of name of Allah with the ticking sound of inner beads, so that very light, which is produced that time, it never goes out, because this tick tick is related to the blood, thus it directly goes into the blood.


It is a science that when water swashes with the water electricity is produced. The blood which is present in you is powerful than the water, so when blood swashes with blood electricity is produced. You have one and half watt of electricity in your body. In any kind of living being electricity is present, when the blood collides with this ticking sound electricity is produced, now when chanting of Allah collides with this tik tik (chanting with heartbeats) light starts to be produced, now this chanting of Allah is mixed with this blood, when chanting of Allah went into blood, it went into veins. Because blood is related to the heart, and heart is related to every vein of the body.


It’s in Hadith (prophetic tradition) that “Satan runs into your veins”. When Allah-Allah went into the veins, Satan vanishes away! Then that light of chanting of Allah uses to go within, and it goes in the souls. When it reaches the souls, those souls after being awaken up, start chanting the name of Allah. Then you keep on sleeping and they will keep on chanting the name of Allah. You fell asleep but they do not sleep. You have got business and children, souls do not have any business and children. Its business is to only chant the name of Allah. It (soul) is sentient, whatever will be asked in the grave, the soul will be accountable for that. It has sense (conscious awareness), that’s why it will be held answerable. Isn't it? If it can answer the question then can't it chant the name of Allah?


When for twenty four hours the chanting of Allah will continue within you, then! You don't have one single soul within you, there are seven souls. Each soul has its own duty; all seven of them will start chanting Allah-Allah. Then, at this stage it is considered as sacred as a mosque, Ka’ba. Then these blossoming flowers (Gul-e-Ghulzar) are like a Paradise. Then whatever settles in the heart, automatically that is loved. Then in your heart! Soul was already having love, and then love (already) residing in the soul came into heart. Then love of Allah born in your heart, and then Allah loved you. Those with whom Allah loves, He then takes care of them as well. He does not take care of them only, but one day He looks at them and looks with a great love. Then the day Lord Almighty looked at you with love! It is said that one day if He looks at somebody with love, its affect remains for forty years. When he looks, then the love also finishes, it passionate love (Ishq) comes, then "you are mine and I am yours".


For this stage Allama Iqbal says:

Gr ho Ishq to Kufr bhi hai Muslmani

If there is passionate love (Ishq), then infidelity is also Islam


If passionate love (Ishq) of Allah comes within you, then even if you are infidel, still you are considers amongst Muslims.

He continues,

Gr na ho Ishq to Muslim b hain Kafir o Zindiiq

If you don’t have passionate love then even if you are a Muslim, you are an infidel and skeptic


Today those Muslims who have not got the passionate love of Allah in them, they by themselves are calling infidel and skeptic to one another. Muslims are calling infidels to one another! Isn't? One throws a bomb in other's mosque. (Upon asking) Why you do so? That he is an infidel and he throws a bomb on his mosque that he is an infidel, where as it is a Hadith (prophetic traditions) that if somebody accepts only The Kaba’ and he does not do anything else, he only accepts Kaba’, he also cannot be call an infidel. Since he accepts The Kaba’ so how can he be called 'infidel'.


Now this knowledge was among chosen ones, it was not known to common people. What these saints used to do was, those who became very close to them, through worship or through service, or in whichever way one who became closer to them, they used to tell these secrets to them. They used to do two types of bait! You would have heard that. One was common bait and the other was special bait. People having common (bait) were not told such things; they used to say that “the things of the specials cannot be told to common ones, after preparing payasam (name of sweet dish) cannot be put before dogs”. In common bait there was only (shariah) law, prayer and fasting, that's it. And in special bait there was this inner knowledge. Through common bait one maximum become a Mullah (cleric), and through this inner (knowledge) one become Wali/Saint, become friend of Allah, those who became friends of Allah they became through this inner knowledge.


Now the Allah Almighty has opened it to everyone, (Allah said) that whoever the person is, either he offers prayers or not, having beard or not, younger or older, teach him and tell the method, thereafter We (Allah) will choose to whom We wish.


Now! We cannot start Dhikr within your heart, we can only tell you, then in whomever He will wish, the chanting of the name of Allah will be started. Once the chanting of the name of Allah will be started in somebody we will understand that Allah likes him, then we spiritual guide that person. Then Allah has granted us a spiritual power, through that spiritual power we will help him. When we will help him, he by himself will come to know how he has been helped. But those within whom Allah-Allah does not, this means Allah don’t wish them. Then what is our relevance with them? Neither we Bait nor we accept donations, what is our relation to him? If we built a relation with him, we built it for Allah. If Allah didn’t wish him, then we desist from him. Now among you, who knows whom Allah likes?


It’s not so that Allah likes a person who offers many prayers. He might have been offering his prayers for bacchanalia (in paradise). It is not like that also that if one is a thief or robber and Allah won’t like him. It could be that the profession of this robber is robbery but the soul might be the same which was above (the one that loved Allah at primordial time). He may have been born in a house of a robber or in a house of infidel, but the soul is same which was above, so maybe he makes a little practice and the chanting of the name of Allah get started within him.


Once, chanting the name of Allah has been started, your vehicle has been started moving, this vehicle is turned towards Allah, and once your vehicle has turned towards Allah. Now at this stage your sins will become obstacle like stones for your vehicle. This vehicle with so many difficulties, will take too long to reach there. But along with this if you pray and do fast, so the path will become plane and it will reach very fast. Otherwise in any case it has to reach its destination. Through this it will take time but with prayers and fasting and obeying Shariah, it will reach sooner. This is the knowledge which I’ve conveyed to you. But if you want, I tell you its detail as well. You all are educated and wise. In Pakistan we don’t have many wise people. Those who were wise people have come here while others have become wise by coming here.


When we tell them(Pakistani) something, they don’t understand, only 10% understand and 90% don’t, and here (abroad) we have seen that 90% understand, 10% they don’t understand, whereas these are away from the religion also and they (people in Pakistan), are religious, still could not understand things about religion. If they could have understood what the religion says, then why today 72 sects would have been created? These regardless of being away from the religion, can understand what the religion says. Now! Whatever I told to you, it seemed to you as something very huge, whereas it is normal thing, in religion it is a small thing.


Now who are you? First you should know who you are? You are nothing, you are only a structure. Almighty Allah has locked seven humans within you, these humans have nine servants. These humans are called Lataif (Spiritual entities) and their servants are called Jussa. Nine plus seven total sixteen entities are locked in this structure. When those entities exist, that structure ceases! This you accept, isn't it? They will be responsible for any kind of accountability? This structure/skeleton goes in the grave, there the bones decays and becomes dust. Now you keep on repairing this structure/skeleton, you take care of this! Isn't it? Those humans who are inside, you don’t take care of them, whereas they are the real things. This structure/skeleton is reliant to them, and those entities which are inside they are reliant on this structure. They are dependent upon one another. When Adam was made out of clay, Satan spit upon him, and that fell upon point of navel (naaf), thus it made a mark there, and with the germs of his spit! As with your germs a child is formed, with the germs of spit of Satan a dog was formed inside, when that became a dog inside, that time BHULE SHAH said:


Is Nafas paleet ny paleet kita asin mundhon paleet na hasay

This polluted Nafs (self) has polluted us; we were not polluted from origin

This means that we are made unclean by our Self

Otherwise basically we were not unclean.


That clay by which Allah created was clean, those souls were also clean, but that dog which was formed by the spit which is called self, when it went in, it became unclean. For this it’s in a Hadith/prophetic tradition:

A house where there will be a dog, the angels of blessing will not come there”


Now either it’s that house or this house (human body), until & unless that dog is inside you, neither any worship nor any holy thing is going to stay within you. Because a dog is inside there, when you will purify it, then polluted things will not be able to stay inside.


Religions came for this Self/Nafs. What was the need of religions for those (souls), they were already purified things. What was there relation to hell? They were indeed heavenly. That Nafs/self which came within, the religions came only for that (nafs), your Holy Quran is also descended for this Nafs/Self. In the Quran it is repeatedly written clean this Nafs/Self, demolish it; if it cannot be purified then kill it. The threat has being given in the Quran. It is a knowledge, Nafs/Self has been threatened that you will be thrown into hell, then it has been given cupidity that if you will do good deeds, you will be granted paradise. This whole Quran came for the betterment of this Nelf/Self. Now if the betterment of your Self has been done then, it is also your betterment, it will be the betterment of the whole of Muslims, thus all became equal! Isn’t it? But Allah had made seven heavens.


After the betterment of Nafs/Self, when this Nafs/Self becomes purified, then there are more six humans inside, and then their knowledge came. This (apparent) knowledge is visible, it came through Quran, and that knowledge transferred from chest to chest thus it is called inner knowledge. This (apparent/exoteric) knowledge was inherited by Ulema (Scholars), and that (esoteric knowledge) was inherited by saints. After this knowledge of Qlab/heart came, it’s a creature which is called Qalb. If you want to have a prestigious position in heaven, then worship with your Qlab/heart. If you want to attain next stage, then worship with the soul/Ruh. If you want higher status to this, worship for DAR-E-ALSLAM, if you want next to this, worship for DAR-E-ALQARAR and if you want last/highest (paradise), if you want FARDOOS, pray with this Ana (spiritual entity located in forehead). By doing this your status will be increased, otherwise all are in one stage.


All these stages are due to the humans present inside you. Then Allah made the connection of those humans with each heaven. Nafs/Self is related to this world. Now this Self has got the power, when you sleep at night it goes out of your body, through dreams, you find yourself moving among Satans. This is your Self, it has a satanic power. And then second creature is Qalb/heart, it doesn’t have a power. When you will give power (of Divine Light) to Qalb/heart, then this will also get out in dream, and it will go straight into the Malkoot (first realm). Thereafter if you give power to the soul, which will get out of this body and this will go straight in Jabroot (second realm), and in Jabroot, prayers are being offered. There Holy Prophet (PBUH) conducts prayers, and then it will go and offer prayers over there. At present it cannot go, but when it will be strengthened, then it will be able to go there. After this when you will make this (Latifa Sirri) powerful it will go in Lahoot (third realm). When you will make this (Ana) powerful which is in the forehead, it will reach where The Almighty Allah himself is present. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) reached there with the apparent body and the saints reach there with the help of these creatures.


These things are present within you but you have never touched them at all. You have not touched them, and the thing you touch (body) it will not go in hereafter. Neither these bodies were there before (in primordial times) nor will they go in hereafter. Now if these bodies go in hereafter as well, the damsels (hoor) will not accept them. They will say “O God we waited for thousands of years that you will send the men for us, and you have sent us these black and white (black and yellowish)! What will we do of them?” Those bodies which will be made will be different. Neither they will be burnt up nor will they die. Neither they will become old nor will they get sick. Other bodies will be made; these (apparent) bodies will be left in the grave. You are concentrating upon them only (apparent bodies); those bodies will be given to your souls.


Now this technique/formula is best for the sinners. How is it for the sinner? If somebody drinks alcohol, and eats illegally (Haram), for him this is best technique. Now what is the reason? It is mentioned in the prophetic tradition (Hadith) that when somebody commits a sin, it is written in the file by Kiraman Katibin (angles who write down our actions). When they write in the file then why a black dot is marked on the heart? It is something to think about, that why do they make blacken the heart? The reason is that if any saint or prophet wants to know about him, he may take the file and could know that what sort of character has he, and what did he do? And how was he? If Allah needed to know about him, he will not see the files, He will see his heart that how big a sinner is he. Now what did this sinner do, he learned a method to clean his heart.


It’s in one of the prophetic tradition (Hadith) “there is a certain weapon to clean each and everything, cleanser of heart is chanting (dhikr) of Allah”. He has learnt to chant the name of Allah by heart (Dhikr-e-Qalb). He kept on chanting the name of Allah and through its noor/light his heart become cleaned, he could not erase (what is written in) the file, since that is occupied by the angels. But his heart is under his jurisdiction and his heart shined out by chanting Allah-Allah. When you see, just as your eyes spot shining stars, likewise when Almighty Allah looks at He looks at shining hearts. Then He sees the shining hearts not the file. Once He saw a shining heart and became merciful upon it. At this point, a poet said:

Sinners reached at the doors of holy place,

The Ascetic and piousness were shocked to see

He was a sinner in past, he cleaned his heart, when his heart shined out, The Almighty Allah showered His mercy upon him. When this chanting of Allah-Allah goes inside, the germ of the sins comes out. One day this chanting of Allah-Allah will purify & clean up the whole of the body and the dog which is inside one day this chanting of Allah-Allah makes it also a human (insan). If it does not become human, if he is disobedient then it will be finished/ceased. At this point human is actually true Human, at this point when he offers a prayer, it goes within him, and the prayer is established. At present you only offer prayers (with tongue). Again and again you offer prayers; while praying you are true believer (momin). After prayer/salat you start same ‘monkey business’ in worldly affairs as well as at night while sleeping. So who will call you true believer (momin) at this time? But when you become purified, the prayer will descend inside you, then you are true believer during prayer time, true believer while working, and true believer while sleeping as well.


Now, how the prayer will descend within? When the Noor/light of Allah-Allah will come into the heart, a lot of light (noor) will be gathered in this chest. This is like a telephone between you and Allah. Any of the prophet or saint whoever spoke to Allah, he did so through heart this is a telephone. Everybody has got this telephone but it needs electricity. This telephone is useless (without electricity). This telephone (apparent) is kept like this, if you keep on dialing without electricity it is useless, this telephone needs electricity and this heart requires the noor/light. The waves of electricity from here reach to America and the waves of light from here reach into heavens (Arsh-e-Mo’alla). At this time if you will talk that will reach into heavens and if you pray that will also reach into heavens through this light. Now that (prayer having divine light) has gone to heavens but how this prayer will stay within you? When the light will come into this heart, then the light has a relation with light, then, when you will offer the prayers the light of prayers will also go in your heart, when you will recite the Quran, its light will also go within your, at that time the prayers will be established, now your prayer has established. At present you only offer your prayers, The Quran did not ask to offer; it asked to establish your prayers. It’s written everywhere to establish prayers.


Those who wish to do this Dhikr, we tell the method and you can try your luck. If the chanting of Allah-Allah gets started inside, you may pray (dua) for us. You are not going to do so; the people/human locked inside you will surely give dua (pray). Dear! When the prisoners will be released, they will definitely pray. If it does not started after some days, at least you will get the some reward of chanting Allah-Allah. This is such kind of thing, believe me, this chanting of the name of Allah is such kind of medicine that if Qalb does not start (doing Dhikr itself) yet also it will have some effect for sure.


There was a boy, he saw a girl in the town and started roaming around her. The girl was well-liked by Allah. She used to do Dhikr (chanting the name of Allah). She called him and asked why he was moving around her? He replied "for you". She said "I can’t be yours; you are just destroying your life. But there is one way that you sit in the mosque and start chanting Allah-Allah, and then I can tell at home that there is somebody a beloved of Allah. Then I may get permission to meet you”. She also told the method which she was taught. She said “I will be sending you the food”. He went and sat in a nearby mosque and started chanting Allah Hu. She kept on sending him food, after fifteen days she thought of going to see him so that she may know his condition. She went and called him, that boy looked up towards the girl and again started chanting Allah-Allah by looking downwards. The girl called him again, and he asked; “who are you?” she said: “I am the one who made you to sit here”. He said "now you go and let me chant Allah-Allah".


Thus within whom Allah-Allah once comes, he gets rid of everything; he gets cured from all kind of diseases. Because this name “Allah” is dominated (Qadir) upon everything. Its method is that! You have to bring it in and absorb it. Now you would have noticed that when you recite the name of Allah, when chant the name of Allah in any gathering, or when listen the things about Allah, you feel bliss. But you cannot sit in the gathering all the time. You cannot hear the things like that all the time. After this there is restlessness again. If the chanting of the name of Allah starts inside you for twenty four hours then you will be in bliss all the time. When you sit for an hour and chant Allah-Allah, so you enjoy a lot, and if this chanting starts for twenty four hours then….? This is external bliss, (just imagine) about inner bliss!


There is method for it! The method to bring this (chanting of the name of Allah) within: first write on a piece of paper word 'Allah' for sixty six times. If you can spare time, write four or five or seven times in a day, but whenever you write, make sure that you write it for sixty six times. This will become an activity. As ‘786’ is related to 'Bismillah', similarly ‘66’ is related to 'Allah'. A day will come that whatever you used to write on piece of a paper, will start floating in your eyes, then he is called 'holder of visual' (Sahib-e-tasaweer). When it start floating in your eyes then stop writing on a paper, from eyes with concentration then transform it onto your heart. A day will come that what used to be written on the piece of paper, will be seen written on the heart.


Holy Quran says “there are some people on whose hearts, Faith (Imaan) has been written”, whose name is greater than The 'Allah'? So the faith has come here (in the chest). When it is being seen here on the heart, that time the heart beat (ticking) will become faster tik tik tik…... this is the beads of heart. Then synchronize Allah Hu with this tik tik, with one tik (beat) synchronize Allah and with the second beat (tik) synchronize Hu. This is not under your jurisdiction to synchronize; you can do the dhikr with your breath, you can also do dhikr by stroking, you can also do dhikr by holding your breath, you can also do hidden dhikr, you can do dhikr with your palate, but you can never do dhikr with your heart beat. You can do this experiment once you will go back you will never be able to do so. It can be done only when there would be will of God; it (Dhikr-e-Qalb) is not possible without the wish of God. If the heart beat is synchronized with Allah-Allah, then it means God has accepted you. Now never retreat (give up), now even if you have to lose your life let it be. Now don’t leave Him, because He has accepted you. Life has to go anyways, if not today may be it will go after 20 years. Maybe that time you lose it in a useless way, but if you will lose it now (on this path) it will be included in martyr (Shaheed). Because the vehicle has turned towards Him, the vehicle has begun its journey. Now even if an accident happens then! Those who die while going towards the Kaaba, their name is still counted in the martyrs.


Occasionally place your hand upon your heart, when the heart beats, synchronize Allah Hoo with that echo (heartbeats). Sometimes place your hand upon your pulse, with the help of this pulse send Allah Hoo within you, this pulse also beats so through that tik tik (echo) send in Allah Hoo within you as well. Do such thing by which your heart beats (becomes prominent). You would have heard that Lal Shahbaz used to dance, and he used to make people dance as well. You would have also heard Bullhe Shah said “we persuade our friend by dancing”. You would have heard this as well that Ameer Kalal used to make people play kabbadi. Why the saints did such things? What was the need of kabbadi to Ameer Kalal? Why Bullhe Shah needed to dance or to make people dance? When the people of sinner category used to go to him (Ameer Kalal), such people whose hearts were fainted, he used to make them play kabbadi and asked them to run, when they used to run and their heartbeats become prominent, then they were asked to leave playing kabbadi and synchronize Allah-Allah with those heartbeats. You either run or dance or do exercise.... (Since) this age it looks odd either to run or to dance. So there is another easy method which is to sit and chant Allah Hoo by stroking, if you will do for an hour the heartbeats will become prominent, now synchronize Allah Hu with this beat, when you will keep doing this for few days your heartbeat will call out Allah Hoo, then further more strokes would not be needed.


It (dhikr of Allah) is Jalali as well. People relate that there was a bird Phoenix “Quqans”. Some saint used to chant Allah Hoo, YA Hoo, which "Phoenix" also kept on hearing it. When that saint went away, that bird "Phoenix" started chanting Allah Hoo. When it started reciting Allah Hoo, after few days it came to know that the heat has been produced inside. It said "Now what should I do?" Once Allah Hoo gets in, it never comes out, this is also a difficulty. There were companions of Holy Prophet (PBUH), they were used to be tied with the ropes and dragged over the sand, they were used to be locked in the rooms, but as soon as they were released they return back to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), since Allah Hoo was gone inside. The Phoenix thought that it’s also not being stopped; now I will also be burnt. So as its limited intellect worked, collected few twigs and kept by its side so that if it catches fire only the twigs will be burnt and I will be saved. When the twigs ignited along with twigs that Phoenix was also burn fiercely. Then from the ash of the body of Phoenix an egg was produced, that egg was hatched and a little phoenix which came out that also started chanting Allah-Allah, then it was also burnt, this cycle is being continued since centuries. Many people are aware of this that the bird Phoenix burns by chanting Allah-Allah. So they says as the Phoenix is burnt we will also be burnt, they make people frightened. This “Phoenix” had learnt and heard only Allah Hoo, it had not heard Muhammad Rasool Allah. If he would have heard this, why would he be burnt? The reason is that if the name of the Allah is majestic (jalali), the (effect of) name of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is cool (Jamali). Now if you will chant Allah-Allah you will feel hot, as much heat as you can bear you may do so, because without the heat nothing is ever cooked. Any fruit neither ripen, nor at your home curry and chapatti is cooked. As much heat as you can bear/tolerate, you must bear. When it is unbearable then start reciting the DAROOD SHARIF, this will make it cool. Again chant Allah-Allah, heat of Noor/light will come, then recite the DAROOD SHARIF, again this will cool it down. Then a day will come when DAROOD SHARIF and Allah will become one. Neither majestic/hot (jalal) nor coolness (jamal). Then you will say that I chant Allah-Allah why don’t I feel hot? Then jalal/majesty and jamal will be united. This is its method.


The obligation of law (shariah) is the best thing for this. But those, who cannot strictly follow the law, it is still better for them, than previous condition when they were doing nothing. A person who does not offer any prayer! If somebody offers his prayer and also took the permission of dhikr for him it will be more beneficial. It will be 'icing on the cake'. He was already regular in prayers/salat, and now he is chanting Allah-Allah inwardly also, thus his status become higher. If a person does not pray at all, after taking the permission of dhikr, he also does dhikr/chanting, but yet he does not offer salat/prayers, at least he is better than the first condition, when was not doing anything. At least one thing is there. It is quite possible that through dhikr/chanting the name of Allah he might become regular in prayers some day. In case he could became regular in prayer in his whole life, yet it’s possible that by chanting Allah-Allah he might fall in love with Allah and that would become enough for him. In this, the more he will obey the law (shariah), the more he will achieve higher status. Otherwise it is our faith! Faithfully, categorically and in written form we say that if somebody’s heart start chanting he can never go to hell, because it starts with His will. And anybody upon whom His will has been bestowed, how will he be going to hell.

Zakir-e-qalbi (heart meditator) can never go into hell.


Well, it is possible that he can be deprived from status, if he does not obey the law he can be deprived from status, but he can never go to hell. Because it is in the prophetic tradition (hadith) that, “the one who has got a bit of noor/light within him, cannot go to hell”. So when he will chant the name of Allah it is understood that the light will be created. When you take medicine it is understood that it will have effect. Chanting Allah-Allah will have effect for sure and especially when this chanting is performed by heart.


We have told you about the heart meditation. Given the permission! That's it. (After this) The angels will take the sketch of this person above, these are special angels, they will take the sketch of that person up above, (and announce) that he wants to chant Allah-Allah, he has said that “I will chant the name of Allah by heart/qalb; I will make friendship with Allah”. That very person has told him the way, and in return he had affirmed/accepted it. So is he accepted or not? His soul will be taken into Bait ul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of Kaaba), he is not even aware of this. Allah Himself used to speak with the creature of Bait ul Maumoor, they (creature of Bait ul Maumoor) cannot see Allah but they can talk to Him. Then Allah asks who has brought him here? The one who tells the method to that person says "I have brought him". Allah asks "why?" He replies "to make your friend". If HE (Allah) says "I don't accept", then even if he goes to thousands of saints, nothing will happen; the story of Qalb will not be going to take place. If Allah accepts then He will ask “I can accept him but who will his guarantor? What if he runs away?” Means; a friend has to be tested. “If I tested and he ran away, then who will catch him and bring him back?” Then Ghaus Pak (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini) guarantees for him. (Then it is asked) “Who will bear witness?” Any of two saints he loves or shrines he visits those saints will bear witness to him. Then it is asked “who will do the verification?” Then the Holy Prophet (PBUH) will do the verification. Then Allah accepts and then his Qalb/heart starts. So then even if he runs away; those who had given guarantee and the one who did verification they will catch and bring him back. They wouldn’t spare him, so where ever he goes they will catch him wherever he would go. This qalb/heart does not get started without this.


The method we have told you. If you wish to do you can affirm, that I will do because it will be asked above, “Did this person affirmed/accepted?”  and if you will not affirm who will take you up? When you will not affirmed/accepted, who will take you up? Therefore those who want to take the permission of dhikr (heart meditation) they can say along with me Allah Hoo. They will be granted permission! That's it. Neither we ask any kind of money nor sweets neither it's bayat. It's only permission, say; Allah Hu, Allah Hu. Allah Hu-------La ala illallah Mumhamad rasol Allah.


Now if there is anything which you want to ask that you might have not understood, for that first of all you may satisfy your heart also. Because we have many well wishers as well as a lot of enemies. Many clerics (Mullahs) are with us and many of them are against us. Those who are against us, they have made a lot of negative propaganda about us among the public. So if there is any such thing which you have heard by some means, that you can ask, so that there may not be left any kind of suspicion/apprehension in the heart.


Question: What is Tareeqat (Mysticism)?

Answer: The whole talk which I have given was about Tareeqat. With apparent tongue whatever ruku (bowing), sajood (prostration) we do, that is called law (shariah). Those souls which are inside (spiritual entities) when they worship that is Tareeqat. The shariah (law) of Holy Prophet (PBUH) was that He (PBUH) used to conduct prayers in the mosque, and the people used to pray behind Him (PBUH). This was the shariah.


So the Tareeqat was that He (PBUH) went to Meiraj 'the Night of Ascension'. Now those people also try to reach Miraaj. Some people reach there. The only difference is that Holy Prophet (PBUH) reached there with His body, other people cannot reach there with their bodies. They can reach over there through those souls. This is called Tareeqat (Mysticism).


In the shariah you only go to mosque and offer your prayers in the fellowship. But the Tareeqat (Mysticism) is that, there in Arsh-e-Mo’alla you offer prayers behind Holy Prophet (PBUH). This is Tareeqat (Mysticism). There are more stages beyond this as well, there is haqeeqat (reality), there is Mua’rifat. Now you are asking about Tareeqat, then there is haqeeqat (reality), Mua’rifat, Fanna, Baqa, Laqa. There are so many stages.


Question: When will we know that we are proceeding further, towards the next stage?

Answer: When you will chant Allah-Allah! You use to go to mosque, you are aware that I offer prayers. When your heart will start chanting Allah-Allah, then you will realize that my heart is chanting ALLAH ALLAH. You will realize that you wander here and pay attention towards the other, you will definitely realize it. Thereafter you will realize here (on the right side) also the heart like ticking has been started. You can feel ALLAH ALLAH over here. Same way you will feel for other (entities) in chest. Then you will realize that in my forehead as well the sound of Allah-Allah is being heard. That’s how you will realize. In addition to this, like now you see satanic dreams, then you will start seeing holy dreams. You will understand that you have reached The Shrine of The Holy Prophet (PBUH). You have seen Khana Kaba’. I am going to the Shrines of the saints. So like this you will keep on realizing. Then your spiritual master will keep guiding you.


Well now about this, that (word Allah) has gone in the eyes. Now while sleeping, consider this finger of martyrdom as a pen, that you are writing ALLAH on the heart with imagination. Whoever is your Murshid/spiritual teacher! Call him, so that with spiritual power he may write 'Allah' upon your heart.


This is the actual task of Murshids (spiritual guides). They come to connect people with Allah. They come for Allah but you people take worldly works from them. They come for ALLAH. If you haven’t got a spiritual guide or your Murshid is not strong enough. Nowadays many are powerless. There was a saint and then he had a son and then he had a grandson. Since thousands of years this sequence is continued, so everyone can’t be a saint. Those people who came into the trap of Ghaddi Nasheen and Sajjada Nasheen (so called holy successor/representative) they can’t achieve this thing. So if he is powerless and cannot reach then the shrine you visit if that is a perfect (kamil) then take his imagination, that one whom that shrine is dedicated he may help you. Those who are perfect Guide, the way during their life time they were beneficial for the people, in the same way after their death they can be beneficial for them. After this, if they also don’t reach then imagine the shrine of Holy Prophet, that I am one of Your follower and now I have chosen this path so help me in finding Allah. Then wherever your fate will be that face or shrine will appear to you.


When you get up in the morning, whether you have the ablution or not, the ablution of heart is not performed with water. If you be in the water for whole day the water is not going to get into you. Keep on doing secret commemoration (Zikr-e-khafi). The day your heart beat called out 'Allah Hoo' that day you should comprehend that your vehicle has started moving towards Allah. This is Tareeqat (Mysticism). Tareeqat (Mysticism) is related with this heart. While keep on chanting Allah-Allah when one is reached to Allah, Then this is called Haqeeqat (Reality). The connection of Haqeeqat (reality) is with these eyes. One day you can see Him, whom you do call upon.


Question: Is this the Sufism?

Answer: This is the Sufism. It is since the time of Holy Prophet (PBUH). It existed even before the time of Holy Prophet (PBUH).


Question: Few people say that it came afterward. After few centuries?

Answer: No. It was in the time of holy prophet (PBUH). In the time of Moses there were such kind of people, who left their homes & everything in order to seek God; they were called Rahab (Monk). Those who left their homes & everything (in order to seek God) in the time of Isa/Jesus A.S are called Hawari (Apostle). At the time of Holy Prophet who left homes for ALLAH, they are called ASHAB-E-SUFA. It started from Ashab-e-Sufa; it is since the times of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Ashab-e-Sufa used to do Dhikr practice; they learnt this practice (Dhikr). As they were very poor and used to wear torn cloths, the practice of charity (zakat) started from that time. Give them charity (zakat), because they are eligible. When Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to sit with them, other companions said that "other people will make laugh of You PBUH, that You PBUH sit near to hungry and needy people. It is not according to Your PBUH status." Holy Prophet (PBUH) refrained from sitting with them for few days. Then a revelation was sent and (ALLAH) asked (Holy Prophet) to sit with them as well. Then Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to sit with them as well. Sufism started from there actually.


There are some sects in Islam who don't believe in it. They say whatever is, it is just apparent. But we say that Allah said "apparently go to mosque for pray, people will see you." It is to show off to other people and show how is your behavior, how you pray, so that they can be attentive towards you. Go over there and socialize with people. After praying, people hug and handshake each other and so differences should be resolved.


Then (Allah) said about another type of hidden worship which only I (Allah) know and you know and no other person should be aware of it. It is such type of worship (i.e. commemoration by heart). Who knows this person's heart is chanting ALLAH ALLAH. The other persons can't be aware of it. This is Tareeqat (Mysticism) which is hidden. Those who don't believe in TASAWUF (mysticism), you just ask them this, if the outward recitation (using beads) of ALLAH is correct, then instead of this apparently chanting the name of Allah, what’s wrong with commemoration with heart. This outward practice needs ablution but inner chanting can be even done without ablution. This outward worship requires obedience, whereas in this (inner worship) the inner souls will obey automatically themselves. People do argue with us but on this explanation they get agree.


Do you want to ask anything else?


Question: Is it that by doing the dhikr of Ana, the veil will be removed and everything will be seen clearly?

Answer: There is one creature over here (pointing towards forehead 'Spiritual entity Ana') by virtue of which you reckon. Why animals don't reckon although their brain bigger than you (in size)? When Animals gets water also in the jungles, grass is also available there, then what’s the reason they are here (in cities) as a prisoners? If they can reckon, they would have run away. The only reason is that animals don't have that (particular) creature, through which they can reckon, whereas you (humans) do have that creature by virtue of which you reckon. People become Hafiz because of that very creature. How can one be Hafiz by this brain? Actually that creature becomes Hafiz and human recites by the tongue. There is a method by which Divine light is given to it; by chanting/Dhikr of 'Ya Hu' and imagining of ALLAH & MUHAMMAD (PBUH), through this when it (creature) will be strengthened! It become Hafiz and remained here, but now (after getting strengthened with light) it gets out from here (pointing towards forehead) and goes straight to ALLAH. Saints have vision (of ALLAH) by this creature (in the forehead). But once all other creatures (in the chest) grownup, then its turn comes.

Question: What is the identification of the creatures/souls, whether they have grownup (become adult)?

Answer: The one who has these souls inside them (chanting Allah-Allah), they knows only, others cannot identify. Once this soul (in forehead) will be strengthened, the movement will start, then it will be realized that there is someone (person) in motion (inside). Then there are certain practices by which it can go outside (of human body). Now, eject it with the jerk, in the beginning with jerk it goes little upwards, then more and more upwards... That’s how it works. It is a proper knowledge, which is imparted. The saints have spent 12 years in jungles only to attain this knowledge. Once they had vision (of ALLAH), they returned back to their homes. Once approached the destination, now does not matter if they live in forests or at home.

Question: There are certain people whose hearts does not start chanting/Dhikr, despite of their struggle, when they go out (from homes) they commit sins.

Answer: Means Allah does does wishes them (does not accepted them).



Question: And there are people whose hearts are chanting (the name of ALLAH); they also go out and still commit the sins? 
Answer: They (one whose hearts are chanting) will continue committing sins until Satan Nafs (sitting inside i.e. Self) himself does not get purified. .


Right now heart is chanting Allah-Allah, but that Satan (self) is stronger than this (Qalb/heart), but when the heart meditation completes and becomes strong enough, and then it will overcome that Self. Right now it (heart meditation) cannot stop it (nafs).


Now (without having heart meditation) he commits sins and does not have any guilt, but once he commits sins with Heart meditating, person feels guilty and will repent. This creature (qalb) also feels guilty. Then that person thinks how to avoid sins. Allah says "I like those people also, who reflect on the ways to stay free of sins. The one without Allah-Allah in heart is sinner remains sinner and this person with heart meditation/ Allah-Allah in heart is also sinner at the moment but one day this Allah-Allah will make him pious. His journey has begun and started taking medicine, so one day he will be cured with this medicine. Secondly, that person (without heart meditation) will commit sin, sin will be written in his account not good deed, and this person's (with Allah-Allah inside heart) if committed sin, sin will be written but he is also chanting Allah-Allah, thus the angles are also writing that good deed in his account. Then hereafter will be ميزان scale (hypothetical scale used to measure good deeds against bad deeds on Day of Judgement).


So he is better than the one who does not chant Allah-Allah. When person commits minor mistakes! Somebody’s hearts are chanting, if they speak a lie then the angel sitting on left (shoulder) says “I am going to write he spoke lie”. The angel on right shoulder asks “when what time he spoke lie”. The first will reply "at 3 o' Clock". Then (one on right shoulder) says that “he was chanting ALLAH ALLAH at 3 o' clock”. Then one (on left side) keeps on thinking and chanting of Allah-Allah compensates his sin. It is said that “good deed eats up sin”. This is how it erases/eats.

Question: Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) said there are 14 TABAQ inside the heart, please explain it? 
Answer: I have already told that human being can go (to higher realms) by virtue of these creatures/spiritual entities, at those stages.  
Question: Sarkar, you mentioned that some people oppose you in Pakistan. Please explain what do they say about you?

Answer: They are opposing here (in England) as well. There major stance is that don’t go to him. He is a magician. Whoever goes to him becomes his. So this is what we talk (about Allah). If chanting name of Allah starts in anybody, then he can’t be stopped (coming here). Then they (scholars) give him thousand kinds of ideas, but when he rejects all those, and then they (scholars) say the magic has been prevailed upon him. They are mostly the scholars (who are opposing). Ordinary people have no need of going against. They are scholars/theologian. Those who were seekers of Allah, where they would have gone? They went to scholars. Few scholars bayat (took oath from) them, they were asked to become disciple and were asked to give donation, that's enough. This way it became a source of earning for scholar. That’s what they did, isn't? Now since eight to ten years, he is attached with scholar, the way people are offering their prayers, in the same way he is also offering his prayers. The way he (scholar) is reciting The Quran, he is also reciting in the same way. They didn't have the thirst of God, but this person has that thirst, but he also became like them. After 5-6 years, when he heard about heart meditation (dhikr-e-qalb), he came here. Then chanting of Allah-Allah started within him, and then he stopped going there. Thus, business of the scholars got disturbed and they became our enemies. The reason of enmity is that young generation should not visit us. Otherwise they will slip away from our (scholars) hands.


We say that if there is anything objectionable you come and tell us. They even don’t come to us. First of all they made a base for the opposition (based on the book spiritual journey). We wrote a book “spiritual journey”. In that we have narrated all the hardships we came across in this spiritual journey. There whatever things we had written which happened in the state of dreams, they presented it as these were in apparent. Based on that, they given the verdict of infidelity against us and demanded that we must be killed. Then the people went against us. When they went against us, we had to give our clarification.

We asked people to read the book themselves. When they read the book, all those things happened in dreams. We drank Bhang that was in dream. Verdicts (fatwa) don’t apply on the dreams. Then the people asked them (scholars) that you made a big breach of trust. They said that there is another book. Then people came to us that is there any other book also? We said there is no other book. And if there is other book then the theologians would also have that book, based on which they issued verdict, so go to them and asked them to show us? The opposition started from here.


When they said such things of defalcation then we told them openly. Because they fix upon us such blames, which never exists. Then we told them in an open meeting, that people say that this child is a Satan and that child is a Satan. But he is not a Satan. He is little Satan and he is Satan for himself, he is not a cause of loss to others. We said that the definition of Satan is that he would also be a scholar and regular in prayer as well and will be aware of all the points (of Quran and Hadith) but he will be full of envy, proud and lust. They disliked it, so they called a meeting that he called us Satan. Thus all of them become against us. I said that, only after so much of annoyance, so that somehow I might be free from them. But it is reality that Satan was a big theologian and abstinent and was aware of many things and he knew about all issues. Where did he not offer the prayer? Where did he not adore? It was lust and proud and envy that made him a Satan. And you call this child a Satan; he did not do anything like that. So from that very day there are after us till now. But Allah and His prophet are with us. They (Mullah & scholars) can not harm us.


Question: Who are these Molvies (Mullahs)?

Answer: Most of them are Mullahs. Those Mullahs who are holding the truth are silent. If anyone of them accompanies us, they go after him as well. They use to expel him from mosque. So now we have ignored the Mullahs. We ask intellectualists to come in for conciliation between us, because due to them (Mullahs) many of the young people are misguided. The biggest objection of Mullahs is that I am not studied from any of the Madrasah (religious institution). Dear! I say that if I am not studied from any Madrasah, it is true that I am not studied from any Madrasah, but then how do I talk all this? I must have learnt that from somewhere. I know I am not studied from any of the Madrasah but I know more than you, and such things which you even do not know. What is the reason for this? So there must be some Madrasah. You have studied in the Madrasahs of cities but we have studied in the Madrasah of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Then we tell them also. And they say this knowledge is neither in the Quran nor in the Prophetic tradition (hadith). We say fine, if it is neither in the Quran and nor in the Prophetic tradition, then you prove it false. Then why do you shake your heads (yes). They also can’t prove it false because it is the truth.


We have been told (by Allah) this, that you gather Muslim, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and heathens means gather everybody. And make them stand in row. When the Lord will look at, He will look at a shining heart. He will not look at Muslims, Hindus etc. He will look at a shining heart. And we have done its experiment.


Question: You say that before Doomsday seven Sultans will come. So can I ask that how many of them had come already?

Answer: As far as we know! We can tell above five, thereafter we can't tell anything. Last Sultan was “Sakhi Sultan Bahu” (fifth Sultan). After Sultan Bahu (fifth) people are finding the sixth Sultan and they are finding it tough to know that who is he? Because many people have claimed to be the sixth Sultan. One of them (claimant of sixth Sultan) is 'Faqeer Noor Muhammad Kalachi' who is the disciple of Sultan Bahu. He said "I am also a Sultan". His caliph 'Khawja Hameed' also claimed to be a Sultan. Many said in Palestine that they are Sultan. Who knows who is a Sultan among them?


But a sultan has a sign. If you took Bait (Oath of allegiance) by any saint/wali, then you can't be a sultan. Faqeer Noor Muhmmad Kalachi writes that Sultan Bahu made me a disciple/bait me. It means that he (Faqeer Noor Muhmmad Kalachi) is not a Sultan. Sultan Bahu writes that “I took Bait (Oath of allegiance) from Holy Prophet (PBUH)”. So whoever will be the sultan, Holy Prophet (PBUH) will bait him.


That’s enough. Rest of it will be on tomorrow.






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