Where are Gog Magog (Yog Majooj)?

It is not known which Adam's community is confined in the mountains of China, and Dhul-Qarnain (the King with Two Horns) built stonewall to prevent them from entering his region. They have very long ears. They spread one beneath them, and cover themselves with the other. They are known as Gog Magog (Yog Majooj). Science discovered many regions, but many more are yet to be discovered.
Behind the Himalayas are 'snowy humans'. There are many humans in the jungles too, and no one knows their language except they do. They worship per tenet of their Adam. In their custom, they have a tribal system (for survival). Besides these Continents, there are many bigger planets such as the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Mars etc. Adams came there also. Their Day of Judgment already occurred by stopping the supply of oxygen somewhere, and by totally ruining the Land elsewhere.

                   Still there is human life on Mars and there is a fiery life form on the Sun

One party holds that when an Astronaut landed on the Moon, he wanted to research the planets above. He heard the voice of Adhan (the call to prayers), which influenced him to accept Islam. That was the world of Mars, where the inhabitants are from every religion. Our scientists could not reach Mars yet, whereas the Martians have visited the Earth many times and have taken our people back with them for experimentation. Their Science and inventions are superior to ours. Even if our satellites or scientists reach there, they cannot escape their seizure
































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