Interview of His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi with BBC Radio London ABOUT HIS MEETING WITH JESUS CHRIST





BBC: RAGS is not a Christian group, its leader implicates spiritual practice. Mr Zafar Hussain would translate for him. Good morning gentlemen!  First of all can I ask you Mr. Shahi through Mr. Zafar Hussain , what were the circumstances in which you say you met Jesus?

His Holiness: I was in a Hotel in Taos USA. I was just about to sleep that suddenly a man entered in the room. I thought that it was one of my personal assistants. I asked who you are. He replied �I am here to see you�. I turned on the light and saw a handsome young man standing in front of me. At that moment I felt intense energy and pleasure in my soul and the spiritual bodies. I know through my spiritual experience in the past, that if there would some satanic things then I felt afraid but if it is something from God then I could hear more loudly name Allah Allah with immense pleasure and energy from inside.

BBC: Was this is spiritual meeting or physical meeting?

His Holiness: This was a physical meeting. When I opened my eyes, I talked with that handsome young man and realized that he was present physically.

BBC: How do you say that he was Jesus?

His Holiness: I realized that this man has immense spiritual powers. Upon asking that person replied �I am Jesus son of Mary�. I also asked him where he lived, he replied:  �I had no home in the past and i have no home now�. He said �I have been here for a long time and working just as you are preparing people for love of God�. I asked whether he went to meet his priests as well. He replied �No, I don�t go to see them, since most of them lack spiritual powers and only few of them have got spiritual power. However some people among Christians who have learnt spirituality and those people are in contact with me. There are some people among Christians whom I have given spiritual powers and they are able to carry out my work in Thailand and Sri Lanka etc. Those people will actually tell the world about me�

BBC: Mr. Shahi speaking through an interpreter at the moment, what language was Jesus speaking?

His Holiness: Jesus spoke to me in Urdu. He told that he had learnt all languages.

BBC: Why did he choose you then to appear to, Mr. Shahi and what was his message for you?

His Holiness: He said �I have similar mission as you do and in future we have to work together to spread this message of Divine Love of God�

BBC: Your posters say that You are going to deliver unprecedented address broadcast to the world after pope made global radio broadcast in October or November. I did not know that pope would made a global radio broadcast.

His Holiness: It will be regarding second coming of Jesus. Pope also knows about it.

BBC: Pope will make radio broadcast in October, you say?

His Holiness: Whenever, pope makes an address, it would be for Christians. After that I�d address to the Muslims.

BBC: Many of your followers, I believe are Muslims are by birth. How are you objected by non-believers and those who don�t follow Muslim religion?    

His Holiness: We teach them how to convert the heartbeats into ALLAH ALLAH. When there heartbeats convert into chanting the Name ALLAH ALLAH they start believing in me.    

BBC: But some people don�t follow you and threw bomb

His Holiness: There are two powers in every religion. Some believe and some don�t.

BBC: You have the photograph of Jesus. Is that the one I have seen on posters?

His Holiness: Yes, it is picture of Jesus. I�d like to add something. A few days later I visited Tucson in Arizona. During my stay there I saw a lady having the photograph.  I instantly recognized the man in the photograph as the same man who appeared in my room at the El Monte Lodge.  There are some images on the moon and that picture resembles one of those images.

BBC: What do you mean by image on the Moon?

His Holiness: Yes, there are images on the Moon and we show picture of Jesus on the moon if people will come to inquire.

BBC: Why this is not just a sophisticated hoax?

His Holiness: This cannot be a hoax since I cannot be deceived due to my spiritual powers. Moreover, that picture resembles with the image on the Moon.

BBC: Where that independent party got that photograph from?

His Holiness:  I was told that some people took photographs of some sacred places and to their surprise when the film was processed; this photograph (of Jesus) emerged from amongst the prints.  This man was not seen nor was he photographed. In addition, I saw a magazine in USA reporting a man seen in hospitals who treats incurable patients and then disappears. That magazine also contained similar image.


Both of the images,  appeared in the Holy Black Stone, the Hajre Aswad, in the year 2000.
These images are still present and visible in the Hajre Aswad, (Ka'baa, Saudi Arabia). Photographs of
the Hajre Aswad can be obtained from Muslim Libraries and homes. The image No.1 and image No.2
are beyond any doubt and suspicion, as the Holy Black Stone is fitted in a sacred and guarded place.


These images have existed for a long time and are decorated with, in almost every church and Christian homes  


This picture of the ace of Jesus of Nazareth appeared miraculously when photographs were taken of the return of a chalice to the tabernacle of a Spanish Church, which had been pillaged during the Spanish civil war (1936 - 39). Vassula was given a reproduction of this picture on her recent visit to South America. Those familiar with the miraculous picture taken by St. Anna Ali, a nun living in Rome whom Vassula has met, will recognize the similarity. However, it is important to point out that these two pictures were created independently.