All  religions were established in this world through the Prophets, whereas before this, (God) was the Love, the Lover and the Beloved. The Souls which were in His close Proximity (nearness), the effulgence and spur of Love (in primordial time), were in the (pure) Love of God and in the Religion of God and in the Upright Religion. After coming into the world, they laid down everything in finding Him.

(This Knowledge) was confined to the Elect, now  it has reached common people through Spirituality.

In a Prophetic tradition, one of the companions of Prophet Mohammad stated, "I received two types of knowledge from Prophet Mohammad. I disclosed one to you, and if I do tell about the other, you would kill me."

When the Saint Shah Shams took the dry books out from a pond (full of water), Maulana Jalal Uddin Rumi asked, What is this?  Shah Shams replied, "This is the knowledge that you know not.�

When Moses asked God, �Is there any more Knowledge� God replied, �Go to Khidr, (A mystical figure, possessing the secrets of the esoteric knowledge).

The prayer of every worshiper, �Guide us to the Straight path, the Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace�

Iqbal, the Poet, states: �What would the pitiful scholars know of this�!

The exalted souls since the primordial time, whom God loves and they love God, did praise the Lord having come into the world. For example: Jesus said in the cradle, �I am a Prophet�, and Gabriel had already given the glad tidings to Mary (prior to the birth of Jesus). Pharaoh had the foreknowledge regarding Moses that a child would be born to certain tribe and would be the cause of his destruction and would be very exalted in the sight of God. Prophet Mohammad also said, �I was a Prophet even before I came into the world.�

There are many loving and eternal (Godly) souls present in different religions and bodies.

In the End Times

God will send a 'special soul' into the world, who will gather them searching for these loving souls and remind them that they once did love God. No matter any religious or non-religious bodies they are in, they will testify this call and gather around him.

He'll grant those souls a very special 'Name' of the Lord, which will pass through spiritual entity Qalb to the soul. Then the soul will be mediator of that 'Name'. That 'Name' will generate a new fervor, a new energy and a new love. With its light, the relation of the Soul will connect with God again.

The meditation of Qalb is a mean for the meditation of the Soul, just as worship meaning Salat (Prayer) and the Fasting are the means to the meditation of Qalb. Once a person's soul has started to chant the Name (Allah) and then he is from the people, who no longer fear the Just Balance or the Day of Judgment. The higher meditation and worship than those of the soul are testimonies to his Lofty Stations (in the world to come).

The ones, who are moving from the meditation of Qalb to the Soul, have already arrived at the Religion of God, or will soon arrive at. They have guidance from the Light, not from the Books. The Light prevents them from sins. Having heard of this or in spite of putting in the efforts, if others are still deprived of this (grace), they are not included in this Silsilah (spiritual affiliation). If someone thinks of himself in this Silsilah or imitates it without the meditations of the Heart and the Soul, he is a heretic.

The way for forgiveness of common people is worship and religion.

The way for the guidance is the Celestial Books.

The way for (receiving) intercession is the Prophecy and the Sainthood.

Some Muslims do not concede the intercession (Shifa'ah) of the Saints, when (it is known that) Prophet Mohammed directed his companions to ask Owais Qarni to pray for the forgiveness of Ummah (the followers of Prophet).


The Religion of the Souls

The recognition of those in the Love of God and the Religion of God

Into which all the rivers merge, is known as the sea.

Into which all the religions merge and become one, are the Love of God and the Religion of God.

"Where the four religions meet" (the Saint Sultan Bahu)


The Preliminary Recognition

When the meditations of the heart and the soul commence either by worship or by a glance of a Universal Master, the person is eternally Godly (destined to be thus since the primordial time). An aversion towards the sins begins, and if committed, such person deeply regrets it, and thinks of way to prevent the recurrence.

God said, "I like those people also, who reflect on the ways to stay free of sins."

The love of the phenomenal world diminishes for such people, and the Love of God begins to take over. Greed, envy, stinginess and arrogance are felt vanishing. The tongue becomes free of slander. They feel humble. Generosity replaces stinginess and lying disappears. Unlawful desires change into lawful ones and a dislike develops for the forbidden goods, forbidden food and forbidden acts.

The Ultimate Recognition

There should be a complete abstinence from cocaine, opium, heroine, tobacco and alcohol. Be able to meet the exalted spiritual dignitaries in the dream, in the meditative journey or in the vision. Achieve the change from Nafs-e-Ammarah (the demanding Self) to Nafs-e-Mutmainna (the tranquil Self). Have the Spiritual Entity Anna encounter face to face before the Lord and find the veils between God and the servant lifted up. Further, become free of sin, have the passionate love for God; be in the Realization of God and from the servant to 'the Cherisher of the Servant', and from a poor man to the 'the Provider of the Poor'.

Many Godly souls from different religions, who testified the Lord in the primordial covenant, will be entering this Silsilah, so there will be no condition of any religion. Every person will be able to worship as prescribed by his religion, but the meditation of Qalb will be one for all. Despite of different religions, they will be united at heart. When the remembrance of God will root in their hearts, they will become Godly. Thereafter, it is up to God to keep them to Himself or send them into a religion for the guidance. In other words, some will be beneficial (to the community), others will be solitary and isolated, yet others will be spiritual warriors and commanders.

Even the sinful ones joining them will achieve status. A majority of people, who will not join this group (The Religion of God), will enter in alliance with the Satan (Anti-Christ) whether they be Muslims or non-Muslims. Finally, the two groups will engage in a mighty war. The ones with Jesus, Mehdi and the Kalki Avtar will defeat the other group (Anti-Christ). Many with the Anti-Christ will be killed and their survivors will remain silent out of the fear and the helplessness.

Mehdi and Jesus will prevail upon the hearts of the people and peace will reign over the whole world. All separate religions will cease to exist transforming into one religion. That will be the religion most likely by God and will be the essence of religions of all Prophets, and their Books, and will be acceptable to the entire humanity. The most venerable to all worship and even to the Love of God, will be Ishq of God (a passionate Love of God).

"Where Ishq (passionate love) takes over, Faith is not aware." (Saint Sultan Bahu)

 The famous poet Iqbal painted a picture of this time (in his poem):

"The world needs Mehdi whose philosophy will shake the foundations of the accepted thoughts"

"Being revealed are the secrets, bygone has the time when God refused His Vision"

"Whose essence has appeared before the people, he is Mehdi, the one of the end time"

"Opened my eye in the mirror of reality, look at the hazy picture of the future"

"Look at the Universe, the land and space, look for a moment, at the one who appears from the East"

"Gone has the time O' giver of drink (of love), when did hide the drinkers"

"The whole world will now become a tavern and every soul will be drinker (of the Divine Love)"

"The time has come of the unveiling, all will see His Splendor and Majesty "

"Silence was His Veil, whose secret will now be manifest"

"Out of the desert came he, who overturned the kingdom of Rome"

"Heard have I from the Angels, that the lion will awaken again"


All the Celestial Books and Sahife (the original Revelation to Moses, Abraham) are not the religion of God. In these books are the rituals on Salat (canonical prayer), the Fasting, and the beards, whereas God is not bound by them. These religions were made to illuminate and to purify the followers of Prophets. God Himself is Pure Light. When a person becomes Light (illuminated) after realization of the Essence of God, then he enters the Religion of God, which is Love and Affection, a meaning of the ninety-nine Names of God and the One Who remembers His friends.

(God) Himself is the Love, the Lover and the Beloved. If a servant of God receives a tiny fraction of it, he reaches the Religion of God. Then his worship is gazing at the beatific Vision of God is atonement for all obligatory religious practices of his life. Then the collective worship of all the Jinns, the Angels and human beings cannot reach His status.

In relation to such person, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani has stated: "Whoever reached the Vision of God and still practiced worship or intended it, is an ingratitude of God"

The Saint Bhulle Shah stated: "After I started the worship of Love, I forget the Temples and the Mosques."

The poet Iqbal has stated: "What would the pitiful priests know about this?"

The companion of the Prophet Mohammad, Abu Hureira stated, "I received two types of Knowledge from the Prophet Mohammed. I disclosed to you about one, and if I do tell about the other, you will kill me."

The History has witnessed that whoever unveiled the secrets of this knowledge was executed such as: Shah Mansur, Sarmad; today Gohar Shahi stands on the edge of being executed.

A submission to the canonical Law (Shariah) is for the followers of the Prophets, but the Prophets are not obligated to any worship. Before the Law, they were the Prophets even in the primordial time. As they have to complete the pattern of religion, and if they leave off any maxim or do act on certain tenet, then the followers suit. For this reason, the Prophets have to remain discreet and sober. Can any person say that if any Prophet is not practicing any type of worship, he will go to the Hell? (Never! this cannot be said).

Can any person say that one cannot be a Prophet without practicing worship himself? Or can anyone say that Prophecy cannot be received without formal education? Then why the obligations and complaints about Saints, when Sainthood is a substitute of sort for Prophecy as such?

You must remember that the ones, who claim the Realization of God without beholding God, and the ones, who considers themselves at this Spiritual Station, and imitate (others at this level), are heretics and liars. The Scriptures execrated such liars. As such, they destroy the time and faith of thousands of (innocent) people.


Imam Mehdi will revive all Religions

After Prophet Mohammad (the Seal of the Prophets), the revivers came along in Islam, and revived it according to the environment. Similarly, on arrival of Imam Mahdi, their revival will end. Imam Mahdi will instigate his own revival according to (the needs of) all the religions. It is mentioned in some books that he will establish a new religion.


If anyone worshiped his entire life but in the end, he opposed Imam Mahdi and Jesus (who will come back into the world with his physical body and Mahdi with the 'Terrestrial Spirits'), he is hell-bound as Balyim Ba'ur, and rejected like Iblis (the Satan). (Balyim Ba'ur was the prototype of spiritual men, led astray by his passion and lust, denied the Signs of God including Moses, and will go to the Hell as a dog). If someone lived like a dog in this world, but in the end helped Mahdi and Jesus, and loved them, then he will go to the Paradise. (Just as the dog Qitmir, who was elevated by association with the 'Companions of the Cave', and will go to the Paradise).

"The Terrestrial Spirits of all human beings are re-incarnated many times in other bodies. The Souls of the pure ones (illuminated) go into the bodies of the Pure. The Terrestrial Soul of Prophet Mohammad was held for Imam Mahdi. Just as any separate part of the Prophet Mohammad's body (hand or leg) can be said the jewel of Amina's eyes (the Prophet's mother), similarly it can be said about any part of Celestial Soul of Prophet Mohammad that it is the son of Abd-Allah, and the jewel of Amina. The Souls of Ahl-e-Baith (the Prophet's household) are included in the Prophet's family."


There are so many religions!  Do you know, what is the religion of Allah?

No one knows isn�t it; He is with which religion? There is some different religion in The Old Testament (Jewish Holy Scripture). The followers of Psalms of David (Zabur) have another religion. The followers of the Bible practice another religion, and the religion of Quran is something different. What is His (Allah) Own religion? This is the only point. Isn't it? This is the only point.The king Akbar had heard this from some book that the religion of God (din-e-elahi) would come. He couldn't understand the religion of God. He made 'That' the Akbri religion. Now, what is the religion of Allah? Every religion accepts the religion of Allah.  May they be Muslim May they be infidel, May they be alive May they be deceased, the religion of Allah is Ishq (passionate love) and if anyone once enters in His religion; then (does not matter) even if he is either an infidel too, according to Allama Iqbal, "If there is Ishq (Passionate love), then the infidelity is also Islam". Now, how that Ishq (passionate Love) comes? People say that until one does not have Love, Ishq (a state beyond love), the faith is not perfect. They give prescription of medicine but do not give medicine! Now how that Ishq (passionate Love) comes? When Allah-Allah begins in heart all the time; the heart beats start calling Allah-Allah. 'Whatever' when once makes its way in the heart, love for that will happen. When Allah entered in the heart, then Allah is being loved. Love is not done, it happens itself. Those who utter that �we are in love� they are deceitful. The love is not related with the tongue; instead love is linked with the heart. When Love of Allah springs up in someone�s heart then Allah doesn't take anybody's obligation. Spend one rupee for Him and He returns ten. Do one noble act, and He gives the reward of ten virtues. Make a little love; and He does ten times in return and to whom Allah loves, one day He [Allah] sees (that person). He doesn't take bird's eye view rather 'Sees' with greatest affection and the day when Allah sees him with affection, then love goes away and is replaced by Ishq (Passionate love). Then I'm yours and you are mine. Now, how this Allah-Allah comes within? The benefit is when 'This' (Allah-Allah) enters within. 

 Some utterances of His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi

"There are three parts of Ilm Zahir (the exoteric knowledge), and one part of Ilm Batin (the esoteric knowledge)."

"One has to search for a Moses to acquire Ilm Zahir, and a Khidr (Vishnu Maharaj) for Ilm Batin"

"The voice that comes without Gabriel (an intermediary) is called Ilham (Inspiration), and the knowledge received is called Sahifa    (a Book) and Hadith Qudsi (the Holy tradition). The knowledge, which Gabriel accompanied, is called the Qur'an, whether it is exoteric or the esoteric knowledge or the Torah, the Psalms of David or the Bible"

"When religious scholars make mistakes, they absolve calling it politics; if Saints make a mistake, it is understood as wisdom and ignored, whereas the Prophets cannot be charged with a mistake"

"Whomever engage in certain spiritual discipline, the corresponding spiritual entities inside them are strong (illuminated), and those who are not in this discipline, their spiritual entities are broken and senseless. The ones, who absorbed the Name (Allah) in all spiritual entities by any method, are at all times engaged in Dhikr Sultani (a high level meditation of all seven spiritual entities inside body) and Ishq (passionate Love) of God"

Allama Iqbal said: "If passionate Love is! Disbelief is belief"

Sachal Sain said: Without Love of the Beloved O' Sachal, what is disbelief and what is belief?

Saint Sultan Bahu said: "Wherever the passionate love takes, the Faith is not aware of"

When such people are in any religion or enter into, it brings the showers of the Mercy of God on that region. If they are Baba Farid (a Muslim Saint), even the Hindus and the Sikhs flock on their doorstep. If they are Guru Nanak (a Sikh Saint), the Muslims and the Christians gather around them.