Gujar Khan Program – Question Answer Session

With His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi

 Ayud Billahi Mina-shaitan Nal-Rajeem.

I seek refuge and protection in Allah from Satan, the accursed

Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

First of all, As-Salāmu `Alaykum (peace be upon) to all. These people (followers of His Holiness) had organized this gathering for speech. Now if I delivered the speech, I would have done it with my own will (I would have said what I want to say). So, I asked them to arrange questions & answers session, so that audiences may ask whatever they want to.

 Yes…repeat your question.

 Question: Allah says in the Holy Quran that “not even a single leaf can move without my permission”. So, Sarkar, "are sins committed by Man also by Allah’s consent"?

 Answer: Now, a leaf cannot move, without wind it does not move also. This (wind) is a cause. There are some sins which have been written by Allah in fate. While sins of Prophets are not written, they (Prophets) are innocent. Everyone except them has his/her sins written due to which he/she remains humble (submissive). Those sins which are written, they are Taqdir-e-azal (the Eternal or the one bound to happen) which must bound to happen. Yes, if your Murshid/Spiritual guide is Kamil (Perfect) then He will convert those sins into your dreams. Now the question arises that why He (Allah) should hold us accountable for sins which are written in our destiny? He has written and these are in Taqdir-e-azal (the Eternal or the one bound to happen). The sins which you will commit, written in Taqdir-e- Maollaq (Conditional or in Abeyance) are subject to accountability. Therefore, you will be held accountable for the sins you will commit. Now since Man is unaware as which sins have been written (by God) and which sins man will commit? That is why it is necessary to make effort to avoid committing sins. But what is bound to happen has to happen. Once Prophet Moses asked Allah about His most favorite kind of worship. Allah replied, “You wouldn’t be able to do that”. Musa asked why? Allah said, “Because when a man cries after committing a sin, I like it most. But you are free from sin, so how can you cry?”

Question: Sarkar, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) prayed to Allah “to increase my knowledge” (Rab-e-Zidni-Ilma). Sarkar, what was that knowledge for which Prophet Muhammad prayed?

Answer: One kind of knowledge is that, by which walis (saints) use to go or Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went. With apparent/physical body Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went and Walis use to prepare their souls to go. Now, they cross through Sidra-tul-Muntaha (stage which is climax of approach of Archangel Gabriel) and go even beyond this. They can also reach Muqam-e-Mehmood (Station of Mehmood). When they approach Muqam-e-Mehmood, Allah sits there, and He meets them there. Whatever is beyond that, nobody goes there. Everybody at this stage pray for the knowledge that is beyond this stage? For which nobody knows.

Question: Imam Mahdi will have a Seal of Mahdiat on His back with Kalma. It can be disrespectful if such an honorable personality is asked show that Seal. Then Sarkar, how that Seal would be shown or can be seen?

Answer: Who ever will declare himself to be Imam Mahdi, He has to show (seal). If he claims then why He is not showing!

Question: Sarkar, Imam Mahdi will have miracles (karamat) by which people from every religion will recognize him. On the other hand, Dajjal will also have powers e.g. resurrecting the dead. How a believer of miracles (karamat) can distinguish between miracles (karamat) of Mahdiat and trick of Dajjal?

Answer: No, differentiation is utterly not possible. Thief recognizes a thief, noor(divine light) recognizes noor. Two thieves sitting close to each other will recognize each other by eyes. Momins (a person having divine light in the heart) siting before each other will have attraction because of their hearts. People of Heart, those who will be having Noor in their hearts will recognize Imam Mahdi, while those who have Satan in their hearts will support Satan.  Or those people, these religions are created in this World; it was not there up on heavens, there was only Love. So, whoever loved Allah there in primordial times wherever they went i.e. in Hindus or infidel will follow Mahdi naturally. That is why those people, non-Muslims and Muslims also will support Imam Mahdi. But devilish powers will be against them. Just like Imam Mahdi will be given all powers of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), likewise Dajjal will have full powers of Satan.

Any other question…

Question: Sarkar …this is Stephen Masih from Daska, Sialkot. He has asked two questions. When and where will Prophet (Jesus) Isaa (AS) appear and how he will be recognized? Second question is that Isaa (AS) and Imam Mahdi will preach together…when this would happen?

Answer: First of all how would you recognize Isaa (AS) if he comes here? Even if Allah comes here you will negate His appearance here. Saying that “don’t know who came down”. Imam Mahdi will confirm Jesus Isaa (AS) “that He is Isaa (Jesus) and Jesus Issa (AS) where he is working he will tell to his followers that about Mahdi”.

Question: Sarkar …we came to know that Imam Mahdi is neither a prophet nor a wali…what exactly is His rank (stature)?

Answer: Yes…this is true. Prophethood has been finished, after Prophet Muhammad (SAW) there are no more prophets. And neither He (Mahdi) is in Walayia (Sainthood). If He (Imam Madhi) would have been Wali (Saint) then why would He be called “Alaihis-Salaam”, He is neither a prophet nor a wali. As Khizar (AS) is Naqeeb-e-awaliya”, similarly Mahdi (AS) wouldn’t be a prophet but it is said he will be a Peer/Spiritual guide of a prophet. Has there been any Peer/Spiritual guide of Prophets ever before? People say Isaa (AS) will take oath of allegiance (Bait) from Mahdi (AS). As prophets do not have Peer/Spiritual guide what you would call Him? Imam Mahdi will be Peer/Spiritual guide of prophet. He himself would be neither wali nor prophet. What will be his Status? You can assume His status yourself. Actually one day Allah thought how would He looked like. The moment He thought this a reflection appeared in front of Him. That reflection became a soul. That reflection became a soul. Now, your reflection is lifeless while reflection of Allah turned into a soul. Allah became lover of that Soul and that Soul became lover of Allah. Then Allah shook/waved seven more times and seven more souls came into being. First soul is closest to Allah which on his right side. Next is the soul of Fatima (RZA), then the souls of Hassan Basari (RHA), Ghaus Pak (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalani), Sultan Sahib (Hazrat Sultan bahu) and other souls. And soul of Mahdi (AS) is right beside Allah on His left side. He (Prophet Muhammad) is on the right while He (Mahdi AS) is on the left side. They are very close to each other.

Question: Sarkar …what is the quantity of inner/spiritual and apparent zikr (chanting)?

Answer: About their quantity. Prayers/Salats are obligatory for everyone. Only five are obligatory prayers, if anybody does not offer prayer, it is his/her own will. But beyond this there is a stage of Zakooriat (Chanting the name of Allah) and it has specific number. It is order for ordinary person, just like it is order for prayers; in the same way it is also instructed to do zikr. 5000 time daily zikr if you are punctual in five time prayers. If you are a Maulvi (cleric) do zikr 25000 times daily, only then you will be superior to the person doing 5000 times. If you want to become Qutab or Abdaal do zikr for 72000 times daily. If you wish to be passionate Lover of Allah do zikr for 125000 times a day. 125000 times is the quantity, only those people can achieve this stage of 125000 times whose heartbeats chant Allah’s name. These (heartbeats) can be up to 6000 times in one hour and can exceed more than 125000 times a day. At the time of the victory of Mecca, hearts of the Companions of the Prophet approached the stage of 125000 times. At that time the verse was revealed "We (Allah) have forgiven all your sins". This verse is for every age. Even today if anyone’s heart approaches at 125,000; swear of Allah, Allah will forgive his/her all previous and coming sins. This is called Zikr-e-Qalb…this continues while sleeping, it continues while walking, it continues while working. For this it has some techniques/methods…learn those techniques/methods and try it yourself.

Yes…next question.

Question: Sarkar … question is that a wali (saint) of Allah does not has any fear. Why do you have these guards?

Answer: First of all, Hazart Ali was, hand of Allah was upon him, wasn’t Allah’s hand upon him? Then why Allah gave sword to Hazrat Ali? Wasn’t Allah’s caring enough? After that there were four companions who always remained with Prophet Muhammad (SAW) with their naked swords. Just like pride for woman is in jewelry, similarly, pride of a man is in sword…otherwise they couldn’t save me. When time of death will come, will die. What they can do for me…change tyre of vehicle if punctured. Otherwise, this is their own passion, I don’t pay them; they themselves come behind me. And I also think that…ok…maybe Allah reward them for this. That is why they came close to me, came in my eyes.


Question: After Prophethood of Hazart Muhammad (SAW) all doors of Prophethood are closed. But when Hazart Imam Mahdi (AS) will arrive…would all doors of Wilaya (Sainthood) will be closed? Please explain.

Answer: Just like Hazart Muhammad (SAW) was the last prophet, similarly Imam Mahdi will be the last wali…after him wilaya (Sainthood) will be over. Then this world would have no right (to exist). If world is existing it is only because of these Sultans. The day Sultans cease to exist, this world would be no more.

Question: Will the Aulias (Saints) on duty keep on performing their duties at that time?

Answer: When this process will come to an end…everything will be finished. Then only Qayamat (doomsday) will come.

Question: When exactly Imam Mahdi and Jesus/Isaa (AS) will appear?

Answer: They have already appeared. People close to them started recognizing them. Whoever is getting closer to them start’s recognizing them, and their number is increasing.

Question: Who created the effigy of Adam? It is said some clay was left behind…what happened to that?

Answer: Allah did not make it with His own hands. He ordered to Angles they made the effigy of Adam. Thereafter the remaining clay become date (Date Palm) …that is why it is called aunty of Adam and that is why date is associated with Man.

Question: Is it possible to have vision of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) without purifying the Self? Is it also necessary to purify Nafs/self for vision of other prophets and walis (saints)?

Answer: This is the lesson for Man to purify his self first. Because as long as self is polluted, no pure thing can stay within. Now, if your self is polluted, no matter how many prayers you offer or read Quran, nothing will remain within. Quran does not ask to offer prayer/salat but to establish prayer/salat…and you… you only offer prayer. While offering prayer you become momin and the moment you finish it you revert to that same worldly tricks. This is not instructed. It is instructed to establish prayer/salat so that it may penetrate within you. So that when you offer prayer you are also Momin, while you are doing business also Momin, and while you remain sleeping then also Momin. To achieve this stage you need to purify your inner self first. Need to purify nafs/self. After that prayers and reciting Quran will go within you. With these effects souls within you will strengthened and ascend towards Allah. Whoever purifies the self, strengthen the souls is bound to have vision. And walis can bestow their vision without self/nafs purification upon anyone they wish to….and they do so for whom they want to purify the nafs.

Question: This means everybody’s self is purified?

Answer: (His Holiness remained silent with a smile)

Question: Once, Hazart Muhammad (SAW) handed over a cloak to Hazart Ali (RA). It is said that this cloak by passing different people will end up in hands of Imam Mahdi (AS)… Sarkar, did you receive that cloak?

Answer: I cannot say anything, whether it has approached to me or not…but it has reached to the one who is Imam Mahdi.

Yes…anybody else?

Question: My question is regarding Imam Mahdi (AS). The seal which Imam Mahdi will have on back… it will be visible or invisible? If visible…when would it appear and would we be able to see?

Answer: Anybody who wants will be able to see that. Here is the watch, everyone is looking at it. The one, hypocrite from the heart will say that I can’t see the seal.

Question: Sarkar  when the image of Imam Mahdi which is on Khana Ka’ba until when it will be revealed/visible?

Answer: These are useless things, look it yourself, once happen it will be known to all.

Question: Every now and then we read in newspapers that end of the world is near. You also said that destruction and calamity is close. So, if everything is close to finish, should we leave our worldly chores? Please explain; Sarkar, So many people have abandoned their business…if someone needs to build his house, he is not doing thinking that end is near.

Answer: No, this is wrong. Don’t we use oxygen for a dying person? Even if you know that he is about to die but we put him on oxygen. Therefore, keep doing what you are doing…will see when time of death will arrive.

Question: In Holy Quran Chapter No 12, it is mentioned about the destructions of many previous nations. Is there any specific purpose of Alif Laam Raa in Para/chapter 12?

Answer: Yes, there is a specific purpose and it will be disclosed when the time will come.

Question: Sarkar …Imam Mahdi will have milk running in His body? Is it true?

Answer: Some people say His body will have milk, some say meaning of milk is Noor. So, whenever anybody will claim (that he is Imam Mahdi) check for yourself by cutting with knife.

Question: It is said that a heavenly voices will announce in Khana Ka’ba that your Imam is present among you. Will this happen during this year on the occasion of Hajj pilgrimage?

Answer: Don’t know about this. But often voices are heard from heavens…often are heard on special nights. You would have heard that Jibrael (AS) give a call but not everyone hear this. Only people of heart can hear. Only those people will listen to this call and will tell to their followers.

Question: Sarkar …our companions says that there is image appeared in the Black Stone. Do you confirm it?

Answer: Definitely image has appeared but need to be recognized whose image is this! This is a very sensitive matter. Someone should properly verify it first, should recognize and give it to computer experts. If it matches with someone only then should say, it belongs to that person. It has been widely said, even it is being said among non-Muslims that there is an image in the Black Stone. All the images of the Black Stone which people have got, observe them by turning that image up-side-down. Only time will tell…(that who’s image it is).


Question: Sarkar …can a Zakir-e-Qalbi (Heart meditater) have a heart attack?

Answer: If person has family history of this disease, then there is no guarantee for him but if his zikr has started, he cannot have heart attack. It has reason because when he/she chant Allah Allah, this makes his/her heart to beat faster. Due to this blood circulation increases and chance of an attack finishes.

Question: Who has (Taboot-e-Sakina)"The Ark of the Covenant" now? Or where it is?

Answer: Nothing is known about it yet.

Question: Can a central office bearer participate in another candidate’s election campaign?

Answer: Not without approval of Anjuman.

Question: Adam (AS) descended in this world 14 times. Did Imam Mahdi (AS) also come 14 times already?

Answer: No, Adam (AS) didn’t descend (for fourteen times). They were other Adams prior to him who came. This is the last Adam. As far as Imam Mahdi or Hazart Muhammad (SAW) is concerned, Hazart Muhammad (SAW) said that “I was a prophet before coming into this world; I was prophet when not even Adam (AS) was created”. Firstly, souls were created then all other creatures. Souls of Imam Mahdi, Hazart Muhammad (SAW), Ghaus Pak (Abdul Qadir Jalani), Sultan Sahib are those who were there since the primordial time.

Question: Sarkar, Imam Mahdi (AS) will be in Pakistan, but many people having light in heart will be in other countries. How they will reach to Imam Mahdi (AS), will they be shown any special signals?

Answer: Many people are receiving signs, people are being shown. Ask something meaningful.

Question: Sarkar …you have said that the image of Imam Mahdi (AS) has been shown to all the Aulias (Saints). Why don’t they issue statements about this?

Answer: Till the time Imam Mahdi does not announce himself, how can they tell? First He (Imam Mahdi) will announce about himself that he is, then people will ask about him (from their guides) whether it is true or not, then they (walis) will confirm that yes, He is. Before this how can they (Walis) say?

Question: Sarkar …once you said that Imam Mahdi would ever claim that I am Imam Mahdi, People will recognize Him?

Answer: Actually fact is that, self-appointed Mahdi will make lot of nice about himself but ultimately he will be disgraced. But the real one from Allah, whether he hides himself in jungle or stays silent people will be attracted towards Him automatically and people will recognize Him. The Mahdi is the one who will be from Allah, so whether he proclaims or not, ultimately He is Imam Mahdi.

Question: Sarkar …why a diamond should pronounce that it is diamond…it would be recognized automatically?

Answer: He will be recognized automatically. Once He will be recognized, He will be separated from a lot, people will recognize Him. then ultimately one day, it has to be shown by highlighting it that “this is diamond”.

Question: Will other people also claim to be Mahdi in or before the time of the real Mahdi?

Answer: It is mentioned in Hadith (Prophetic tradition) that 14 people will proclaim to be Mahdi. And very pious people will accept that he maybe Imam Mahdi. But the real one will be only one. Then He will have benefit when people will accept those fourteen. Their followers will also come towards the real one.

Question: All other 14 will be false?

Answer: They will be false but some due to their Kashaf some due to their worship they would start considering themselves to be Mahdi.

Question: Sarkar …would they be murdered?

Answer: This is premature to say. Don’t know what Allah’s desire will be!

Yes…anybody else?

Question: People never accept earlier claimants of Mahdi…would they accept the real one?

Answer: People like you will run away….anyways…get up and offer Juma prayer/salat.



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