His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi explained about the status of

famous poet Allama Iqbal


Question: Many organizations call Allma Iqbal evil and consider him to be a drinker. Whereas, the members of your organization praise him as a Saint?

Answer; There was an incident. He (Iqbal) was student of fourth grade. His mother had already passed away. He had father and two brothers. His father used to make pancakes, one for each of two brothers. He used to make in the morning and keep as they would come in the afternoon and eat.
One day when Allma Iqbal came, a bitch too came along with him, following him. When he (Iqbal) looked, he realized that she must be having some necessity as she was following him. The bitch must be having the necessity of hunger. What else necessitate could be? While he started climbing up the stairs of his house, that bitch sat down and she started staring at him with wistfulness. He (Iqbal) went upstairs. He gave half of his pancake to the bitch and kept other half for himself, without letting his brother and father know, thinking that he would eat half, but she ate quickly. She kept staring at him again wistfully.
He (Iqbal) thought that she was too hungry, even hungrier than him.
He then fed her the remaining pancake, and remained hungry for the whole day.
He didn’t tell his father also as he (father) might beat him.
Remained hungry for the whole day, then at night father had a vision that "your son did such a work that we got very pleased. And we the people of Allah will make him a Saint".
This is a proper anecdote. This is an incident of childhood. Thereafter his youth was spent somehow.

After this there is another event. There was his (Iqbal’s) servant who used to serve him. He was quite aged. After his (Iqbal's) death, he told this incident. This incident is commonly known. He told that, one night he saw that he (Iqbal ) was sitting alone. But at the same time he saw an old man had come to him (Iqbal). He became shocked as he used to open the door. Where did he come from? Stared at him very deeply.
Now Allama Iqbal said that, “go and bring two glasses of lassi (yogurt drink)”.
I said "now it’s about one or half past one (A.M.), where will the lassi (yogurt drink) be found around this time? Shops are very far away, far away from the city".
He (Allama Iqbal) said, “No! You bring lassi”. Servant said "I took a jug and went out and started thinking from where will I get lassi? When I went ahead, a bulb was lightened. When I saw there was a shop of lassi (yogurt drink). Then I started to think that I often come across over here, there was no shop here. How come the shop appeared suddenly? There was also no costumer. I went to him, lassi was there, asked for lassi. I gave a five rupee note/bill.
He said “NO, take this back, we have our dealing / computability with Iqbal”
Servant said "I gave lassi (to Allama Iqbal). They were talking inside and I was waiting for that old holy man to come out so that I can kiss their feet. But neither I opened door, nor did I come to know when he came out and went away”.
Then that servant says " After many days while I was serving him (Iqbal). I was giving massage to his hands and feet. Then I asked that there is a disquisition, if you can solve that. Who was that old holy man that day? And who was that who had the lassi? Because thereafter and before that I have never seen that shop of lassi. Neither I have seen that afterwards, nor have I seen that before. Now I have that disquisition in my heart, so you tell me that”.

That time he (Iqbal) said:
“The old holy man who came, was Khawja Sahib (Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti) and, when he (Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti) asked for lassi, Datta Sahib (Abul Hassan Ali Hajvery also known as Data Ganj Bakhsh) opened a shop of lassi”. Saying that “Hospitality is my duty".

These anecdotes are very famous. As far as the question is concerned that do we consider him a saint? That is correct. He was not in the category of Gouse or Qutab. But he definitely was in the category of Nqba, Zanjba. Nqba and Zanjba use to hide themselves. He had hidden himself. Up till Abdal, they use to hide themselves but Gouse or Qutab reveal them self. Up till Abdal do not make anyone Mureed (disciple), Gouse make Mureed (disciples).












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