Question Answer Session

With His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi



Ayud Billahi Mina-shaitan Nal-Rajeem.

I seek refuge and protection in Allah from Satan, the accursed

Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Beloved companions! Thousands of sermons have been delivered earlier all around Pakistan, in the city of Karachi, even in foreign countries. Almost everybody might know about these sermons. Some conspirators are doing false propaganda while some are propagating our message positively. So in my opinion, rather than delivering another speech its better people may ask questions which they have in their hearts. For this I invite audiences to ask me freely whatever they have in hearts.


Question: While Allah has many names but you only talk about zikr (chanting) of the Ism(word) Allah, what is the reason?

Answer: Allah has 99 names of which 98 are attributes (Sifaati Isam) while one is His personal name. All 124,000 prophets had attributed names of Allah, but they all together were unable to approach to the one (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) who was having personal name. Attributed names, Suppose you do zikr of Ya-Rehman (O Compassionate), you would only approach to His mercy (Rehm), but He is the one who shows mercy even on animals. If you do zikr of Ya-Razzaq (The Ever Providing), you would approach only to His rizq (livelihood)…so what’s the big deal in it? He is the One who provides food to an insect in a stone. Once you chant personal name of Allah only then you will be able to approach the essence of God.

Every prophet craved for Personal Name (Isam-e-Zaat) because if vision (of Allah) is possible it’s only in Isam-e-Zaat (Personal Name) and that is why they failed to have a vision (of Allah) because they didn’t have Isam-e-Zaat. Only Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was granted Ism-e-Zaat and due to this He (PBUH) had the Vision of God, by His (PBUH) grace that Isam-e-Zaat has been granted to the Ummah which is cause of the greatness of this Ummah. The only difference is that Isam-e-Zaat cannot be started without the willingness of Allah had His beloved Prophet. So people turn to chanting His attributes. All Sifaati Isam (attributed names) are enveloped in Isam-e-Zaat (Personal Name) and this is the reason we emphasize to learn personal name of Allah (Isam-e-Zaat) bring within you, you feel personal love with Allah, with His personal name. If failed, you may take any of the Isam (attributed names).


Question: You say that Passionate Love for Allah is better than worship while religious scholars incline people towards worship and consider it greater in value. If Love for Passionate Allah is greater (than worship) how it can be achieved?

Answer: Saint Sultan Bahu (RHT) says:

“Where Ishq (passionate love) takes over, faith is not aware.”

(Jithay Ishaq Pohuncha-way, Iman ko bhi Khabar Koi Na)

People who do worship are far behind, people of faith lead them. So, he (Saint Sultan Bahu) says that even people of faith are unaware that what is Ishq (passionate love)? Love and Ishq (passionate love) are different.

Now you chant Allah’s name, not orally because that even a parrot can do, with your heart, and if your heart start chanting Allah’s name, then your connection with Allah is through your heart. Anything which comes in heart, love will happen with it. Similarly, if Allah descends in heart, love for Him will also emerge. This is love; this is not Ishq (passionate love). You chant Allah’s name…ten years, twelve years…as long as you want and because of this you have love for Allah. Even after losing all other loves except this one; but still this is love, not Ishq (passionate love). A day will come then, the one will see you whose name you chant. On that very day love will vanish and Ishq (passionate love) will take place. So…if Allah looks at someone…and if He looks at that person who worships Him (Allah) and if He (Allah) says that you are mine, worship is of what use at this stage? Ishq (passionate love) is not for everyone…it’s for whom Allah wills to bestow.


Question: What is your original aim and mission?

Answer: Some people say whenever the era of politics arrives, that these people will now enter into politics. But we curse such politics in which you say something in the morning and deny it at night. Neither we like such politics nor it is allowed in Deen (Religion). Some people speculate that he is after Mehdiat and some say he is after prophet hood. There will be no prophet after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and we consider him infidel whoever claims so. As far as opinion of Mehdiat is concerned, we believe that the one will be Mehdi whom Allah selects for this honor and any self-declared Mehdi will be humiliated and many of them have already been humiliated. This is the secret I’ve learnt. Not only me, religious scholars from all over the World, say that Mehdi has arrived. And we say that as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had a Seal of Prophet hood (Moher-e-Nabuwat) on His back, similarly whoever will have the seal of Mehdiat on His back, we will accept Him as Mehdi. No matter whom he will be!


Question: You are facing an unrestrained opposition, don’t you have any fears?

Answer: I do not even care. I move everywhere just like ever before. Reason of that is I don’t want money from someone, Allah has blessed me with so many things, and with land…I don’t need to bear anybody’s opposition. If I do not indulge in politics why should I tolerate anybody’s hostility? I want to be in complete silence…completely separate. But…there is a heavenly voice which guides me to say this and that. I believe that He who ordered me is dominant over everyone. Therefore, if nobody can harm me then why should I be frightened?


Question: In recent days there was lot of talk about your meeting with Prophet Isaa (AS), did you really met Him?

Answer: So many people claimed that we meet Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) why these meetings were not publicized against them, even though Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is superior to Prophet Isaa. Many people said that we also met Allah, why this was not publicized against them. So, what if I named Prophet Isaa? Definitely a meeting took place, I saw Him apparently but I don’t know whether He was in His spiritual being or physical… I didn’t say whether He was spiritually or physically. Even I am not sure yet…I don’t know He was in spiritual or physical being. But if I happened to meet Him again I will definitely check it. They (people) say that He (Prophet Isaa) will descend on Ka’ba or Bait-ul-Muqadas. But I never said anything about His arrival, I only said about meeting Him.


Question: We have heard that you give Zikr-e-Qalb even to Hindus, Sikhs and Christian, even though they are not Muslims. How is it possible that the hearts of non-Muslims can chant Allah’s name?

Answer: You tell me, when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came was there any Muslim? These were the people at that time, He (PBUH) preached to these people. He (PBUH) didn’t immediately ask them to recite Kalima/Motto and offer prayers. First, He glanced on hearts of people, when the name of Allah started within them they obliged to say there is not god but Allah, Muhammad is His messenger (لا الہٰ الا اللہ محمد الرسول اللہ). Now we ask everybody, whether a sinner or a rigid infidel, to chant Allah’s name by the rhythm of heart beat, this will not happen by our command, this will start by the will of Allah, and the heart after having Allah’s command starts chanting His name. He will become Muslim but nothing else …if not today surly tomorrow (it will turn to Allah). Sinner of today will be a pious of tomorrow…wouldn’t he. So, whomever Allah wills, nobody can stay before him.

May they be Muslim May they be infidel, May they be alive May they be deceased (Chey Muslim Chey Kafir, Che Zinda Che Murda)

To whom He wishes to, to whom He wishes to make His friend He can make it and there are so many stories that rigid infidels and dacoits became Wali when He put His glimpse on them…you talk about becoming Muslim, they even became a Wali. No matter they are infidels or sinners only those very hearts chant Allah’s name which will have to become Muslim and it is a recorded fact. Watch that video…last year I gave them Zikr and next year they are reciting Kalima. Actually, this is a method in which neither directly we teach them about Quran nor about prayers, so we school/teach them about heart. Then, gradually they turn to be vocal from heart.


Question: You stressed too much on purity of inner self, how can we clean & purify our inner selves?

Answer: Inner self is very important. You Place here Hindu, Sikh, Christian Muslim all in a row, ask Allah, "Which of them would you like to see, which of them you will see?" He will neither look at beards nor prostration. Allah looks at shining hearts. We say that if you do not have a pure inner self, what is the difference between you and him? Only difference is of tongue…isn’t it? Yes if your inner self is pure, only then you are superior to him…otherwise your claim is only verbal like parrot. And how the inner self can be purified? There are two kind of worship; one is for apparent purification and the other is for inner purification. Salat/Prayers and fasting cleans the outer-self/apparent body, it is also necessary; but that which is inside it’s also necessary to be purified. This is the reason until your inner-self will not be purified no pure/unpolluted will stay inside you. You recite Quran day and night, offer prayers but they don’t reside within you because your Self is polluted.

This is the reason…if ever prayer and Quran reside within you then this sectarianism is nothing (it will perish). Then why should Muslims kill each others? All Momins are brothers; but you are not a Momin. First you become Momin so that all of you can become one. And for becoming one “your heart was the abode of Allah” it’s also said according to a Hadith. You didn’t chant Allah Allah by heart, thus Satan came and sat in it. Now until and unless you kick the Satan out, your heart & nafs will never be purified. There is a method for this. Like there is method for offering prayers and observing fast, in the similar way there is method for Zikr-e-Qalbi (Heart Meditation). Just like beads of this rosary in your hand ticks, similarly you also have a rosary within you…it also keeps ticking. This rosary (in hands) is for ordinary people. Bulleh Shah says:

“Bead of our heart chants Allah Allah”… You too teach the bead of your heart to chat Allah Allah

Asaday dil da manka Allah Allah karda…Dil day manky nu Allah Allah sikhana

That tick tick (heart beat) which is happening is rosary (tasbih) of the heart. It chants Allah Allah more than 6000 times in an hour and can cross 125,000 times in 24 hours. So, if a heart which is chanting Allah Allah 24 hours then Satan will not come into that heart. Then Satan leaves and Rehman (beneficent) will enter. Then, when chanting of Allah Allah starts with the rhythm of heart beats, heartbeat is associated with blood then Allah Allah will merge into blood. Allah Allah then travelling through blood goes into veins, from veins it reaches into your souls. Then the souls wake up and start chanting Allah Allah. Beyond this stage, though you sleep or busy in work but souls will continue chanting Allah Allah and it will continue after your death and even until the Day of Judgment.

Death is for body only, souls do not die…you were regular in Salat/prayers, your Salat/Prayers will finish after you die but Salat/prayers of souls will never finish they will continue performing prayers until Day of Judgment. They will keep performing what you have taught them in this lifetime. And there is a historical confirmation for this. When Prophet Muhammad PBUH went onto the heavens before ascending to heavens for Mira’j, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) led all the souls of previous Prophets and walis in prayer. If you have such a capable enough soul you may also get a chance to participate in that prayer. That prayer had been offered from thousands of years and will continue till the Day of Judgment.

Therefore, our aim is to purify the souls and heart within the bodies. When you repeat Allah’s name by tongue your inner self should also start doing so. You are a fake (from the outside/the body), the Real is within you. You emphasis on fake so much rather than real, which are for next life and wouldn’t die. They are reliant on you…chant Allah Allah yourself and teach them as well. If you succeed in schooling them, believe me, this will be a continuous charity (Sadaqah-e-Jariya) for you until the Day of Judgment.


Question: Now a day, not only in Pakistan, it is well-known in aboard, and some of my acquaintances living there told me, that Gohar Shahi claimed to be Mehdi. Today as I got a chance to see you…would you like to tell regarding this Mehdi matter?

Answer: I have clarified already that the One who will be Mehdi will show something extra-ordinary…so much extra-ordinary that nobody else would be able to do. Follower of every religion will be bound to accept him. If anybody here in Pakistan claim to be Mehdi but people in England, Europe or Palestine refuse to accept him he wouldn’t be consider Mehdi. True Mehdi is the one who will be accepted by people from every city, every country and every religion. As far as our followers are concerned they says, go ask them that why they say so? Whenever I ask them that why they call me Mahdi, do you want to involve me in some issue? They answer that we got guidance from you so you are Mehdi for us. But this is not Mehdi He is the one who will be recognized by whole world…and such a Mehdi will be someone else.


Question: In so many speeches you talked about Shariat-e-Muhammadi and Shariat-e-Ahmedi. Please shed some light that who are those people who are blessed with this?

Answer: About Shariat-e-Muhammadi, the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s body was Muhammad while His soul is called Ahmed. Name of His Spiritual body which is in the centre of chest (The deeply hidden) was Hamid while name of His spiritual entity ‘Ana (اَنا)’ in His head was Mahmood. Now, Shariat-e-Muhammadi are acts which His body did while acts which His soul accomplished, is called Shariat-e-Ahmadi. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went on Mira’j with His physical body once while He visited with His souls many times…this is Shariat-e-Ahmadi. His soul used to offer prayers even before coming to this World. That is the reason why He said that “I was a prophet prior to descending to this World”. He said that “I was a prophet even when Adam wasn’t created”. He (Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)) was given a bodily appearance later on prior to this He was a prophet and what He did in this capacity is Shariat-e-Ahmadi. Still His soul leads the prayer and doesn’t rise up from the prostration until Allah responds…I am here O servant (Labaik Ya Abdi). If your soul becomes capable for this you can also achieve Shariat-e-Ahmadi.


Question: It is said that you say that there are 40 Chapters of Quran rather than 30?

Answer: In Shariat-e-Muhammadi Quran is of 30 Chapters. One is Shariat-e-Ahmadi that knowledge is something else. Abu Huraira (RA) said to Companions about this that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) passed on two types of knowledge to me. ‘I told you about one, if ever I tell anything about the second you would kill me’. This is an authentic Hadith. Then what was that second knowledge? It was knowledge of souls. Let me explain it further. This body is made of clay you have to accept this; this body will die, will remain in this world, perish and wouldn’t go to hereafter. We will be given such a body in the next life that will neither burn nor die, become neither older nor sick. If this body is limited to this world then it will not travel to the next. So, what about its accountability, its journey? Isn’t it point to ponder? This is like a house with seven residents. One of the residents is Self/Nafs, it is called Latifa-e-Nafs and Quran is revealed for the people with these self/Nafs. At several places in the Quran it is said to purify the Self and correct it…sometimes it is threatened, sometimes avarice, sometimes it is warned of Hell and sometimes it is motivated by Paradise…isn’t it so? But this is only for Self, what is next when it is cleaned/purified? When a Self is cleaned/purified knowledge of Inner Self/hidden knowledge start. Then first knowledge is of Heart. After purification of the Self at that stage “that Book in which there is no doubt’ (Zaalik-al-Kitab-u- La Rai-ba) not this book….that book in which there is no doubt. On this book even a Hindu and infidel cast doubts about it…don’t they distrust this Quran? On that book even an infidel will not distrust. If an infidel purifies his Self even he wouldn’t distrust that Book. At this step, it (Quran) has 30 existing parts and 10 others. There is a knowledge related to Qalb (Heart). Prophethood of Heart…was bestowed upon Adam (AS). It was distributed evenly between Him and His Walis. Beyond this stage is Soul (Rooh) and it’s Book; it has separate chapters. Ibrahim (AS) was superior to Adam (AS) due to addition of soul. Next was Musa (AS) and he was bestowed by 3 parts (Qlab, Rooh and sirri)…half for Him and half for His Walis…that is why He was superior to Ibrahim (AS). Then came Issa (AS) got 4…half for himself and half for His Walis…and placed higher than Musa (AS). Finally, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received all 5 knowledges…knowledge of the including Spiritual entity Akhffa that is why He is greatest/superior of all. Therefore, one is Self and 5 are these spiritual bodies. All together are 6 included in the knowledge. Knowledge of the Self is in 30 parts while knowledge of remaining 5 is divided into 10 parts. Beyond this stage comes Ana (اَنا) which is seventh spiritual body and is not related to knowledge but with passionate love. Go and seek a spiritual teacher so that you will be able to pick this point that there is apparent knowledge and hidden knowledge. We say that 30 parts are apparent while 10 are hidden, and there is evidence of it. It can be verified from the books of Walis but Ulema disregard it. Disregard this knowledge and at the same time quote this event of Shah Shams Tabriz; When he put the books, and was asked, “What is this?” He said, “This is that knowledge which you don’t know.” When he took them out and was asked, “What is this? This is that knowledge which you don’t know!” He was unaware of one kind of knowledge and he said that this is the knowledge about which you do not know. This was the reason If only Quran was enough then even Ghaus Pak (Abdul Qadir Jalani) read the Quran, Khawaja Sahib also recited Quran…they why they went into the jungles for which knowledge? Actually there was found another kind of knowledge in Jungles. Here the knowledge is taught by Maulvi(Scholar) and there Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) becomes their teacher. Then there will be obvious difference between the teaching of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Maulvi(Scholar). Here one can become Alim or Scholar of Ahadith while there one can be a Wali, sultan.


Question: I read one of your sayings on several sign boards that vision of Allah is possible. Give some arguments?

Answer: Imam Abu-Hanifa wrote in his book that he had vision of Allah 99 times. Ibrahim bin Adham says that he had vision of Allah 70 times. While Sakhi Sultan Bahu says that we can have vision of Allah whenever we wish. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a unique personality among all. All others had vision through their souls while Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saw Allah through His body. There is also a term Wali Allah…it means Friend of Allah. Friend is the one whom we saw, or to whom we have talked…if anybody neither saw nor talked to Allah and claim to be his friend…isn’t he a liar. If only false claimant of Prophethood is an infidel for you than what you would call a false claimant of Wilaya? He is on the brink of infidelity. Wilaya requires a vision and revelation. The only difference is that woman can only have revelation; they can’t have vision…that is why they are half wali, as is Rabia Basri who was entitled as Half Qalandar. Other walis have visions, conversation and if anybody claims to be a wali without this, he is a liar.


Question: Your devotees call you Allah! What is the reality?

Answer: The reality is that many of non-devotees call me Satan…many of them call me apostate, many call me as infidel…while other call me Mehdi….many of them call me Isaa. It is based on how strong belief a person has on me. You should ask them, I can’t say anything. I am a Muslim, act according to the Quran, and it is written in it that ‘say that Allah is one, He didn’t gave birth to anybody’. On the other hand I have parents and sons. If they gave me titles, you must ask them, issue fatwa against them


Question: If a person dies shortly after having Zikr-e-Qalb from you, then what about his remaining stages?

Answer: The first thing is that Zikr-e-Qalb can never be started at a person's own will. We are only agents, the informers. We only attach (spiritually guide) those with who are chosen by God. As long as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) does not verify, Allah never approves. So, whoever has approval of heart (from the Prophet) his death or life becomes meaningless and his journey of stages continues. Because death is only for body, his inner self is alive. Such people have the record like Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai…people used to call him sufi poet, nobody got any benevolence from his Tomb but he continue his meditation. His journey was on. As soon as his inner journey completed, people started receiving blessings from his tomb. So stages of such people continue to accomplish.


Question: What is your opinion about photography is it not forbidden?

Answer: Some people regard it as forbidden while some see no problem in it. Few Walis (Saints) even confused us. Where Allah has confused then confusion from Walis doesn’t matter. Ala Hazart wrote at one place that images are forbidden. But in his own era images of Peer Mehar Ali Shah were widespread, why didn’t declare them forbidden as well? Ala Hazart wrote in his Kinz-al-Iman that images of all Prophets are in Taboot-e-Sakina…what should I say here? Now it is up to you…consider it forbidden or not!


Question: If Imam Mehdi and Hazrat Issa (Prophet Jesus) have arrived then why don’t you show them to the people?

Answer: People will see. I already mentioned their signs.


Question: If a zakir concentrate on his heart after zikr and see Noor in place of heart, Ka’ba enveloped in this Noor and see inner creature circumambulating the Ka’ba and within this condition, see Kalima written in golden color on his heart and shining, would this stage be called Ayn Al-Yaqeen (The eye of certainty)?


Answer: This is not Ayn Al-Yaqeen (The eye of certainty), but Haq Al-Yaqeen(The truth of certainty). Because delusion do not happen in Kalima, if there is Kalima, this Kalima is true…but if there is no Kalima at all, it is Ayn Al-Yaqeen. If (you have) Kalima in heart it is truth. Once Mujadid Alif Sani saw hidden creatures bowing down before him in his experience, he was fretted and thought that this is not permitted. But a heavenly voice consoled him that he may not worry because these creatures are not bowing down before him rather they are doing Sajda prostrating to the Ka’ba which is within him (Mujadid). It happens to whom Allah wills… (This is not strange).



Question: Earlier you people preached about chanting Allah’s name. You point of preaching was Zikr-e-Qalb. Then you turned to spirituality, for some time you are propagating about Imam Mehdi, what is your next objective? What you want? Are you intended to enter in politics?

Answer: I’ve already given a detailed answer about this.



Question: What is Unity of Being (Wahadat-al-Wujud) and Unity of Appearance (Wahadat-al-Shuhud)?

Answer: Nobody for Unity of Being present here. What should I tell? Proponent of Unity of Being says that Allah is present in everything. He claims that Allah is in every heart. While advocate for Unity of Appearance holds that if Allah is in every heart then infidel are also included in it. If so, what’s the purpose of Hell? If Allah is in everything then Hell is for whom? Whoever has Noor of Allah will never go to Hell! Supporters Unity of Being is those who chanted O Compassionate (Ya-Rahman)…they always used to recite O Compassionate or “O The Most Loving” (Ya-Wadood). With chanting O Rahman they attained attributed Noor of Rahman within their heart …they witnessed with their own eyes. They saw that a glimpse of Rahman is also visible in animals, which is why animals love their children. They said Allah is in everything. What about supporters of Unity of Appearance? They recited Isam-e-Zaat, chanted Allah Allah and by chanting this Noor of Allah came into their hearts. When saw through the Noor of Allah they witnessed that the World barely has any Noor, this Noor is only within few hearts. This is the difference in opinion between proponents of Unity of Being and Unity of Appearance and we are supporters of Unity of Appearance. The one who has Noor of Allah within him that is Unity of Appearance and the one who is deprived of it belongs to Unity of Being. Practitioner of Unity of Being on his ascending journey halted at a stage…he couldn’t tread further and said he only see a light was not able to see any “body” of Allah.

The one of Unity of Appearance had Ism-a-Zaat so he reached to the Zaat (Personality). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) shook hands with Him, so he verified the Hadith that Allah has created Man on His own image. So this is the clash between Unity of Being and Unity of Appearance.



Question: You had been held responsible for the death of a women of Karachi at your monastery, is it true?

Answer: The first thing is that she came to my monastery and lots of people visit us on regular basis. She was not accompanied with anyone. Her son dropped her so she was alone. If we could kill her, we could also bury her somewhere. We have our own land and vehicles, we could have buried her somewhere or just throw her dead body away. Why should we call her relatives and handover her to them? There are some political people and some government agencies who planned all this. Right now as there is negative propaganda, soon there will be positive propaganda. This matter has been investigated by crime branch. Then they say: we read in newspapers that she saw something wrong happening that is why she was murdered. Brothers…if she was alone and saw something wrong then did she tell others in their dreams? Told that I saw something wrong and got murdered? These newspaper people just don’t feel ashamed. It reveals their lie…did she tell them in dream?



Question: There is lot of talk about Imam Mehdi (AS) and Prophet Isaa (AS), where is Dajjal? Tell something about him.

Answer: If I tell you now that Dajjal is that particular place, believe me! A battle will break out immediately. Just wait for the appropriate time. Whatever will be from Allah would be better. Dajjal is not far, he is also near to Pakistan.



Question: You disclosed the mystery of Alif Laam Meem. Quran also have other Huroof-e-Muqattaat, such as Alif Laam Raa, what is its secret?

Answer: We can’t disclose right now.



Question: It is said about Sultan-al-Fuqra that either we call them God or man, both are fine. How is it possible that a man can become God?

Answer: Actually the thing is that man has 7 spiritual entities (Lataif) within himself which is for sure. If he becomes Wali through those entities he couldn’t be called God. Allah bestows some Walis with exclusive Anwaar which is called Jussa Taufiq-e-Elahi. While blessed some people with Tifal-e-Noori. After this, apparently that person is not human, and then He is Allah. For these kind of people Allah says that he comes so much close to Me due to prayers that I become his hand by which he holds, I become his tongue by which he speaks. This is for those people. And there are some special people! Once Allah thought to see that how does He look like? Just like you think to see yourself in front of a mirror, how I am looking? Similarly Allah thought, how I look like? So a reflection appeared before Him and it turned into a soul. Allah fell in love with it and it fell in love with Allah. It was soul of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Then Allah shudder Himself again with joy and seven more souls created. These were souls of Sultans. When these souls descended on earth Sakhi Sultan Bahu said…if you call them God, it is not wrong. These are the very souls! You can study Sultan Bahu’s booklet Roohi Sharif for further satisfaction.



Question: Beg your pardon! Arab world is full with sins and you went everywhere to invite for Zikr-e-Qalb. Why don’t you invite them for zikr-e-qalb?

Answer: We go everywhere to spread this message, also went to Arabs but Allah Allah only starts in heart for whom Allah wills. If He doesn’t want for any heart we revert to them. Those who are chosen by Allah’s will, we get encouragement and go again and again to them.



Question: Some people challenge us to throw ourselves into fire if we are right. Should we do so or not? (Question by Zakir)

Answer: No! Deal with me only. Gather all the opponents and take me to them. Look …all are my opponents; they have nothing to do with you. Gather all of them and throw them and me into fire. Let’s see who comes out unharmed. Bring all the maulvis (Scholars) who issued fatwa (verdicts) against us…lit a fire and throw them into fire put and me also.



Question: I start with a question which is has not been asked in this gathering so far. It is related to your image on the moon. It is quite famous and we heard from so many people. As we are looking you today, definitely your looks evolved with the passage of time and it will continue to change. But moon is the same forever. But you claim that it has your image in it. But this image is since the beginning and will be until the last day. So, what is the truth of this claim? It is true that the moon will remain as it is from day first to the last.

Answer: I know that when the image appeared in it and how long it will remain. Earlier people started to say that an image is visible in the moon, and then I saw it. If ever this proved to be wrong my twenty years of preaching would have been fruitless. Then I gave mine and that image to be checked by computer, in the UK, in US. They all verified and then I announced that this is my image. Why it is here and who placed it…I have no knowledge. But I can assure this is mine. For this, Moon appears every month and now it’s also there. Take my picture and the picture of moon as well, you may verify. If you find it false then question me. If it is true than just acknowledge its existence…and if not there then trap us in it. I asked the government many times to recognize it. I said that if it is false than it’s a great scam and lie and why don’t you arrest me? And if it is true, acknowledge it and tell people the truth. You have resources and this matter is not new, for last 5, 6 years it has been hearing about this matter. So many fingers have been pointing on us for this reason, cases have been launched and people are labeling accusations on us. If it would have been proven false, would these maulvis (Scholars) spare us? Earlier they did not acknowledge and said this cannot happen; now they recognize but say that this is not a proof of Wilaya. Now they acknowledge and we are also waiting that someone comes forward and investigate. If it is false give me any punishment you like and if true acknowledge it…don’t show hypocrisy. Government agencies may also present here and we conveyed our message through every means. Through newspapers, through speeches and today again I am asking the government to investigate.



Question: It is said that your workers of Anjuman Sarfroshan-e-Islam need your permission to offer their prayers; if you permit they offer otherwise they don’t. This is a matter between Allah and His servant, so up till what extend it is right to take your permission for obligatory prayers?

Answer: I never asked this to anybody. However I ask them to offer prayers and do the zikr because it will raise your status. If you offer regular prayers you will just be namazi for your lifetime and if only do Zikr and do not offer prayer then you will remain Zakir for lifetime. The Wilaya (Sainthood) will begin with composition of both. We advise them again and again. And refuter of prayer is infidel near us.



Question: Now when I arrived here I noticed that music is being played here. Secondly, the word ‘O’ (Ya) is written with your name. According to my knowledge and understanding word ‘O’ can only be used for Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), though this is also wrong. But why this word is being used with your name…if it is not with Umar (RA), Ali (RA), Usman (RA) and Farooq (RA)! Why this is so?

Answer: Listen to me! It is with everyone’s name…O Ali, O Ghaus Al-Madad. People call their peer/murshid with ‘O’(YA). And it is their belief. There is nothing wrong with using ‘O’, it doesn’t imply infidelity. That’s all.


Question: During meeting with Allah, Prophet’s (PBUH) saw the ring which He previously gave to Hazart Ali. What is that mystery?

Answer: This is true. When I say such things people blame me that I am favoring the Shias. But true always remains true (you cannot deny it). This was in our Ahadith…it was in Hadith-e-Muslim, Hadith-e-Bukhari. Before it was Hadith-e-Muslim, Hadith-e-Bukhari but when they refined and corrected the collection of Ahadith as Hadith-e-Sahih Muslim, Hadith-e-Sahi Bukhari…they removed such traditions… It was so…surely it was. There were traditions regarding this.


Question: What kind of battle will break out between Imam Mehdi and Dajjal?

Answer: Only he can tell when the time will come! How can I say anything?


Question: Who is at the seat of Qutab Madaar?

Answer: If ever anybody knows about Qutab Madaar his Wilaya will be lost. We can only tell about Ghaus and he is in Ghamkol Sharif…in Pakistan, Ghamkol Sharif, Kohat.


Question: Sarkar you said in the program at Nishtar Park that image of Imam Mehdi has been shown to all Walis. Would you please tell some names so that we may have company of them for some time?

Answer: Go there…Ghamkol Sharif. People in Europe may contact to Shaikh Nazim and people in the US may go to Shaikh Hisham. These persons know.


Question: Those 40 chapters are also written like Quran? Did you read them? If yes, why don’t you dictate so that we can write them down?

AnswerJust as Torait, Zaboor and Injeel had been revealed in the language of its Prophet, similarly are these 30 Paras. That knowledge is in Suryani language. Prophets and walis are taught that knowledge in the language they know. Quran is latest of them all…first Torait was revealed then Zaboor and then Injeel. The knowledge Adam had was in Suryani language. The knowledge of the inner self is in Suryani language and still exists. Wali is taught that knowledge in his own language, the tafseer (datail) of that knowledge is taught to him. If he is taught in Suryani than first he will need to learn Suryani and then tasfeer…after that he wil have tol teach Suryani to others. That is why he is taught in his language…that is tafseer…this is their knowledge! Khizar…there is a story about him in the Quran…the knowledge Musa (AS) had was different from theknowledge which Khizar had. And any knowledge which came from from Allah, if it came through revelation, it is considered Hadith-e-Qudasi. If Jibra-il accompanied the revelation it is called Quran. This knowledge also came through revelation accompanied Jibra-il/Gabriel thus it is also called Quran.


Question: Some people say that the name of Imam Mehdi’s father will be Abdullah and mother’s Amina. And he’ll stammer. Is it true?

Answer: When he’ll come, ask him what his father’s name is? As soon as he comes, he will declare that I’m Imam Mahdi. Ask everything from Him.  Why from me? Ask him whatever comes to your mind; after all, I’ve not announced any thing.


Now, let me tell you about Zikr. Some people will be new; though some people are Muslims, yet don’t offer their prayers, even don’t do zikr (chanting name of God). Those people are like animals. Animals snooze after performing assigned acts. They slept, too, after doing worldly jobs. There are some people though offer their prayers, yet don’t zikr (chanting name of God); and there are some who zikr (chanting name of God) but don’t offer Salat/prayers. But the people who do zikr (chanting name of God) are better than pervious condition when they don’t do anything at all. Blessed are they, they have started making mention; though not offer their prayers. But they are better than their previous condition. By doing this, their hearts will be filled with Allah’s love; and this Love will become be a source of their intercession. And it may happen that due to this commemoration, they will start offering prayers; this way their heart will be decontaminated, and tongue purified. That prayer/Salat will be real Salat/prayer; for this it needs neither Bait nor Gift and oblations to be paid. We’re not concerned whose disciple’s you are; we wish that instead this outer rosary, your inner should start counting the true rosary. As this tick, tick is continuing outside; the same is happening inside. As soon as, this Tick, Tick starts resonating Allah, Allah; then this Allah, Allah will be penetrated deep into your blood. Traveling from blood to veins and then from veins to your souls --- your Souls will awake up and start chanting Allah, Allah, too. Now when you offer the prayer, there is a contradiction whatever is in your heart and what is on tongue; what appears on tongue, is not in the heart; and what is in the heart, does not come on the tongue.  Once, Hazrat Abubaker Siddique (RA) asked The Holy Prophet (PBUH), “Whenever I offer my prayers, I feel temptations”. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “You are getting two types of Reward; one for offering prayers and the other for ‘Jihad’. How is that?  During chanting of Allah, Allah within you; the devil put temptations in your heart; this Allah, Allah throws them out. Temptations come again; again this Allah, Allah throws them out; this way a battle starts inside. This is called “Jihad”.  If there’ll be no Allah inside, these temptations dwell permanently. This means, your heart will get along with the devil. This is called “Namaz Surat” there is no trust of ‘hollow’ prayers; and these prayers will be thrown back to your face in the Day of Judgment. When Allah, Allah will be started deep in your heart; then, even you will be busy in your work, you will try to continue chanting this Allah, Allah. You will be succeeded this way. You’ll try again that I should keep on reading a book or a magazine or even driving a car and this Allah, Allah should also continue. You will get the success. Then, you will wish that I should continue my prayer/salat --- and this Allah, Allah should also be continued. That time, the heart will say what your tongue is saying. The tongue will say, “QUL HO WALLA HO AA’HAD” (Allah is Alone); the heart will witness saying Allah, Allah.  The Allah and only Allah. . Now, all the temptations have been thrown out. Verbal worship does not go up to Allah. This heart is like a telephone within you. This heart is a telephone between you and Allah. The Satan is setting in it; then how your prayer should go up? When Allah, Allah comes in heart, the Satan will leave. It will be filled with Divine Light; as there is electricity in the telephone then it starts working, if there’ll be Divine Light in the heart; it will work. As with the waves of electricity you talk from here to America; the Divine Light in heart connects you with the Throne of God. That time when you offer your prayer, the telephone of Divine Light will take it up. That prayer is The Ladder of a Believer. As you talk, it will go up. Why do people visit saints? They could beseech at home. The same Allah is there at saints’ places. Telephones are installed there when they talk it go up; and this way, you’re bestowed --- your work is gets done. So you can also install this telephone as it is for all.  The people who had such telephones in their hearts, they never call themselves to be a Sunni, Wahabbi, or Shi’a. They only say I am your follower O’Prophet Muhammad PBUH. When this telephone – the Divine Light – went away, 72 sects came into existence. Now government says sects should be wiped out. How it can be finished? Satans are penetrated deep in the hearts. Apparently, they have long beards and big Mehraab (sign of prayers on forehead); but Satan in hearts. Satan does not let then get united. He makes husband and wife and Molvi (Scholar) with Molvi (Scholar) quarrel, for nothing. Until Satan will not exit from your heart, and the Satan will leave when the Divine Light will come in your heart. When your hearts are filled with this Light, you’ll all become Momin (one who contain noor). Noori relationships will be established, as there are blood relationships of brother and sister. Thereafter it will become noori relation. That time you will become brothers; before this you cannot become brothers. When this Allah, Allah starts in the heart, then whatever comes in your heart, love happens with that thing. When Allah comes in your heart, love with Allah will start. When love of Allah will come in your heart, then Allah will love you; and whom Allah loves, cares them. Then they do not get betray; and those are the people whom Allah wants to keep on the right path. Now, if someone wants to get permission for commemoration; say Allah Allah with my voice, the permission will be granted. Carry on practice, if Allah, Allah starts in your heart, pray for me; if do not feel so, you go your way we go ours. There is another method, when you go to sleep at night; think your finger a pen and write the word Allah on your heart in imagination. While writing call for your Spiritual Guide and imagine as he is holding your finger and writing Allah on your heart with your finger. They have immense spiritual powers. If you do not have any Spiritual Guide, think of any tomb you are familiar with, and imagine that that pious man is writing Allah on your heart. They do so. Even if you do not go in any tomb, then think of the “Roza Mubarak” Tomb of The Holy Prophet (PBUH), and from that place word “Allah” is being written on your heart. At that moment whoever comes infront of you; consider that your destiny is in His hands. Go to sleep while reciting and writing this. When you get up at the crack of dawn don’t bother whether you are with ablutions or not; the ablution of heart cannot be performed with water. Keep doing hidden chanting; hidden chanting every one can do as it is not a big deal. Of and on, feel and keep your hand on your heart beats; when you feel your heart beats, try to chant Allah with it.  And the day when your heart beat call Allah; consider that Allah has accepted you today. Then do any such act which makes your heart beat fast whether it is an exercise or fast running; when your heartbeat become prominent, match Allah Allah with it. If you continue this practice for few days, your heartbeats will be changed into Allah Allah. Sometimes while you are sitting free; feel your pulse and synchronize the word Allah, Allah with this tick, tick and feel that Allah is penetrating into your heart. God helps those who help themselves. And whom Allah wishes, a small act of virtue is enough for him. And whom Allah does not wish to bestow; he will say that 10 even 20 years gone, my heart meditation (Zikr-e-qalb) did not start. It is the secret of knowing oneself. That who are you? How much Allah is kind to you? This is the only touchstone; except this, there is no any other touchstone. If you feel warmth with this commemoration, start reciting Darood Sharif “benediction”; it will cool it down. Then you’ll see that when you chant Allah, Allah it will bring warmth to you; then the reciting of Darood Sharif will make it cool. One day, both Darood sharif and Allah will be intermingled, neither cold nor warmth. After this your heart says Allah, Allah and if you still keep on doing evil deeds, then hurdles will come into the way of your vehicle. With this if you do good deeds --- offer prayers and keep fasts; then your vehicle will reach fast to Allah………………………. Allah!  

For this those who wish to take the permission of Zikr they recite Allah hoo behind me. Allah Hoo Allah Hoo Allah Hoo Allah Hoo





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