The advent of Imam Mehdi (A.S)

The advent of Imam Mehdi (A.S)  is very near. Jesus along with His followers will help Imam Mehdi (A.S) against Antichrist. Righteous people from different religions will also help Imam Mehdi (A.S).


Sayings of His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi

about Imam Mehdi (A.S)


It is mentioned in Hadis (Prophetic traditions) that Imam Mehdi's mother's name will be Amina and His father�s name would be Abdullah. There are two explanations for it. One answer is logical and the other is spiritual. It is also narrated in same Hadis (Prophetic tradition) that antichrist would come while riding on a donkey and would be blind from one eye. If he would really come riding on Donkey and blind from one eye, we can easily recognize that he is antichrist. We say that can't anybody give even a car to him as he will be having thousands of followers? If he has to go to Islamabad from here, imagine how much time it will take while riding a donkey! Whereas the fact is that this is an age of cars and airplanes. Then people say that once this age of science will end then that other stone-age will come, and then he (antichrist) will come riding donkey. We say that ok if this science age will end and there will not be any cars, but if there will be donkeys then for sure there will be horses as well present at that time (of stone-age), then why would he not prefer horse to ride as that will be superior ride. Then people argue that it is just a hint. Actually �Donkey� means that it will be Satan (devil). Antichrist will bear complete satanic forces and blind from one eye means that he will be lacking spiritual knowledge.

We say that if that is a hint, then the other thing (mentioned in Hadith) will also be a hint that Imam Mehdi's mother name will be Amina meaning pious lady and father's name Abdullah means "the one who worships Allah". These explanations are logical which most of the people talk about but we consider them useless.

Let me give you actual explanation as per spiritualism. Can't say of you will be able to understand! Terrestrial and Celestial Spirits are mentioned in The Holy Quran. Terrestrial souls in this world are present in stones, trees and in animals that have no relation to the judgment day. Celestial Spirits are related to the heavens; like angels, spirits and spiritual entities etc. So when Terrestrial and Celestial Spirits get together in this body then it becomes a human, otherwise (in the presence of either) it remains either angel or an animal only. After the human sperm entering the womb, the mineral spirit arrives to enable the blood together. Then, the fetus grows in the womb with the botanical spirit. Then, after Animal Spirit enters the womb the fetus begins to move in the womb. After birth, the human soul arrives along with the spiritual entities due to which the child starts to cry and shout. This is the reason that if a child dies in the womb a few moments before birth, there is no funeral for it, as it was still animal. Should a child die a few moments after the birth, then its funeral service is obligatory because it has become a human.

After a person�s death, the Celestial Spirit, which is particular to each body, returns to the Celestial Sphere, whereas the Terrestrial Spirits are reallocated from one body to another for a long time it continues to reallocate in other bodies. In families the effect of the nature is due to these souls where as the family disease is related to the blood.

Terrestrial Spirits of ordinary people continues to reallocate from one body to another. The souls of pious people keep entering in the bodies of pious people.

The Terrestrial Souls of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was held for Imam Mahdi. Just as whole of the Prophet Mohammed's body can be said the jewel of Amina's eyes (the Prophet's mother), similarly any separate part of the Prophet Mohammed's body hand etc it can also be said jewel of Amina's eyes (the Prophet's mother). Just as the soul of the Holy Prophet could be called the jewel of Amina likewise any other part of the soul could be said the jewel of Amina. Since that very second part of the soul would be in the body of Imam Mehdi that�s why His mother�s name would be Amina and His father�s name would be Abdullah.

Search for Imam Mehdi! If anyone worshiped his entire life but in the end, he opposed Imam Mehdi then he is hell-bound as Balyim Ba'ur whose prayer was also used to be heard but will go to the hell in the shape of the dog of Isahab-e-kahaf (Companions of cave). If someone lived like a dog in this world, but in the end helped Mehdi, then he will go to the Paradise. (Just as the dog Qitmir, who was elevated by association with the 'Companions of the Cave', and will go to the Paradise).

Many say that if Imam Mehdi is present in Pakistan then why He is afraid of jails? Why doesn�t He declare Himself? As Prophet Muhammad PBUH kept on giving azan (call to prayer) in home (not openly) until Hazrat Umer did not join Him. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) left Hazrat Ali asleep on His bed and migrated towards Medina as well. In the same way Imam Mahdi is also expediently quiet.

No matter either He declares or not, He stays in jail, He stays in city or lives as hermit, after all He is the very Imam Mehdi who is from God. According to one Hadith (Prophetic tradition) usually it is thought, that very time has not yet came because at that time the lamps will be lightened all across. It means that some hearts will be shining all over.

According to one more Hadith (Prophetic tradition) He will form a new religion or He will revive the religion. In both cases He will have to face the propagandas and criticisms of the scholars until He will be recognized by the scholars.

According to another Hadith he will give people a lot of wealth; that means the spiritual wealth. Means His (Imam Mehdi's) spiritual grace according to Saint Sultan Baho; �either Muslim or infidel, either living or dead would be for everybody�.

May be for this very age/time it�s in the Holy Quran that when you get worried regarding something then take guidance from the Ahle zikr. Who are the Ahle zikr? Gaus Paak says; that my disciple would be one who chant the name of Allah. I consider him a zakir whose heart says Allah Allah otherwise orally the parrot can also recite.

Q:A certified claim for being Imam Mehdi A.S is not come into public view as yet. Are the circumstances pointing to that direction so that Imam Mehdi bring Himself into public view and make a claim?

مُشک آن است کہ خود ببوید نہ کہ عطار بگوی
(fragrance is that which itself spreads, not described by its seller)


Public will recognize Imam Mehdi through the indications and miracles of Allah. Several artificial Mehdi have gone who were claiming (for being Mehdi). And the one who is appointed by Allah shall be announced Allah for being Mehdi. He shall be attested by the saints of time. Trees and stones, sun and moon & the earth and sky will bear testimony for Him. And everyone, no matter what religion does he belong to, will have love and respect for Him in ones� heart. Mere devil (Satan) and followers of dajjāl΄ (great deceiver) will hate Him and fight (against Him).


People say that He (Imam Mahdi) has born. But we came up to know, some say this sign (Nishani), and some say that sign. The sign which we have read in those ten chapters is not have been told to us by anyone. It was mentioned that as there was the seal of prophet hood (muhar-e-nubwat) on the back of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH], likewise there would be the seal of Mahdiat on the back of Imam Mahdi [AS]. Whoever claim to be Imam Mahdi. The one who will claim to be Imam Mahdi [AS], he will have to let others see his back (Nishani); he will be accepted by showing his back.

Imam Mehdi will revive all Religions

After Prophet Mohammad (the Seal of the Prophets), the revivers came along in Islam, and revived it according to the environment. Similarly, on arrival of Imam Mahdi, their revival will end. Imam Mahdi will instigate his own revival according to (the needs of) all the religions. It is mentioned in some books that he will establish a new religion.


If anyone worshiped his entire life but in the end, he opposed Imam Mahdi and Jesus (who will come back into the world with his physical body and Mahdi with the 'Terrestrial Spirits'), he is hell-bound as Balyim Ba'ur, and rejected like Iblis (the Satan). (Balyim Ba'ur was the prototype of spiritual men, led astray by his passion and lust, denied the Signs of God including Moses, and will go to the Hell as a dog). If someone lived like a dog in this world, but in the end helped Mahdi and Jesus, and loved them, then he will go to the Paradise. (Just as the dog Qitmir, who was elevated by association with the 'Companions of the Cave', and will go to the Paradise).


Question: When exactly Imam Mahdi and Jesus/Isaa (AS) will appear?
Answer: They have already appeared. People close to them started recognizing them. Whoever is getting closer to them starts recognizing them, and their number is increasing.



Only those people will be able to recognize Imam Mahdi (AS) who possess Noor (Light of the name of God) in the heart and the Noor can only be obtain through Zikr-e-Qalb (Heart Meditation).



Question: Once, Hazart Muhammad (SAW) handed over a cloak to Hazart Ali (RA). It is said that this cloak by passing different people will end up in hands of Imam Mahdi (AS) Sarkar, did you receive that cloak?
Answer: I cannot say anything, whether it has approached to me or notbut it has reached to the one who is Imam Mahdi.



Question: How do you look towards the present development of Europe and America. The peak which this development has approached is it possible to continue this development further or as we have read that when the development reaches its climax then the decline starts to takes place?
Answer: Whatever was needed by Allah, that level of development has taken place already. Now, development more than this it is not required by Allah. It was required by Allah that people should invent satellites, invent telephones and came up with scientific inventions. It was very necessary. Allah made all this possible Himself as He was willing so. People say that Britishs & Americans have done all these advancements, but the fact is that Allah has got it done. Because Allah had to send Imam Mehdi and if this system was not there, Imam Mehdi would have sat at one place. Imam Mahdi was to be sent for the entire world. Prophets were sent to their particular regions. But Imam Mehdi is to be sent for the entire world this is why communication system of this world took place. So that He could arrive every nook and corner and also people could get closer to Him.

Question: Do you want to say.. World is going to be end now?
Answer: There will be no further development after this.

Question: But we have heard that before that Imam Mahdi a.s. will come as well as Jesus will be descended from heavens, war will take place with Dajjal?
Answer: All these facilities are only for them.

Question: It means that doomsday is not near; even we heard that Imam Mahdi a.s. will rule for 40 years?
Answer: someone said that he will rule for 10 years, someone said that he will rule 40 years and someone said between the period of 10 and 40 years.

Question: Will this period be according to our timeframe or according to system of Allah? Time period of 10 years, 40 years or between 10 to 40 years?
Answer: This will be according to system of Allah.



Question: When Imam Mahdi [AS] comes, then how people will recognize Him? How appearance of Imam Mahdi will occur?
Answer: Leave the appearance. Now, you should struggle that how you will accompany Him? How will you be able to recognize Him? Some people had even admitted that Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is a prophet. But, blessed were those who accompany Him [PBUH]. Only, they had the benefit. If youre saying that He (Imam Mahdi) will come. Now, only you be benefited, if youll accompany Him (Imam Mahdi). To accompany Him, you need His recognition; how, youll recognize Him? It is there in a Hadith (Prophetic tradition) seventy thousand scholars will take Oath of allegiance (bait) from Dajjal. It is also there, isnt it so? Now, how will they take Oath of allegiance (bait) from Dajjal/Antichrist and who will be the people who will recognize Imam Mahdi? When, Dajjal/Anti-christ will declare I am Imam Mahdi. Ummah (Islamic nation) will say we are unable to identify and will ask the scholar (Molvi Sahib)! you go fourth and assure through the knowledge (books of Hadith and Quran) whether he really is a Mahdi or not? Then, the scholar will go. All the proposition asked by scholar will be answered by Dajjal because he was sufficient for angels, too. He knows all the knowledge (books of Hadith and Quran). He will answer all the propositions. The Scholar's (Molvi Sahib's) mind will be satisfied. Now, it comes to the heart --- there is no Allah but Satan in the heart of the Scholar --- that little Satan who had created the sects. Now, there is a little Satan in his (Scholar's) heart and there would be a bigger Satan in Dajjal. His mind has satisfied with the answer to the propositions and his heart has also admitted that Satan (Dajjal as Imam Mahdi). Thus Scholar has become a disciple of Him by going to Him.
Now, how will the people go towards Mahdi [AS]? How will they recognize Him [AS]? The same people will approach Mahdi [AS], their minds will neither be satisfied nor their hearts, because Satan would be in their hearts. Those who will have the Light of God (noor) in their hearts, regardless even they are thieves & dacoit they will have the Light of God (Noor) in their hearts, when they will appear in front of Light, they will surrender (obey) to the Light (Noor).
Then it shouldn't be so, that, Balyim Ba'ur was a great Scholar, he (Balyim Ba'ur) used to worship a lot, when he opposed Prophet Moses [AS], he (Balyim Ba'ur) will go into hell by forming into a dog. That dog of Ashaab-e-Kahf (companions of cave), loved Ashaab-e-Kahf. It (dog) didnt used to offer any prayers, it only loved (companions of cave). It's love was based on truth. It will then go into heaven in the form of Balyim Ba'ur. Now, you people develop true love within you. True love will only happen when Allah-Allah will penetrate into your heart. Then there will be love of God in your heart --- then, saints will be loved --- then, Imam Mahdi [AS] will be also loved. Without having this (Allah-Allah) you will never be able to recognize Imam Mahdi [AS].


Sayings about the appearance of Imam Mahdi and Dajjal/Antichrist

His Holiness said that now a days the arrival of Imam Mahdi is being conversed in whole of the world. Many a groups are celebrating the arrival of Imam Mahdi; many a groups are celebrating the birth of Imam Mahdi and a lot of others groups think that the period of manifestation of Imam Mahdi is still far away.
His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi further stated that since long it has been being taught in Hadith (Prophetic traditions) in the past and the Godly scholars (ulma-e-haq) also used to allocute in the mosques that Imam Mahdi will come near the end of times and will unite all the religions into one through �Deen-e-Ellahi� (Religion of God) which is above the Books and religions and after achieving this, Data Ganj Bakhsh (Ali Bin Usman Shekih Ali Hajweri) and Khawaja Gharib Nawaz (Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishty) got high ranks. But king Akbar and Guru Nanak tried to unite the people of all religions with their imaginary plans but they fail and the reason for this failure was that this was their own vision. Whereas the vision of Imam Mahdi would be from Allah; and for this reason He will succeed to bring together all the religions. His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi said that Prophet Isa/Jesus[AS] will come with His nation to help Imam Mahdi against Dajjal. They all will become �one religion� entering into His (Imam Mahdi) Circle of Disciples. But one group of Christians which deny Life and return of Prophet Isa/Jesus[AS] will accompany Dajjal/Antichrist by refusing to revive faith in Prophet Isa/Jesus[AS].
In the same way the people of other religions also according to their faith, some will accompany Dajjal/Antichrist considering him and some will accompany Imam Mahdi [AS] considering Him to be their Reliever/Savior (Masseiha). As Hazrat Imam Mahdi [AS] would be amongst Muslims and Dajjal/Antichrist would also be amongst Muslims. Both will be same on the basis on apparent. Both will recite the same Moto/Kalima; that is why it came in Hadith Sharif that seventy thousand scholars will go along with Dajjal/Antichrist but there will be Allah in the heart of Imam Mahdi and Satan in the heart of the Dajjal/Antichrist.

His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi stated: Now, since the time of manifestation of Imam Mahdi is nearby, therefore one group of scholars says that Imam Mahdi will not bring all the religions together but will culminate all the religions. On this verdict, there appears a question that if Imam Mahdi will eradicate all the religions then why and how Prophet Isa/Jesus[AS] and his nation will help Imam Mahdi? This, in-fact, is the result of perturbation of the scholars.
Because what was the need to send Imam Mahdi only for the guidance of Muslims when there is Holy Quran available for the guidance of Muslims. But Quran guides only when it penetrates deep into the heart.
His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi said: It is the duty of the scholars that for God sake tell only correct Hadith(s) regarding Imam Mahdi and there would be no any confusion; so that the Muslims could recognize truth/haq and false/batil and any act that would be done against this will cause them to drown and it would be effort to drown others as well.
May 16 to 31, 1995


The enemies of Imam Mehdi (A.S) are agents of Dajjal (Anti Christ)