Ism e Azam Conference


Mochi Gate, Lahore. April 11, 1996




Ayud Billahi Mina-shaitan Nal-Rajeem.

I seek refuge and protection in Allah from Satan, the accursed

Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful




Beloved companions! Assalam - o - Alaikum!!!


I’ve come many times in your city before, the purpose of coming here is neither political nor to hurt sentiments of any sect, not to criticize the government. There are people of divine (pure) heart in every city, in every town, and in every home; the purpose of my arrival is to bring them on surface and to send the voice of heart into their hearts.


Hazrat Ali (RAT) said that “there is entire universe enclosed within you, and you’re not aware of it” and if you really come to know about what is inside you, you will leave all worldly activities and go into jungles for chanting Allah, Allah.


Now, what is the beginning of the human and what is the end?


One day Allah thought I should see how my face looks like; as the thought came, a reflection appeared in front of Him and that reflection became a soul. Allah became its lover and it became Allah’s. He Himself Lover … He Himself Love  He Himself Beloved. Then God created world and the skies in its honor, created damsels and Archangels.


It is there in Hadith (prophetic tradition), “O my Friend, if I did not intend to create You [PBUH], I would not have created earth and heaven”. Then created Adam to reveal Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] in the world. Adam was made with uncontaminated clay; then entered the soul into it. Then put some other creatures to help this soul; which are called Lataif. These have pet names in Hadith Sharif --- Qalb, Ruh, Siri, Khafi, Akhfa, Ana, Nafs. Also came a satanic (Sifli) creature in it. For which Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said “when a man is born; Satan (Jin) is born along with”. The Companions asked, “Was that born with You also”? Prophet [PBUH] replied, “It was born indeed, but became Muslim in my company”.  Bullay Shah said in this context, “This polluted Nafs (self) has polluted us; we were not polluted from origin”. Now, those people who remained nestled in the company of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH], their Self (Nafs) became purified; and those who kept themselves at distance from Prophet [PBUH] they became Hypocrites and (expelled) Khawarij in Prophet PBUH lifetime. After Prophet [PBUH] period people who through any means purified their self (nafs), those became Data Sahib (Abul Hassan Ali Hajvery also known as Data Ganj Bakhsh), and became Khawaja Sahib (Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti).


Now, how these sects and religions came into being? The Kalima (Moto) which was given to Adam [AS] was “La ilaha ill Allah Adam Safi Allah”. His [AS] children recited this Kalima. After the murder of Kabeel (son of Adam), His (Adam’s) children divided into two groups; became rebels of religion. One group directly tried to establish connection with God and instead of reciting Safi Allah; started reciting Eshwar Allah. They got cut off from prophet hood and now 6000 years have passed and chant Eshwar Allah even today, but they remained infidel and those people who continued to recite the Kalima of Safi Allah; the prophethood continued from them. After Prophets, God sent Saints (Wali). Those people who cut off from saints; they did not become infidel yet their Nafs (Self) remained infidel. Apparently they became worshipper and ascetic, became pious, but due to their Self/nafs caught in greed and grandiosity and from them 72 sects originated. Now, at this time there are 72 sects. Every sect considers themselves to be on right path. Now, the sects which came into being due to self (nafs) and the self (nafs) itself is a Satan; the sects which came into being because of Satan, how they can be right? Sects are not right; none of the sect is right. There were no sects in the period of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]; there were only the Followers (Ummati). There were only the Followers; and the Follower is ‘One’ who has the light of God (Noor) within.  Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said that “whosoever contains Light (noor), is my Follower (Umti)”. It’s there in Hadith Prophetic tradition also that “On the Day of Judgment the Followers (of different Prophets) will be recognized through Light (noor)”. When the Light left the Followers, they became Sunni, Shia, Wahabi one after the other. If the Light makes it way again, they will never say that I’m Sunni, I’m Shia, I’m Wahabi; rather say only that I’m a your Follower (Umti) O Prophet [PBUH] of Allah.


Maulana Rumi said that without having a perfect Spiritual guide (Kamil Murshid), this nafs couldn’t be purified”. He warned the Scholars (Molvies) as well.


Maulvi hergiz na shud Maula-e-Rome…Ta ghulam-e-Shams Tabraizi na shud

A Molvi can never become Maulana Rome until he is not a slave of any Tabrez.


Molvi is bestowed with one knowledge; the Knowledge apparent (Ilm e Zahir).  Hazrat Abu Huraira [RAT] said "I received two types of knowledge from Prophet Mohammad. I disclosed one to you, and if I do tell about the other, you would kill me." Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said that “I’m bestowed by Allah with three types of knowledge; one for common people; people of Tongues, one for people of Divine Hearts, and one only for people of Eyes; that’s for Me (PBUH), thereafter I pass it on to whom I wish”.


You keep on reading in newspapers statement of politicians emphasizing about spreading the teachings of Darveishes (Saints). Whenever religious scholars (Ulama) persuade any government, then the government says to spread the teaching of the saints (Wali’s). But the government also does not know that what are the teachings of saints? Then they go to see religious scholars to ask for what saint’s education are? They say that it is nothing but Shariat (law of Muhammad PBUH). Everything is Shariat; then, they adopt the Shariat and start considering themselves to be a saint. And one who has some knowledge becomes (considers himself) even high-ranked saint. Starts considering himself such a big Saint that even starts criticizing true Saints, Khawaja Sahib and Ghaus Pak (Abdul Qadir Jalini) also came under their attack. They were involved in issuing verdict (Fatwas) of Shahaadat-e-Hazrat-e-Hussain [RA]. Not to worship is not a big crime as that of teasing the saint of God.


A poet has said for that demolish the Mosque, demolish the Temple, demolish whatever you can; but don’t break the hearts of Men, God nestles in hearts”.


God lives in the hearts of these people. Balyim Ba'ur was a big scholar (aalim), a big worshiper (Aabid); was also a Dua-e-Mustajab (one whose prayers are accepted). But for having the annoyance of Prophet Moses [AS], he’ll be sent in the Hell in the shape of the Dog of As’haab-e-kahaf (companion of cave). The Dog of As’haab-e-kahaf (Companions of the Cave) was the Friend of Saints; loved them, don’t offer the prayers. Only sat in their company in the cave; he will go in heaven in the shape of Balyim Ba'ur. Satan was jealous of Adam [AS] and was cursed.


Now, how these Self (nafs) are purified?


One Sikh said your ancestors say that there is Light of God (noor) in Quran. He said that I’ve been spy in your country. I used to teach Quran to your children. I also lead your Muslim people to offer their prayers. I’ve also remembered some of the Verses (Surahs); if there was Light (noor) in Quran, then why I could not be a Light Bearer (Noori)? All of a sudden one Christian spoke that I do recite your Quran day and night; I also did not become a Light Bearer (Noori). We said you people didn’t recite with heart. They started saying ok, we didn’t recite with heart; your Muslims do so. Why they are not Light Bearer?  Why they call one another Infidels, Hypocrites?    What was the answer for    this?     The Light  Beholding Quran is in the chest of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. That contains Light beholding (noori) words.  If that Chest touched with the chest of anyone that also became the light beholding. And this Quran is written with black words (black ink). These are only words; Light has to create out of these. These are mere words. Now, how light (noor) is formed? When iron strikes to iron, spark is produced; water strikes with water, electricity is formed. The same way when the verses of Quran strike with each other; the Light (noor) is formed. Now, you would have never hit verses with verses and the people who did so became Aamil. Some people count the rosary. Chant Allah, Allah with beads. Without rosary Allah, Allah can be chanted. Why they chant Allah, Allah with the rosary? They synchronize Allah, Allah with Tik, Tik; 101 times when Allah Allah is aligned, then a tiny spark of Light originates. They chant Allah, Allah 10 or 20 times and ask, “How are you brother?” – This way the continuity breaks, isn’t so? When the rosary is counted 101 times continually, then only a tiny spark of Light (noor) is created. The Light that originates stays in Fingers only. Those who worship with tongue chant Allah – Allah, recite Quran and the Light (noor) forms this way also, it remains outside of the tongue, does not go inside. Such type of rosary is within you. As this does Tik – Tik, the same way there is a continuous happening of Tik – Tik inside you. The Tik – Tik which is within, align Allah – Allah with it. When Allah – Allah is aligned with it, then with that chanting of Allah – Allah; the Light forms. Then that Light neither stays in fingers nor lives outside but enters straight into the blood. From blood it goes in veins and traveling from veins it reaches to the souls. Then those souls, after awakening, start chanting Allah – Allah; this way that Light enters into every vein. That self (nafs) is in the navel. That Light (noor) surrounds it all around. The food which goes from outside burns with the heat of Light (noor). That was a Nafs-e-Ammarah (the commanding Self or the carnal Self). His shape was like a dog. Then because of noor it gets the shape of an ox. After that with excessive Light it takes the shape of a male-goat. Then with more Light, its shape becomes alike that person. Then, when that person offers his prayers, it (Self/nafs) offers along with. Man swings in Zikar; it (Self/nafs) chants with him. Then he (Self/nafs) is taken in the court of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]; that time Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] and people sitting at that time in that gathering (Hazrin e Mehfal) greatly admire him. Blessings for him and for his Spiritual guide (Murshid), purified the dog and made it a Man and bring him to this gathering. This time Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] gives him some prestigious status. Mujadid sahib (Mujadid alif sani) said that the Follower (Muktadi) should first chant the name of Allah; then, he should recite Quran. He said that Quran is not for those people who’s Self (Nafs) are like dogs. Once the nafs get purified, then he should recite Quran; this way the Quran will make it way to the heart. That time “one moment of thinking is better than 100 years of worship”.


The Quran said “HoDalil Mutta’keen” I give guidance to those who are purified”. When the chanting of Allah purifies him, then Quran enters inside. Then those black words which were written in it will shine with white light (noor).


Allama Iqbal said “Apparently he looks to be a reciter, actually he is a Quran himself”.


When his Self (nafs) purifies, actually he himself is purified. Only one thing was impure, which gets purified. He is purified in whole. If he was a common man then he had found guidance from Quran. If he was a scholar too then he became Light upon Lights (noor ala noor). He is said to be the Godly scholar (Aalim-e-Rabbani). These were the scholars who converted infidels into Muslims. The insult of such scholar is actually the insult of Islam. For this type of scholars Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said that “The scholars (Aalim) of my Ummah are just like the Prophets of Bani Israel”.


And the people, who tried to seek guidance from Quran without being purified their self (nafs) first, get misled and this way 72 sects came into being. Those people are called Aalim-e-Sue (worldly scholars). They can’t convert infidels to become Muslims. They can call Muslims as non-Muslim. The Godly Scholars eradicated the Dispute (Fitna) wherever it happened, and these Aalim-e-Sue (worldly scholars) raise a new Dispute everyday.


There is a Hadith for these (worldly scholars) "Be fearful of and stay away from the ignorant priest (scholar)”; Companions [RA] asked “a Scholar and Ignorant, too, simultaneously”? Prophet PBUH answered “whose tongue speaks the knowledge but the heart is ignorant (dark).” This is a stage of scholars. Next stage is of Momins (one who attain the light of God inside). Now, what is the status of a Momin? When Allah – Allah gets started inside him, the Light of God accumulated in his heart; there is in Hadith Sharif that this Apparent is the reflection of the Hidden. There is system of electricity in the Apparent while system of Light of God (noor) works in the Hidden.


Here is lying a mobile phone. The electricity waves raises and you talk someone in America. And if somewhere there is Light (noor), if its wave rises up then where it will approach? God has made a telephone inside you. This heart is a telephone but it has no power. It has no power. When the power of Light enters in it; then it is connected to Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God).


When, Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] went on Meiraj 'the Night of Ascension'. Allah gave Him {PBUH] prayers as gift to give these gifts to your Ummat. They will call me five times a day and in return I’ll remember them. Now those gifts came down --- those gifts of prayers/salat --- for God. Now, the same gifts became the apparent prayers of someone and became the Reality for someone else.


Allah said to Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] QulHo’Walla’Ho Aahd; “say God is one”. Prophet [PBUH] said Aameen ("So be it; truly") Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said to people say God is one; those who said Aameen ("So be it; truly") became Muslims. And those who rejected become infidels. Those who said half-heartedly called to be Hypocrites. Now to whom a Muslim says? that”say God is one” --- says every day --- says moment by moment --- says mildly in low tone, says that “say God is one” This is the only point. The whole debate ends in this one point. He addresses to his heart that say God is one. The heart replies --- ‘there is no flour at home’, then says Allah us’Mud --- the heart answers --- ‘wife is sick’, then says again LamYaLid WaLamU’Lad --- the heart says --- ‘you’re getting late from the duty let’s go”.


Here Bullah Shah Said, “Your heart is playing with children; that in real you’ve played a fraudulent with God”. You are playing fraudulent with God. Infidel’s tongue doesn’t admit; Hypocrite’s hearts do not confirm and bodies of the Liars do not act. Now tell? Your heart was indeed a hypocrite!


This prayer is called Prayer of apparent appearance (Namz-e-Surat), and this prayer is also a show off. How this is a Show off? Offering prayer since long with complete devotion and involvement (Khusho Khuzoo). People are saying that he is offering since long --- God says, “No --- I see neither his beard nor his bowing, I see only heart and intention”. What people see, he is active in that; and what God looks at, he does business in that. This prayer is of the apparent appearance--- regardless of offering this kind of prayer lifetime --- this will remain a show off.

Oh! That is a prayer in Reality. What is that Real Prayer? Majadid Sahib says that prayer of every person is a Prayer of apparent appearance; prayer of only the special people of God’s is real prayer. He says that it is the responsibility of every man to search the Real Prayer. What is Real Prayer? For this you have to first learn Allah - Allah. This is your first pillar --- first pillar is Kalima Tayyba. It’s there in Hadith Sharif (Prophetic tradition) that superior chanting (Afzalul Zikr) is Kalima Tayyba. Holy Quran, “Chant the Name of Allah while standing, sitting, and even lying you are on your backs. --- Don’t be negligent while merchandising and selling”. It’s also the first word of your Quran “Alif-Lam-Mim”. You said these are short verses (Haroof-e-Mokate’aat)...Why? With ‘Alif’ start chanting Allah  Allah. If you’re scared of His Majesty, then start reciting” La eLaha El Allah” with ‘Lam’; if you don’t have the divine grace for this, then start chanting Mohammed’urr Rasool’ullah with ‘Mim’. You will achieve from this. If you don’t have the divine grace for all these, then keep busy in the Book; don’t know whether this Book leads you astray or gives guidance.


When you heartbeats will chant Allah..Allah. Allah – Allah will penetrate in every vein. Then, when you will try that Allah – Allah should continue, while I am busy in work. It is called ‘hand in working --- heart in Beloved’. Then you’ll try while reading newspapers and journals --- Allah – Allah should continue --- you’ll be succeeded. Then you’ll struggle while offering your prayers, this Allah – Allah should continue. That time the Tongue will ask you to say “Allah is One”, the heart will accompany it saying Allah – Allah. ‘Allah Usmad’ --- the heart will say Allah Allah. Now the tongue is affirming and heart is testifying and the body is acting accordingly. The tongue is in detailed mention (Zikr-e-Mufassal) while the heart is in comprehensive commemoration (Zikr-e-Mujammal). Tongue is affirming by the logic “say God is one” while heart without any logic is testifying Allah – Allah. This tongue has power to speak from here and people in America can listen and heart has the power to chant here and Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God) will hear.


The Light which is gathered within you that will carry your prayer/salat to Arsh-e-Mo’alla. Then you’ll offer prayer --- that’ll reach to Arsh-e-Mo’alla. Recite the holy Quran --- that’ll approach in Arsh-e-Mo’alla. Even though you’ll talk --- that’ll also approach in Arsh-e-Mo’alla. Now, this is the stage of a Momin. From hereafter next stage is beginning of the "Sainthood". Now what is sainthood? When it is chanted every time Allah Allah ---Allah Allah penetrates in every vein --- then the souls inside you, they also start chanting Allah Allah and once these starts chanting Allah – Allah. Then, at this stage it is considered as sacred as a mosque, Ka’ba. Then these blossoming flowers (Gul-e-Ghulzar) are like a Paradise. For them, this becomes the Mosque. Then these blossoming flowers are like a Paradise for them. They start nourishing with the Noor/Light of this Allah – Allah. Those souls become powerful in this body, with the strength of noor/light of Allah – Allah. You might have seen yourself wandering in another city in a dream, that’s your inner creature, a satanic creature, which is self/nafs. That keeps on wandering in gatherings of Satan’s. Now, the remaining spiritual entities have got awakened with the strength of noor/Light of God. You imagined that what Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is doing? They (spiritual entities) come out from this chest and went into the feet of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. 


For this time Bullah Shah said “People (remember Allah) five times a day while a lover remembers all the time, people go to mosques lover goes to sit in the feet (of Master)”. Those people who remember Allah five times a day in prayers, climax of their approach is up to a mosque. And those who chant Allah Allah by heart they reach up to the court of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). When reached in the feet’s they obviously bestowed.


Prior to this stage was Shariat-e-Muhammadi (law of Muhammad PBUH). Now, you must have read somewhere that there is also Shariat-e-Ahmedi. You must have read in any book of Tasawuf (mysticism). In this world/Nasoot the name of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is Mohammed [PBUH]. Here the Shariat which is for worldly people is called Shariat-e-Muhammadi. There in Baitul Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of kaabah) Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is called as Ahmed. There is also a Shariat/law. There the souls also offer prayers; offers with group (Jamaat) (when muslims gather to make salah in which one is the Imam who leads and the rest are muqtadee who follow him) When your souls will be powerful then these will also get Shariat-e-Ahmedi. Then these offer prayers over there. Here is your Kaaba. Their kaaba is in Bait-ul-Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of kaabah) --- Bait-ul-Maumoor is original. This kaaba (in Mecca) is a copy/duplicate.


Allah showed bait-ul-Maumoor (the celestial Archetype of kaabah) to Prophet Abraham to build this type of Kaaba in the world. Here this mock body you are having; your real souls are there. These physical bodies will die, those will never die. And the souls of Shariat-e-Mohammedi never raise their head from Sajjda (The Prostration) until Allah replies …“Labaik Ya Abdi” "O my servant I am here". They raise their head after they get reply. And the law of Shariat-e-Ahmedi was existed even before that of Shariat-e-Mohammedi. Its evidence is this that when Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] went up in Shab-e-Mairaj 'the Night of Ascension', before setting out to journey to the Night of Ascension (Shab-e-Mira’j) The Prophet (PBUH) led a prayer to all the souls of Prophets and saints at Bait-al-Muqdas (al-Quds al-Sharif). Which prayer was that? That was the prayer which already existed. Then which was the prayer that was granted upon approaching heavens?


That prayer was given for these people, which was called Shariat-e-Muhammadi. Hereafter the next stage above this is Makam-e-Mehmood (Station of Mehmood). Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is called to be Mehmood there. When someone reaches Makam-e-Mehmood then his final destination has been achieved. Then the Man and Allah become unveiled to each other, comes in front of one another; there his destination ends. When Ghaus Pak (Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani) approached on this stage he said "whoever reached this stage and still practiced worship or intended it, is an ingratitude to God”. Ghaus Pak (Sheikh Abdul-Qadir Jilani) said that “if someone offers prayer at Makam-e-Mehmood in front of God he actually showed Ingratitude”. On this statement he was charged with Fatwas (verdict of scholars) of being infidel --- Fatwas of infidelity on this statement. People were saying that even Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is not pardoned to offer prayers; then how saints can be pardoned of prayers? This is what people say! What was the need for prayers to Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]? He [PBUH] was a prophet even before prayers. He [PBUH] says that I [PBUH] was a prophet at the time when even Prophet Adam [AS] was not created”. Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] offered prayer for the sake of Ummah (followers). If He [PBUH] did not offer prayers --- let suppose did not offer on Tuesday, the Ummah (followers) would have made it a Sunnah (habit or usual practice). He [PBUH] offered prayers even in acute sickness. Those were offered for the reason that if somehow tomorrow Followers might suffer from cold and flu, then they’ll say that we are also sick --- they will also miss the prayers. He [PBUH] went to perform Hajj -- [PBUH] did not need go to Kaaba. If the Kaaba can come to Rabia Basri, then couldn’t it come to Him [PBUH]? He [PBUH] was the Kaaba of Kaaba. If He [PBUH] did not go to Kaaba --- those people who say that we’re like Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] then how they would have gone to Kaaba? They would have justified that Prophet [PBUH] himself didn’t go to Kaaba and asked us to go. When someone reaches to that stage… with apparent body Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] approached there and these which are the creatures of inside --- from these the saints approach there. When one once reaches there, then both (Allah and saints) see each other with love & affection with a sense that he has travelled so far off --- came after great struggle --- came after putting his life in immense threat. Then Allah looks at him with great love --- Then Allah says: “I see you and you see me.” They look at each other with love & affection. Allah’s image makes its way to his (Saint) eyes, from eyes it travels to his heart, when it (image of Allah) approaches in his heart then Allah instructs him to go back to the people now on “whoever will see you, will see me”. This is one who is called Perfect Spiritual guide (Kamil Murshid). For whom Sakhi Sultan Bahu said O Bahoo seeing the master is equivalent to millions and billions of Hajj and for such Perfect Mentors there is a Hadith of Hazrat Abu Zar Ghafari [RA] that “In the Day of Judgment they’ll also be shining. People will inquire each other that which one is this prophet? A voice will come not prophet he was a saint”. They’ll recognize. One will say oh God I made him perform ablution --- Allah will pardon him. The other will say I made him get meal --- Allah will pardon him. The third will say that I made him wear clothes --- Allah will pardon him also and some people say we were belong to Him. Then God will say go with him, where ever he goes”.


Now what is this Bait (Oath of allegiance)? Bait (Oath of allegiance) is only from saint. Now, it is tradition in our times. People use to bait (take Oath of allegiance) for material world. Sakhi Sultan Bahu says that if someone takes bait (Oath of allegiance) for material world or someone make disciple for same purpose, both are forbidden (Haraam). Bait is only for Allah and from the saint of Allah (wali Allah). It’s a tradition here that if someone’s grandfather was a saint --- his offspring is not a saint, that tradition is continued yet. Centuries have passed, that tradition is being continued. Those people, who are being Bait (taking Oath of allegiance) are also empty and those who are doing Bait, are also empty. Both are empty! Only saint is eligible to Biat from. If he is not a saint and still asking people to Bait from him! How this process got spoiled? Those Ghaddi Nasheen and Sajjada Nasheen (the holy successor) started making people Bait from them, he didn’t know about the reality nor does the man know who is being Bait. Then our scholars saw that these Ghaddi nasheens are empty from inside; they even don’t have knowledge, if they can make people Bait from them, then why can’t we? We’ve knowledge also. They started making people Bait from them. Then our Muftis saw that these scholars are our student, if they can make people Bait from them, then why can’t we? Then they started making people Bait from them. Then those who use to write Taweez they saw that people are getting benevolence (faiz) through us, if these people can make people Bait from them, then why can’t we? Then they also started making people Bait from them. This way the whole process is been ruined.       


There are 99 names of Allah everyone knows, among them 98 are attributes (Sifaati) and one is Personal name (Zaati). All 124, 000 prophets possessing ‘Attributed’ names collectively were not able to approach the status of one having Ism-e-Zaat (Personal name Allah). If this Personal name was given, it was given only to Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. And due to bounty of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH], this was given to this Ummah. All the rest of the Prophets used to chant only attributed names (of Allah). Prophet Moses [AS] chanted Ya’ Rehman (O’ Compassionate), Prophet Jesus [AS] --- Ya’ Qudoos (O’ Pure), Prophet Solomon [AS] --- Ya’Wahhab (O’ Giver), Prophet David [AS] Ya’ Wadood (O’ Friend, O’ Love), and the remaining prophets kept on reciting the Kalima (the Moto) of (Mursal) Messenger of their time.


One day, Prophet Moses [AS] said, "Allah! Let me have a vision of you". He [Moses] was replied, "You can't bear it". Moses asked “Would there be anyone who can bear it”. Answer came, “Only my Beloved and His (Ummat) followers”. Prophet Moses [AS] came in Jalal (tempestuous) “I'm a prophet and not even equal to the Ummah (followers). Let me have a vision of You. It will be seen”. Allah revealed His vision and Prophet Moses [AS] went into unconsciousness. Now what is the reason that Prophet Moses went into unconscious on Koh-e-Toor (Mount Sinai) in this world and Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is went in Front and smiled? The body of Prophet Moses [AS] had the Light of attributed Name 'Ya'Rehman' (O’ compassionate). He [Moses] couldn't bear the Personage (Zaat). The Noble Body of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] contained the Light of Personal name. The Noble Personage smiled before The Personage (zaat) and through Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] this Ummah received that Personal name and then it got Superiority (Fazilat). Those Prophets used to tantalize for His vision and these Friends of Allah (Wali) say that they use to have vision (Deedar). Now, some people say that this vision (Deedar) would have been happening in dream. It happens in dream. Those who have the vision through Latifa Anna (Spiritual entity Anna) they really see in dreams. There are some such saints to whom Allah bestows Jussa Tufaq-e-elahi, they have the vision in the state of Maraqba (transcendental meditation or Vigilance) and Kashaf (in a state of inner vision). And there are some such saints to whom Allah bestows with spiritual entity ‘Tifl-e-Noori’; they have the vision in consciousness.


Sakhi Sultan Bahu says that he is among such people. He says that “whenever we wish, we can see Allah”. He says that “when we speak, the creation thinks that “he is going to talk with us”. The angels say that “he is going to talk with us” and Allah says “he is going to talk to Me”. One day Prophet Jesus [AS] couldn't help speak that “‘O' Allah I have great passion to see you”. Allah said, "Had not you seen the state of Moses [AS]". He [Jesus] had seen His [Moses] state --- so got anxious and asked. “Then, how to have your vision”? Allah replied, "You'll have to become the Follower (Umti) of my Beloved Prophet [PBUH]". Now, Mahdi (AS) will come. Jesus [AS] will take oath of allegiance from Him. Then He [AS] will get the Noor/Light of the Personal name; and then, He [AS] will have the vision of Allah.


The thing for which the prophets of Bani Israel were longing for, you have got that thing, from which you are scared of. Now there are so many religions! Do you know, what is the religion of Allah? No one knows isn’t it; He is with which religion? There is some different religion in The Old Testament (Jewish Holy Scripture). The followers of Psalms of David (Zabur) have another religion. The followers of the Bible practice another religion, and the religion of Quran is something different. What is His (Allah) Own religion? This is the only point. Isn't it? This is the only point.


The king Akbar had heard this from some book that the religion of God (din-e-elahi) would come. He couldn't understand the religion of God. He made 'That' the Akbri religion. Now, what is the religion of Allah? Every religion accepts the religion of God. May they be Muslim May they be infidel, May they be alive May they be deceased, the religion of Allah is Ishq (passionate love). The religion of Allah is Ishq (passionate love) and if anyone once enters in His religion; then (does not matter) even if he is either an infidel too, then Allama Iqbal says, "If there is Ishq (Passionate love), then the infidelity is also Islam". Now, how that Ishq (passionate Love) comes? People say that until one does not have Love, Ishq (a state beyond love) the faith is not perfect. They give prescription of medicine but do not give medicine! Now how that Ishq (passionate Love) comes? When Allah-Allah begins in heart all the time; the heart beats start calling Allah-Allah. 'Whatever' thing when once makes its way in the heart, love for that will happen. When Allah entered in the heart, then Allah is being loved. Love is not done, it happens itself. Those who utter that “we are in love” they are deceitful. The love is not related with the tongue; instead love is linked with the heart. When Love of Allah springs up in someone’s heart then Allah doesn't take anybody's obligation. Spend one rupee for Him and He returns ten. Do one noble act, and He gives the reward of ten virtues. Make a little love; and He does ten times in return and to whom Allah loves, He [Allah] sees (that person) one day. He doesn't take bird's eye view rather 'Sees' with greatest affection and the day when Allah sees him with affection, then love goes away and is replaced by Ishq (Passionate love). Then I'm your’s and you are mine. Now, how this Allah-Allah comes within? The benefit is when 'This' (Allah-Allah) enters within. How 'This' enters within? There are some ways to do it. Whoever is fond of Allah, fond of bringing Allah within. Allah says, "Seeker come! Seeker come! Come swiftly! Come swiftly!


But you should have the method for 'This' (in order to bring Allah within) then. For this, one needs to write “الله” on a paper 66 times daily. It is very good time, after the Fajar prayer (dawn time), but if you can't benefit/avail that time then write Allah “الله” any time, in a day. Write many times but whenever you write, write 66 times each time; this way it will become an activity (amal). You'll write few days and there come such a time that whatever you were writing on paper, that will be start hovering in your eyes. Once it starts moving in the eyes; then, stop writing. Through eyes then try with concentration to make an imprint of it in the heart and the time will come that whatever you were writing on paper that will be seen written on the heart. A person with police tag is a policeman and one with Allah written (on heart) will be man of Allah. That time your heart beats will get fasten --- tik, tik, tik, tik. Now try to synchronize 'Allah- Hu' with it. With one (beat) synchronize Allah and with another 'Hu'. It (word Allah) will be written in black (color). Now, with the continuous chanting of 'Allah-Hu', it will start becoming whitish. A day will arrive, when it will start glittering like sun in the chest.  Once it glitters like sun. Now you become fearless and worriless. Now even go to the grave, go with splendor. Munkir-Nakir (name of angles who comes in grave) will come. First of all they will ask “tell us who your God is”? Don't get scared from them, keep quiet. Tease them. They'll ask again “tell us who your God is”? Silent! They'll ask again “are you dumb tell who your God is”? Remove the shroud/coffin. Show them Allah “الله” is written. They'll not have courage to ask any other questions from you. “O' the man of Allah! Sleep peacefully. This (matter) is between you and your God. We're feeling shame, what questions we should ask you?” When you go to sleep at night, imagine 'this' (right hand index) finger as a pencil, with imagination while writing Allah on your heart, go to sleep. The slumber should befall upon you while doing this. In this world, in midnight, special angels come, from Kiraman' Kaatibin they ask about every person; “tell what was his last deed when he was about to sleep. It is not known if he'll remain alive till morning or not”. They answer “he slept after offering his prayer of Esha”. They pray for him that may Allah keep him happy. And this one?  He slept after reciting Ayet-ul-kursi --- “retain the dignity of this Ayet-ul-kursi and protect him”. That he slept after reciting Darood; “May Allah also keep him happy”. And this one? While chanted Allah hoo slept in that ecstasy. Then angels says, "Be quiet, speak lightly; perhaps he slept in His remembrance” and it is possible that Allah will count your whole night in His worship, because whatever the intention we have at the time of sleeping; happens exactly the same in dreams. Slept while chanting 'Allah-Hu', and continued this Allah-Hu in dreams. When you get up in the morning, don't worry whether one has the ablution or not. The ablution of heart is not performed with water. Keep on doing secret commemoration (Zikr-e-khafi). Secret commemoration is not any destination. When Allah-Allah synchronized with heart beats, it is a meditation of heart (Zikr-e-Qalbi). The day when your heart beats call out Allah-Allah, today is your first step in Tareeqat (mysticism). Your journey has begun today. When the heart beats called Allah-Allah, this is a Tareeqat (mysticism). While keep on chanting Allah-Allah when one is reached to Allah, Then this is called Haqeeqat (Reality). The connection of Haqeeqat is with the eyes/vision. Our religious scholars say; they Aalim-Rabbani (Godly scholars) do not say. They are silent. Aalim-Sue (worldly scholars) say: everything is in the Shariat. They consider everything to be in the Shariat; Now the Tareeqat to be in Shariat and the Haqeeqat also. The 'Vision' of Allah is also to be in the Shariat. We went to Norway, there is signboard bearing that “there is 'no world' beyond this point”. If someone who is adventurer (explorer) of the world will stop by approaching there. When you said that everything is Shariat; now, the one who is seeker of Allah will be trapped in the Shariat. Why not said? That there is a Tareeqat beyond this --- there is Haqeeqat too, beyond this --- there is also Maarfat --- and the ‘Vision’ is also there. Sakhi Sultan Bahu wrote in his book Noor-ul-Huda that “these religious scholars are robbers in the way of Allah”. We thought that what he has written this. They (scholars) lead us offer prayers, they also taught us the Holy Quran, Sultan Sahib says that they are robbers. They are caught with one thing only when they said that everything in contained in the Shariat. They are caught because of this. Now one who was seeker of Allah, he said that I have completed the Shariat but I did not find Allah. They (worldly scholars) said that you should step into the politics; Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] also did politics. They (worldly scholars) brought him into politics. Started saying that woman can't reign in the morning and in the evening said that yes, she can reign. When people asked, "Molvi Sahib (Mr. Scholar) what have you said this?" They (worldly scholars) said that this is what politics is all about. This is the politics ---  Now they accompanied him (worldly scholar) in the politics till five, six years but achieved nothing --- Molvi Sahib “we didn't find Allah, what shall we do now?”. Replied; Do Jihad now. Asked; how to do that? Replied; “they custodian of that mosque do not say ‘Ya Rasool'Allah’", you kill them --- they will kill you --- this is the Jihad. And this way they made Muslims to fight with one another; isn't it? Now if the seat is got, it has got by the Molvi Sahib. Those who have been in close affinity with him --- what happened with them? If they would have spent these five, six years chanting Allah-Allah --- though had not done matriculation but if could have learnt some alif, bay (the first & second letter of the Arabic/Urdu alphabet) Allah Allah. They must have got the reward of Allah-Allah.


Now some people, whose heart beats are prominent, will be able to synchronize Allah with them. What shall those do, whose beats are faint (quiet)? There are some methods for them which seem silly apparently but they are the best one.


People used to go to Ameer Kalal --- for Spiritual Grace (faiz). He used ask to them “to play kabaddi”. People say “that we have come for Spiritual Grace”. They (Ameer Kalal) used to say that “our method of granting grace is in kabaddi”. Ameer Kalal made them run a lot. When the beats of the heart got pumped enough, said; “now leave the kabaddi, now synchronize Allah-Allah with these heartbeats.


People used to go to Laal Shahbaz Qalander. He used to say “let's dance”. They (people) said, “We have come for Spiritual Grace”. He (Laal Shahbaz Qalander) replied “our method of granting grace is in dancing” That dance is famous even today which is called Dhamal. Those people used to dance! Dance a lot. We’ve seen our self. That time they used to dance with 'Allah-Hu'. Now, they dance with 'Dama'dam Mast Qalander'. There we saw that some people were dancing with 'Dama'dam Mast Qalander', two people among them felt unconscious while dancing. I went ahead to let him drink water, and others got engaged to let other person drink water. While I was helping him to drink water --- his mouth was sealed --- the teeth were tightened --- a voice was coming from within:  'Dama'dam Mast Qalander', 'Dama'dam Mast Qalander' --- I thought that now the voice of 'Dama'dam Mast Qalander' was coming from the hearts. That time (when they used to dance with Lal Shahbaz Qalander) as they used to dance with Allah-Hu, that time the voice of Allah-Hu would had come from their hearts.


Now, there is a one more easy way. In this, one has to play neither Kababbadi nor has to dance. This is a method by stroking of Allah-Hu up to one or one and half hour. When you'll chant of Allah-Hu by stroking, then the same position will develop which arises with kabaddi, the beats of the heart will get obvious, synchronize Allah-Hu with those heartbeats. When this synchronization will take place, you will also feel hot. If you feel hot, then recite Drood Sharif which make it cool, again start chanting of Allah-Hu, if again feel hot then again recite Drood sharif again, this will make it cool.


Now for this permission is also needed, Permission is necessary for any act besides obligation (friaz). For that permission is necessary. What is this permission? You offer the Tahajjad (midnight prayer) here. You're actually doing a good deed but the Satan laughs standing at the corner side --- “o' keep on tiring, your heart is actually in my hands whenever I wish, I'll turn it” and you will complain one day that “I was much used to offer Tahajjad (midnight) prayers, don't know what has happened to me now even couldn't offer the obligatory prayers (Farz)”. The Satan has turned the heart. Whenever someone tries to nestle Allah in his heart; the Satan has a Hindu army of (Jinns) Genie/evil spirits, commands them “go and ruin him, destroy him, do whatever you can; this Allah should not enter within him, otherwise he will slip away from our hands for the whole life”.


There are some people who chant Allah-Allah; Word “Allah” gets embossed on their hearts. The Holy Quran says that “there are some people on whose hearts Faith (eman) has been written”. (infact) The same Allah is embossed; that becomes the Faith. There are some people who chant Allah-Allah every time; upon their hearts Madina Sharif settles, because He [PBUH] is neither Allah nor even separate from Allah. When that Holy Madina once settles, then wherever he is, is actually in Madina. And there are some people who always chant Allah-Allah; Khana Kaaba appears on their hearts. Once, Majjadad Sahib saw that hidden creatures, Genie (jins) and angels are bowing in adoration to him --- got very much worried --- “this adoration is not allowed for human being, why they are bowing in adoration? Has any satanic wile/illusion happened? A voice came "don't be frightened, they are not bowing in adoration for you, they are bowing to Khana Kaaba that has been settled inside you”. When Khana kaaba appeared on the heart of Rabia Basri, that Kaaba (which is in Mecca) was ordered to go and circumambulate (tawaf) to 'This' (Kaaba which was in the heart of Rabia Basri) “you were made with mud & clay by Abraham [AS] and I (Allah) made it with my own Light (noor)”. Now some people say that the kaaba would be the Artificial/ Copy (misali). Copy means that “It had been made like that”. If that Kaaba was Artificial, then Throne of Balqis would have been also artificial. If the Throne of Balqis was real, then the Kaaba that came was also real.

At midnight, Hazrat Ibrahim Bin Adham went to see Kaaba --- there was no Kaaba --- people were sleeping --- there was no Kaaba --- "Thought --- perhaps Allah has lifted it up --- the time of the Day of Judgment is about to come". There came a voice; “don't you worry; it has gone to make the circumambulate (tawaf) of an old lady. Go towards the north” when he goes to the north, sees that Rabia Basri is sitting and the kaaba is making the circuit. Allah! Now the Kaaba has been settled but the destination of His majesty 'Man' is still beyond this.


When the Kaaba settled she become the half Qalander, still not became the complete saint, didn't become the complete Qalander. The one who talks to Allah is a half saint. The station of Habal-ul-Wareed (nearer to your jugular vein) is beyond this. For that Allah says that “I am nearer to his jugular vein”. The One upon whose heart the image of Allah appears that is a habalul-Wareed. For whom Allah says that “I become his tongue with which he speaks. I become his hands with which he holds. Whoever has fed him, actually fed Me, Whoever arranged clothes for him to wear, actually arranged to wear for Me”. The Satan knows that His majesty Man can reach any one of these stages if Allah enters in his heart. That is why he orders evil spirits to “go and ruin him and do whatever you can, this Allah should not enter in him”. You don't have even one (Jin) Genie to retaliate them. They will come and tease you, if you don’t give up they even can go by making you mad. That is why people say that one gets mad with Allah-Hu but from where one gets permission; Allah gives them one Compassionate Army (Rehmani Fauj). As soon as that Satan's army attacks you; this Compassionate Army attacks on them. That Compassionate Army will accompany you until Allah - 'The Compassionate' is not got up inside you. Then, one doesn't remain only Man; becomes the Man giver (banda nawaz). Doesn’t remain poor, becomes the Poor giver (ghreeb nawaz). Then, he doesn't remain poor; he becomes the poor giver.  Now, we have neither come to make you our disciple (bait karna) nor to receive any gifts/oblations.


We went to Europe. There some religious scholars (clerics) surrounded us and said; you've come here for religious convincing (tableegh). Are not we enough to do preaching (Tableegh)? Do you need money from them? We said, “NO”. Came here for doing politics? Said “NO”. Came here for doing bait (Oath of Allegiance)? Said “NO”. Then why you came here are you mentally ill? Said “No”. Then why you have come here tell us any purpose? We said that “it is the order of Allah and His Prophet”. They said; then show us the order of Allah and His Prophet. We said; we are ready to show. For this one needs to practice five-seven days. I give you permission for meditation (Zikr); if Allah-Allah starts within you. Then, indeed it was the order of Allah and His Prophet [PBUH].


We don't bother whether you have any spiritual guide (Murshid) or not; we don't bother this. Our purpose is that Allah-Allah should start inside you, whether you're a disciple of any one or not. Those who have a spiritual guide or not, it is important for them to have the touchstone to judge the spiritual guide. Everyone thinks of his spiritual guide a Ghaus or Qutab, whereas in this world there is only one Ghaus and three Qutabs. Wherever you go, don't know how many claimants Ghaus or how many Qutab are there and how many Abdaal are present there!


Now don't know whose spiritual guide is perfect? Any ‘one’ of them would have a perfect one. Now what recognition he has? If his spiritual guide is perfect…really perfect, then he is may be of any nature; his spiritual guide will himself will purify him, but if he perfect, only then. Now he should have a belief and he should have the sense of recognizing either spiritual guide is perfect or not.


If you're looking for a diamond; first of all you will have to become an appraiser of precious stones. Then you should go in the search of diamond. When this Allah-Allah will start inside you, beats of the heart will call Allah-Allah. Then if Data Sahib is near to you, you go there. There is also Allah; here is also Allah (within you). Then that highest state of feelings (riqqat) will be produced when they Allah Allah will collide with each other, Allah Allah will become faster. It is in Hadith Sharif (Prophetic tradition) that “the recognition of a saint is, in whose gathering (Mehfil) Allah-Allah starts”. Now, Allah-Allah was already present; going there to Data Sahib it will become more faster. You got a proof that he is a Saint (Wali Allah). Then further go to Baba Fareed. There is also Allah; here is also Allah. The state of highest feelings will produce, this will become faster. You got the proof. Then go to your spiritual guide. If by going near him (spiritual guide), the state you felt at Data Sahib and the state you have gone through at Baba Fareed, if the same state of highest feelings produced again; then, your spiritual guide is perfect one. Now the belief has become rock-solid. Now, never leave him. Now even you if are losing your life let it go, life has to go anyways. Now, never leave him.


Now, if go there time and again. Time and again going to him! Nothing happens it means he is also nothing and (for no reason) ruining your life. He is spoiling your 'inner' through which you had to find Allah. He is destroying that thing through which you had to find Allah. For that Sakhi Sultan Bahu Said, "Then, you pack him in a sack silently, stitch it well strongly, and throw him in a river, so that he dies toppling.” Because then he is a murderer of those creatures. There are sixteen creatures in a man. If he had 1000 disciples, it become 16000, He is a murderer of sixteen thousands creatures. Then, this should be the treatment of the murderer.


At present time every man is in search of the straight path. All sects are in search of the straight path. If they would have found God in being Sunni, then why they should became Wahabi? And if Allah would be there in Wahabiat (Wahhabism), then why would they become Shiite?  Why would they convert? All are looking for a straight path. No one has inner satisfaction.


These are oral beliefs, from the inside, none is satisfied. The straight path… in two minutes it would be known that what is a straight path! Every sect will accept it. The people of all the sects who are sitting here; even though if people of other religions sitting here, they too will say that 'He telling the fact'.


There are some such people who are outwardly also spoiled, inwardly also spoiled. Even though they say that “we're the lover of the Prophet [PBUH]”. They neither offer prayers nor keep fast apparently; not their hearts chant Allah-Allah. They are not on the straight path; no matter whichever the sect they belong to.


There are some such people who are outwardly pious but inwardly spoiled. They are our worshippers (Abid) and pious (zahid) people; many of scholars also. If that would have been the straight path, then, why would 72 sects exist? These scholars and worshippers made all the sects; isn't it? This is also not the straight path.


Third type is of people those people who are outwardly spoiled and inwardly chanting Allah-Allah.  Apparently neither offer prayers nor keep fast but their hearts are doing Allah Allah. They are our Majzoob (the one absorbed in Divine Meditation). That is justified for them; they got mad in the path of Allah and there is no law for the Mads. But the one who imitate becomes the heretics. If one get heretic by imitate those that is also not a straight path.


Then, what is the straight path? Outwardly should be correct and inwardly should also be correct. There should be some prayers and fasting apparently and the Inner self also do some Allah-Allah. This is the straight path. From anywhere it may be achieved.


Every person says that “Allah is kind upon me”. Upon asking everyone: how are you? He/she reply “Allah’s blessings are upon me”. Why? “I have car, a big house if this is not blessing then what is this”?  And upon from asking second person that how are you? He/she reply “Allah’s blessings are upon me”. Why? “I once belonged from a poor family and now became such a big officer”. If this is not a blessing, then what is this? Upon asking third person, how are you? He/she reply 'I have a lot of blessings” Why? “Despite being in old age, I am still healthy if this is not blessing then what is this”?


This is what people say, isn't it? We say that if you consider this a blessing, then the infidels have all these things. Whatever is given to infidels; the same is given to you, then what is the blessing upon you? If you really want to see His blessing, indulge yourself in His Zikar. If within two, four, five or six days, Allah Allah starts within you then you are bestowed with His blessing. "Fazko'Runi Az'koro'kum --- Remember Me and I will remember you". If even in spite of trying, Allah-Allah does not start; then there is no blessing of Him upon you. If there were blessings upon you, then He would have included you among those who remember Him.


After once Allah-Allah started; then He bestows car, big house or good health then these are blessings. Now there is no Bait and/or gifts and oblations for this. What methods is told to you; act upon this --- get permission --- if Allah-Allah starts --- do pray for me --- if it does not start then what have you lost? As you are, the same you will be. You'll at least get the reward of Allah-Allah which you will chant five, seven days.


One Caucasian/foreigner asked a question in Gujranwala. He said that “I'll become a Muslim, with one condition only I'll quit alcohol too, I will also offer prayers, and even I'll offer the Tahajjad (midnight) prayer. I'll do whatever you'll ask me to do. But your scholars say that “there is no guarantee even then that you'll go into either Hell or paradise”. He started saying that “if there is no guarantee in any religion then that is weak. Then how I should enter to this religion?” And really, all of you who are sitting here; no one gives the guarantee. But the religion Islam is a guarantee indeed. Not in years, not in months, in days it will be known that 'who you are?' If Allah-Allah gets started inside you. That, Allah-Allah will start neither with your deeds nor with your struggle. It will start by the grace of Allah. When Allah-Allah will begin within you; then, it is a guarantee indeed. When pilgrim (haj) is accepted by Allah; his sins are forgiven. But when someone’s heart starts with Allah-Allah then his all the previous sins are being forgiven. This does not happen with practice or struggle but with the will of Allah. For that take the permission of zikr (heart Meditation) and try your luck.


Make an announcement those who wish to take this Zikr (heart Meditation); come ahead.   





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