Predictions of the world’s Holy personality His Holiness Syedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi,  regarding the advent of the Imam of end times Hazrat Imam Mahdi [AS], completion of sacred  Pakistan, third world war and the complete destruction of the world (judgment).

World renowned spiritual personality His Holiness Syedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi Sarkar made certain important predictions  on the first of May, 1998 in his ancestral village Dhok Gohar Shah (Bardyana) Gujar Khan district Rawalpindi Pakistan, in a conversation with famous astrologer Ghazi Manajam (President of Astrologers’ Society in Pakistan). This special conversation was arranged by the member of Central Committee and present universal central admiral of Anjman-e- Sarfaroshan-e-Islam Molana Muhmmad Saeed Qadri and other friends. We are presenting a selected part of this conversation to the readers.

After the greetings and introduction His Holiness Syedna Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi Sarkar asked Ghazi Manajam:

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: Have you written some books also?

Ghazi Manajam: Yes, I wrote about 20 -25 books.

Ghazi Manajam: Which book of mine have you read sir?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: The book in which it is written about Imam Mahdi[AS] that he is present in the area of Northern Punjab.

Ghazi Manjam: In “The Century of Mahdi [AS] Messiah” is written about Punjab not about its direction. You may have read some other book as well.

Sarkar Gohar Shahi:  You should indicate categorically so that we may also search for Imam Mehdi.

Ghazi Manjam: Sir, this is government’s job. They have the resources and intelligences as well. We will have to search for Imam Mahdi [AS] as He will not appear as it is neither will say from His mouth that “I am Imam Mahdi”.

Sarkar Gohar Shahi:  The one who is a Mahdi [AS], after all He is the Mahdi [AS] whether he speaks or not. He is the true (Mahdi), the one who is appointed by Allah as Mahdi [AS]. People will hanker after Him and recognize Him.

Ghazi Manajam:  Pakistan is incomplete since it came into being; when will it reach its completion?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: It will be completed, once He arrives for whom it is made.

Ghazi Manjam: Sir, You mean Imam Mahdi [AS]! When will he come?

Sarkar: He has arrived.

Ghazi Manjam: If he has come then it should have reached the completion.

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: When it will come into his hands, it will reach the completion. The internal (spiritual) affairs are in his hands, when the apparent affairs will come into his hands, Pakistan will achieve completion.

Ghazi Manjam:  How long will it take when the apparent affairs will come into his hands?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: In a time of two to four years.

Ghazi Manajam: What do you say about Doomsday? When will it be? According to the news papers it will come in 97, 98, 99 or 2000 AD.

Sarkar Gohar Shahi:  Some effects of heat will appear; the floods will come, secondly a planet is coming downwards which will fall upon this earth in a time of 25 -26 years as it fell upon Mars and the destruction took place. In the same way, it will fall upon the earth.

Ghazi Manajam: According to the bible the judgment will arrive till 2000 AD but it’s a spiritual matter and Sir you know it better.

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: We have also heard that Imam Mahdi [AS] will come and reign for some time, someone has written 10 years, someone has written 10 - 40 years. A Few say that he will rule over the world and some say that he will rule over the hearts.

Ghazi Manajam: I think that Pakistan came into being just for the Imam Mahdi [AS] that’s why Pakistan will reign over the whole world.

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: We also feel the same.

Ghazi Manajam: Is third world war expected? I don’t think so.

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: It will be. It’ll for be for sure. Third world war will start from Iraq.

Ghazi Manajam: After the appearance of Imam Allah’s rule will prevail, how will that take place?

 Sarkar Gohar Shahi: In fact Allah will manifest in Imam Mehdi [AS].

Ghazi Manajam:  You said that Imam is present in this world at this time, when was he born?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: Imam Mahdi [AS] was born at the same time when your Pakistan came into being and due to his blessings, the infidels left from here and Pakistan came into being.

Ghazi Manajam: Well sir, Hindus are waiting for Kalki Avatar, Muslims and Christians are waiting for Jesus Christ the son of Mary, Jews say that David will come, what do you say about that?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi:  Whoever comes, will be for everyone. Every body will obey him. He will be from Muslims.

Ghazi Manajam: Is Jesus Christ, Kalki Avatar and Mehdi [AS] one and the same person at time?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: No, Christ will be different whereas Mehdi [AS] will be accepted as Kalki Avatar. Both of them will be of the same era.

Ghazi Manajam:  You mean that both of them will be different persons?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: Yes, both of them have come and I myself have seen them. I have seen Jesus Christ [AS] and Mehdi [AS] and Anti Christ (Dajjal) as well. By God three of them are present i.e Jesus Christ [AS], Mehdi [AS] and Anti Christ (Dajjal). Jesus Christ will descend in the same age as he ascended into heaven, which is the age of 33 to 34 years.

Ghazi Manajam: Well, the scientists are going to other stars, do you think that up above the planets there are some creatures?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: Of course the creatures were present on the seven planets and they have been annihilated from four planets and they are present upon three yet. One of them is your world and the other one is Mars and one of them is the sun. There is creature made from fire, present (on the Sun). We by our self have observed it.

Ghazi Manajam: After the prayers whom do we greet? And why do we send peace upon them?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: After the prayer Karamane Katbeen (the angels who write good and bad deeds) are greeted.

Ghazi Manajam: Human and animals do suffer but the angels do not.

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: As you pay visit to the tombs and recite requiem and pray for their good will even though they never need it. In the same way angels are also greeted and peace is sent upon them.

Ghazi Manajam: Sir when will the Islamic system will be implemented?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi:  It is better not to implement yet, let the scholars (Ulema) be united first.

Ghazi Manajam: Pakistan came into being on the name of Islam so why has it not been applied so far?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: Pakistan came into being for Imam Mehdi [AS] and it still exists due to his spiritual power. Once he [AS] manifests, the Islamic system will be applied as well. That will not be the system of clerics (molvies); their Islamic system would be ascetical.

Ghazi Manajam: Can we know how long will it take for that ascetical system to be applied?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: Just very soon.

Ghazi Manajam: Sir will the flag of Pakistan be waving upon Delhi or not?

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: Allah knows better about it. Allah doesn’t need countries He needs Momins (those who attain the light of God inside). If Pakistan conquers all the countries but does not possess Momins then it’s useless.

Ghazi Manajam:  I don’t believe in sectarianism. It seems as the time has come now as only he will survive who is a Momin in the eyes of God, whether he is a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or Christian.

Sarkar Gohar Shahi: Purpose is not to survive; the purpose is to be a Momin.


Sir Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi is waiting for the arrival of Imam Mahdi [AS]. On the arrival of Imam Mahdi [AS] the world will be illuminated with the light of Islam. Infidelity and heathenism will be over and there will be peace and calm everywhere. Pharisee and arrogant people will be gone for ever more. The flag with light of La ilaha Ilallah Muhammad Rasool Allah will wave everywhere.


                               Professor Saeed Muhmmad Easa Naqwi (Ghazi Manajam).





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