Speech of Syedna Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in Karachi

Ism-e-Zaat Allah Conference



Beloved companions…Aslam-o-Alykum,

Even before this several speeches have been delivered in this city Karachi. These speeches are not meant for politics, to hurt sentiments of any sect neither to criticize the government. This message has always been delivered for the people of heart, they kept listening and we kept speaking. First speech was made in a small room in Golimar fifteen years ago in which four people participated. Subsequently the message, piercing millions of hearts, scattered all over the world. Now we have been receiving indications for few days to spread this message among other religions as well.

We were wondering that while our own people are not able to understand this knowledge

then how come Hindus, Sikhs, Christian can realize this knowledge.


I thought that these may not be true indications, because many people had received false indications in the past. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was considered infidel just because of such false revelations (not by God), otherwise he had no other thing of infidelity.

After a Friday prayer in Latifabad (Hyderabad) a man stood and said “O people! Stop and heed to the announcement! Allah has just commanded me to declare my prophethood and ask people to accept me as a prophet.” People tried to convince him that Prophethood has been ended and Muhammad PBUH is the last Prophet. There will be no Prophet thereafter. He said, “Ok fine, I offer prayer again”. The man offered prayers again and said: “Again I received a signal which says tell to the people that you are a true prophet and if people don’t accept you as a Prophet, a miracle will be shown to them now” People started thrashing him with foot wears. May be this was the ‘miracle’. After few days I happened to meet him at a barber shop and asked him what happened with your ‘prophethood’? He said that after been battered with foot-ware, I realized that it was a deception from Satan. We also received many such indications and even that knowledge, for which the signals have been shown, was taught to us in higher realms (gatherings of Prophets).

There is no time limit for knowledge of Sharia, when someone starts offering five time daily prayers and having a beard is Sharia. Then is the knowledge of Tarekat (mysticism). When someone nourishes inner souls for 12 years, then due to that power they come out from the body and goes into the court of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that is Tareeqat (mysticism). After this is the knowledge of Haqeeqat (Reality) as Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) himself teaches these souls, then that is the knowledge of Haqeeqat (Reality). After this is the knowledge of Muarifat by virtue of which vision of Allah is given within seven days in this stage.

We were wondering if these indications happened to be false then we may face similar situation as Mirza Ghulam Ahmed did. If these signals proved to be true, we would also be hanged like Shah Mansoor. We were bound, what shall we do? At last we made an effort and started experiments according to those signals.

Apart from Islamic countries, we also visited Europe and USA, and told Hindus, Sikhs and Christians about that knowledge and they said “Verily, this very knowledge is in our sacred books. We have allusion about it in our scriptures and we were searching for this”. When that knowledge was taught them their hearts also began chanting Allah Allah. Now we became sure that these signals were from Allah. Because anyone’s heart no matter even if he is Muslim, without Allah’s will cannot chat Allah Allah. When those people satisfied they invited us to their temples and we delivered lectures there as well.


 Prophet Muhammad companion Hazrat Abu Huraira said, “I received two types of knowledge from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); I disclosed one to you, and if I do tell about the other, you would kill me.”

 And, when we shared some of that knowledge with public, then we also came under the verdicts of infidelity.

It was our belief was that nobody can be a Muslim until he recites Kalima/Shahadah and upon becoming Muslim the heart will chant Allah Allah. And according to that knowledge “Allah is Omnipotent and bestows upon whoever He wants to”. That knowledge says whether one is an infidel or whosoever, once his heart starts chanting Allah Allah one day he will turn towards Allah. He will accompany that group, who has Allah's will and support. What was that knowledge? For that Bhit Shah says:

"Prayer & fasting is easy task but that is another way"

When this body of Man was created, few souls were put within this body. Seven souls were put within it. They are called Lataif (spiritual entities). In a Hadith (saying of Prophet PBUH) their names are mentioned: Qalb, Rooh, Siri, Khafi, Akhfa, Ana, Nafs. One is for seeing, one is for walking, one for smelling, one for speaking and there is one spiritual entity which is only to chant Allah’s name. Originally six of them were divine (purified) and one satanic inner soul added to it. For which Bulleh Shah said: “This Polluted Self has polluted us, we were not polluted from the beginning”. When that Self (Nafs) entered into the body then this body becomes polluted. Neither that clay was polluted (from which Adam was created) nor other souls were polluted but the moment Nafs (Self) entered into this body it got contaminated.

Mujadid Alif Sani says: “The starter should first chant Allah Allah and clean his Self. Quran is not for the people whose Self is polluted (in the shape of Dogs).” He says: Recite the Quran after the Nafs/Self has been purified. Because one thoughtful moment of that time is better than hundred years of prayers, only then Quran will enter into the heart.

Presently there are 72 Sects.There was not a single sect in the life of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) there was no Sunni neither Shia nor Wahabi. In the lifetime of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) there was only Ummah. And for Ummah Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) says that member of the Ummah is one who contains the Noor (Divine Light). It is narrated also is Hadith Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that “on the Day of Judgment nations will be recognized by the Noor”. So either there was members of the Ummah, those who were not having NOOR within them were Hypocrites and those who even abandoned the mosques, they were Khawarij. Now how that Noor (divine light) enters into human body?

One is Muslim and one is Momin. Muslim chant Allah Allah verbally with bead. Like when a stone collides with another stone, a spark ignites. Similarly, when the Allah Allah rubs with each other Noor (divine light) is created. But that Noor is only in fingers, it did not go inside the body. If it is useful, it will only be useful on the Day of Judgment, it is useless in this lifetime. A similar bead is running inside human body in the form of heart doing tick tick; when one synchronizes Allah Allah with heartbeats then that Noor which is created does not goes outside, the Noor goes straight into blood; through blood it goes into the veins; then it reaches to inner souls within you through the veins. Then, those souls wake up and start chanting Allah Allah.

Then those souls will continue chanting Allah Allah even you will be sleeping. Allah Allah will continue even after you go into your grave and it will keep chanting until the Day of Judgment. When that Noor reaches to inner souls, first to second; second to third one after the other all souls starts chanting Allah Allah.  At this stage it is considered as sacred as a mosque, Ka’ba and even like a Paradise.

When, that Noor approaches into each & every vein. That Nafs (self) which is Satan, he is sitting at the naval point, The Noor surrounds the Self due to the heat & excess of Noor, the Nafs (self) begins to purify; and once it is purified completely then the whole of human body becomes pure. When heart continuously chants Allah Allah, the Noor of Allah gathers in the heart. Once the Noor gathers in the heart, connection between you and Allah is your heart, the heart is like a telephone. Ordinary telephone works when it has power in it, similarly this telephone (heart) works when it has Noor. When this Light of God comes within your heart, then the telephone within you, powers on. Then wherever you speak it will go straight to heavens, your prayers will go straight to heavens, and your recitation will go straight to heavens. This is the time when Salat/prayer becomes a spiritual journey for Momin through this telephone. 

In (Quran) Sura Hujraat The Arabs said 'we brought faith (Iman)', Allah said, No, tell them you have brought Islam only. You will become momin only when the light/noor will enter into your heart".

Now when the Noor enter into your heart you become Momin. So when the Noor gathers in the heart it becomes like a magnet which has connection with iron. You throw small needles near the magnet and it will attract them. Similarly, when you offer prayers and its Noor will go inside, you recite Quran and its Noor will also go inside. 

Nowhere in the Quran is written to offer prayer, but it mentioned to establish prayer


While offering Salat/prayers you consider yourself a Momin  but when you finish it you return to the same worldly affairs. Once your heart will be filled with Noor, prayers will enter within you. Then you will be a Momin while offering prayers, while sleeping, while doing business. By chanting Allah Allah name all the time, Noor of Allah will come into your hearts, this will establish a Relation of Noor between you.

When everyone will have Noor inside, they will become united by the relationship of Noor (Light of God).

Those which are blood relation! Recently Murtaza Bhutto was murdered. He (Murtaza Bhutto) was strongly against his sister (Benazir Bhutto), sister was also hostile because of worldly affairs, but due to blood relation sister cried upon brother’s death. Similarly after establishing Relation of Noor with each other Momin never desire to harm his fellow Momin brother. 

Quran says: Huda lil Mutaqiin "I Guide those who are pious". Now when a person is purified from inside (spiritually), then if is a scholar. Then that person recites Quran, the Quran goes into the heart. For that stage Allama Iqbal said “Apparently he looks to be a reciter, actually he is a Quran himself”. Now as you revere Quran, reverence of this scholar is also obligatory upon you, you do not show your back to the Quran so why do so to that scholar.

Those are called Divine Scholars. Such scholars helped people to embrace Islam. While those scholars (Worldly Scholars) who tried to take guidance from the Quran without purifying their Nafs (self) they have gone astray. Actually they are responsible for creating 72 sects.

Now the Quran went into the heart of Divine Scholar. Now that Worldly Scholar, though he is also a scholar, he also recites Quran but Quran never reaches into his heart. He recited Quran long period of time, finally they started thinking and said that they (Divine Scholars) found Allah but we were unable to find Him, we start the search of world. Then what they did? Established a party with an Islamic name and took the Quran under their armpits and started their journey towards politics. For such people Bulleh Shah said: 

“Those who have Quran under their armpits, they ate and denied later on”

In the morning they announce a woman cannot be a ruler, in the evening they say she can be. People asked him "Mr. Scholar why you have two opinions?" He replied, "This is politics". People said that politics is not for pious people, upon which they quoted Allama Iqbal ‘if religion is separated from politics only cruelty lefts’. Though Allama’s said this for politicians that if they abandon religion then they will be nothing more than Chengiz Khan, but the religio-politicians twisted the meaning of the verse for their politics.Such scholars involved people in politics for five, six years. If they attained the seat/power, it is for Mr.Scholar. Those who struggled with him for five, six years what is for them? Rather than this if they (followers) would have chanted Allah Allah for five six years!

Saint Sultan Bahoo said that “I never attended any religious seminary”. “I only took first word of the Quran ALIF, and started chanting Alif for Allah. And by chanting Allah Allah my chest became enlightened When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saw my enlightened chest, He (PBUH) embraced His chest with mine, and all the knowledge transferred into my chest automatically.”

They may have got some reward of chanting Allah Allah in those five six years. Now, (after few years) the followers said to the leader that we also joined your organization; we also offered prayers, did politics too but still we have not found Allah? Then that Worldly Scholar asked them to wage jihad now. His followers asked what is jihad? The Worldly Scholar said that one faction considers Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) a human being and the other sects consider Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Noor. Go you kill them they will kill you this is jihad. Sectarianism is product of such Worldly Scholars. Government tries to overcome sectarianism but how it can come to an end? Those organizations have also been created and the Nafs (self) of such Worldly Scholars is infidel within them. Then how can they unite people? Yes, they can only be united for the sake of government & power, but can never be one for sake of Allah.

Outwardly with tongues they can be united but with heart they can never be united.

Such people require a ruler like Amir Al-momineen Hazart Ali who sentenced 5,000 such fake scholars to death and sent remaining to accompany Hazart Hassan Basri, so that they can learn knowledge for Hazart Hassan Basri, and their nafs/self may get purify. After purification of their Nafs/self they were able to wear headdress, gowns. Only after self purification they were able to be called as successors of the Prophet and they lead prayers.

There are two ways through which Nafs (self) can be purified. Either like Data Sahib (Hazrat Syed Abul Hassan Bin Usman Bin Ali Al-Hajweri) and Khawaja Sahib (Syed Muhammad Mu'īnuddīn Chishtī) went into jungles, other saints also went into jungles. When their Nafs/Self got purified, then they returned into the world (Dunya) and then they benefited people. Since people in this age cannot do this. Either stays in a company and guidance of a saint in this way Nafs (self) can also be purified. Just like Baha Ud-Din Naqash Bandi lived in the company of Amir Kalal and Maulana Rome served Shah Shams. Due to serving their masters when their Nafs/Self got purified, then they became great Saint. Then Maulana Rome said:

“A Maulvi can never be Maulana Rome unless he becomes a servant of a Shams Tabraiz"

We don’t have any enmity with anyone, those who are Divinely Scholars, on the right path and have Noor in their hearts we are like servant to them. But we are waging jihad against those who does not have Noor within them & are having Satan within them. Even Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said about them: "Be aware of ignorant scholar”; Companions (RA) asked “a Scholar and Ignorant, too, simultaneously”? Prophet PBUH answered “whose tongue is scholar and the heart is dark means ignorant”.  If you go near them they will indulge you in sects.

Now let’s talk about Mehdi (AS). There is an 80 years old saint named Shaikh Nazim in London. He converted 10,000 Americans into Muslims and also converted lot of Europeans into Muslims. He is well versed in Darood, Wazaif and knowledge of Istikhara. Sheikh Nazim announced that according to my knowledge Mahdi (A.S) will appear in a year or two but these worldly scholars will strongly oppose Imam Mehdi. And he also said that Mahdi A.S wouldn’t announce that “I am Mahdi”, people themselves will recognize Him. Now, Dr. Israr Ahmed also said that in light of Hadith and other books, it is evident that Mahdi A.S is about to appear.

They say that Imam Mehdi will appear soon but we say that He has already appeared. We say that Imam Mahdi has already appeared, all the saints have been informed about Imam Mehdi; His face has been shown to them that this is your Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi is a leader of a religious organization in Pakistan. Saints have been told all the Saints are aware.

Now Allah is doing such works for Him so that everyone will have to accept Imam Mehdi. Now since Imam Mehdi has arrived, it is required to accompany Him also, then who will accompany Him? Who will recognize him? Those, who will be having Noor (light of God) in their hearts, once Noor will appear infront of Noor it will succumbed to Him, since Noor has proportion with Noor. When within your hearts Allah Allah will start, then your hearts will be able to generate Noor.

While then you will go in front of Imam Mehdi A.S then your Noor will converge with Noor. 

Though there are many secrets but we will uncover few of them. One who contains Noor is Momin, after this starts Walaiyat (Sainthood).  What is Walaiyat? You would have noticed while sleeping at night, in the state of dream you wander in some city. It’s not you but it is a creature which is within you. That is your Nafs (self), it is powerful because of its nourishment of satanic food since childhood. You sleep and it wonders in satanic gatherings. Rest of the creatures when they get nourished by Noor, they get strength by nourishment of Noor. And then they also begin to come out of the chest. That Satan (Nafs) goes in satanic gatherings. When other souls become enlighten and goes out, then these goes into the gatherings of enlightened.  First of all then these enlightened souls goes straight to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and bow in front of Him PBUH. At this stage Bullhe Shah says: 

“People (remember Allah) five times a day while a lover remembers all the time, people go to mosques lover go to sit in the feet (of Master)”

Those people who remember Allah five times a day in prayers, climax of their reach is up to a mosque. And those who remember Allah by heart they reach into the feet of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Once they reach into the feet of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prior to this stage there is Shariat-e-Muhammadi (law of Muhammad PBUH), Shariat-e-Muhammadi (law of Muhammad PBUH) is up to the Momin, from hereafter starts Shariat-e-Ahmadi. You must have heard the name of Shariat-e-Ahmadi. The prayer which he offers is spiritual prayer. 

The Holy body of the Prophet (PBUH) is called Muhammad (PBUH). The name of His (PBUH) Holy soul is Ahmad and His (PBUH) Akhfa (The Deeply Hidden) by virtue of which He speaks is called Hamid, and Ana which is in forehead by virtue of which He (PBUH) had Allah's glimpse is called Mahmood.

When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went to the journey of Night of Ascension (Shab-e-Mira’j) before setting out on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) journey to the Night of Ascension (Shab-e-Mira’j). The Prophet (PBUH) led a prayer to all the souls of Prophets and saints at Bait-al-Muqdas (al-Quds al-Sharif). Before going up to havens Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) led that prayer. Then which was the prayer that was granted upon approaching heavens?  Upon reaching to the Heavens He was bestowed by prayers but this was for nafsani people (people with unpurified self), while the prayers He led in Bait-al-Muqadas were for purified people. Even Prophet Adam (AS) was present in that prayer, though he had passed six thousand years ago. When your soul purifies and reaches in the court of the Prophet (PBUH) then that spiritual prayers is also available to that soul, that prayer was there at that time and will be there until the day of Judgment. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) still leads that prayer and never rises from Sajjda until Allah replies …"O my servant I am here"

When someone starts offering prayers behind the Prophet (PBUH), this is initial stage of Walaiyat (sainthood).


Today even those people call themselves Wali who used to write Ta’weez and do Istikhara but whoever offer prayers behind the Prophet (PBUH) Allah replies Allah replies …"O my servant I am here". This is initial stage of Walaiyat (sainthood). What happen after this? In those creatures, there is one creature which is called Latifa Anna. That creature which is called Qalb reached to the court of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and this (creature) Anna goes straight towards Allah.

Angles try to stop it but it does not stop. They say whatever it is it would be burnt itself beyond Bait Al-Ma’moor (the celestial Archetype of kaabah), because even Angels cannot go beyond it but this (Anna) crosses that boundary and reaches there where essence of Allah is.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) reached there with His physical body and saints reach there through these creatures. Once any saint reaches there. Then both (Allah and saints) see each other with great love, with a sense that he (saint) has travelled from so far. Then Allah says: “I may see you and you may see Me.” They look at each other with love & affection. Then that image of Allah is carved on the heart of that saint and then Allah says: "Now you down, now whoever will see you, will see Me”. 

Now looking at that Saint is also worship. For this Saint Sultan Bahoo said: “O Bahoo seeing the master is equivalent to millions and billions of Hajj”. Now that is the person who is Saint. Saint (friend of God) means a person who has got vision of Allah and has spoken to Him. Friend of God is wali (saint). That very person is friend of God (Saint). In this age, there are thousands claimant of being Saint in our country who have never seen Allah nor talked to Him. Love for such people make a dog Hazart Qamteer and enmity for such people can make someone Baleem Ba’ur who was very pious person, will bring into Hell fire in the shape the dog of Ashab-e-Kahf (companions of the cave).

Many saints stop at this stage, this is the stage of Fana Fillah, and then some special Saints also go beyond this stage. Prophet (PBUH) has told for those who go beyond “that is the third type of knowledge”. When they go beyond that stage then they see for which Shia people were shouting for such a long time that there are 40 chapters in Quran. Then, when those Saints cross that stage, they then find those 10 chapters. When they find those 10 chapters, then this Quran (Printed on paper) is something and those 10 chapters are something else.  These (10 chapters) are telling something else and those (30 Chapter) are telling something else. 

This Quran says, “Remember Me while standing, sitting and even lying”. And those 10 chapters says don’t waste your time, just look at Him (Allah) whenever you remember Him. And this Quran commands to offer prayer otherwise you will be sinful but those chapter says if you offered prayer you will be sinful. When asked, “how come”? Those 10 chapters answered that suppose while you are having vision of God and talking to Him, prayer time approached during this and you left the vision of God and offered prayer, means you committed a sin. Those 10 chapters said, “When time of prayer arrive just have a glimpse of the One for whom we are offering prayer”. 

There is an event related to this. Once Mujadid Alif Sani went to a mosque and saw a man sleeping there. Mujadid Alif Sani again went to the mosque for Asar prayer and saw the same person was still sleeping. Mujadid thought he might have slept after offering prayer. He (Mujadid Ali Sani) used to stay in the mosque from time of Asar to Magharib prayer. Mua’zin was delivering Magharib azan but the man was still sleeping. He (Mujadid Ali Sani) shook him and said that either he should go out from the mosque or offer prayer. The man got up instantly and did Wazu. Prayer was about to start, the same man asked loudly to the Imam to stop! Imam was stopped. He announced the Niyat (intention) 2 rakat Sunnah of Fajar prayer. People saw that suddenly time turned into morning, then he offered Zohar prayer and it turned into Zohar time, then he performed Asar prayer, one narrator reports that even the rotation of the sun was turn back. At this time the man said to Mujadid, “You are spiritually envisioned. You should have seen my condition before awakening me. I was with Him whom you offer prayers to". 

Then this Quran said that if you drink even a single drop of water your fast will break. Those (other 10 chapters) said even if you keep eating and drinking all day long your fast will never break. When asked, "how come”? It was answered that fasting is to purify the self, once your self is already purified then it doesn’t matter you eat or not, you will be considered as fasting for lifetime.

There is an event related to this. There was a Saint living on the bank of a river. His wife prepared sweet dish and he asked his wife to give a share to another Saint on the other side of the river. His wife said that how should she cross the river? The Saint said to his wife, “you tell the river that I have been sent by the man who never touched his wife for twelve years and the river will give you way to cross.” The wife replied, “What are you saying? We have just had a daughter three months ago!” The Saint answered, “What I said is right”. When and his wife went near the river and said the same words told by her husband. River gave her way to cross and upon reaching her on the other side, the river again began to flow normally. Now she gave sweet dish to that Saint and he ate it. Then she asked how to cross the river? The Saint said, “Tell the river that you have been coming from that person who ate nothing for twelve years.” She was surprised and said to the Saint that you just have had sweet dish in front of me.  The saint asked her to ignore this thing. When the women asked the river what the Saint told and the river gave the way for her cross. Upon reaching back to his husband she asked, “I am very surprised. You said you haven't touched your wife for twelve years, whereas I had daughter three months ago and and he (the other Saint) says that he haven't ate anything form twelve year, whereas he ate sweet dish in front of me. But I am unable to understand this thing that even your lies have so much power." Her husband answered: “no actually the things is that since 12 years I haven't touched you because of my Nafs (Self) but as an obligation and he also haven’t ate since 12 years for his Self but he ate only for survival.” As Abdul Qadir Jalini said, “You live for eating and we eat for living so that we can perform duties as per Divine order.” 

Hajj came next. This Quran says: if anybody has resource and ability he/she must perform Hajj. Those (chapters) said: Only those people go to Ka’ba who doesn’t have guts.

They (those ten chapters) said that since you indeed are superior to all creatures. That Ka’ba was constructed by Abraham (AS) with mud and clay while you have been created by Noor. So why you go towards that Ka’ba, rather that Ka’ba should come to you. Upon this very thing Shah Mansoor was hanged. Ba-Yazid Bistami says, “For years I used to circumambulate the Ka’ba but when I found Allah, now Ka’ba started circumambulating me". Saint Sultan Bahu was asked by someone that why he did not go to Ka'ba for Hajj? He (Sultan Bahu) replied that Ka’ba always used to circumambulate here. And the same Ka'ba came to circumambulate Rabia Basri.

This Quran asks to give 2.5% Zakat (tax sanctioned). That (hidden Quran) says give 97.5% Zakat and keep only 2.5% with you. This Quran was asked that where is Allah? The Quran said He is far away. Just keep performing prayers and observe fast, because seeing Allah is very difficult, He lives very far away. But when those chapters were asked about Allah? They replied "Allah is here in this world, sometime as Data (RA) and sometime as Khawaja (RA)”. He (Allah) is always roaming in this world. Those chapters said have you not read that Hadith-e-Qudsi which says, “I become hands of my servant with which he holds; I become tongue of my servant with which he speaks.” 

Now that which is the beginning of this knowledge! This was the extreme of that knowledge. This is the Knowledge which is learnt after vision of God. Now the beginning of this Knowledge is that 124,000 Prophets of attributed names all together were not able to approach the status of Ism-e-Zaat. Because Prophet Moses (AS) chanted Ya’ Rehman (O’ Compassionate), Prophet Jesus (AS) --- Ya’ Qudoos (O’ Pure), Prophet Solomon (AS) --- Ya’Wahhab (O’ Giver), Prophet David (AS) Ya’ Wadood (O’ Friend, O’ Love), and the remaining Prophets kept on reciting the Kalima (the Motto) of (Mursal) Messenger of their time.

One day, Prophet Moses (AS) said, "Allah! Let me have a vision of you". He (Moses) was replied, "You can't bear it". Moses asked “Would there be anyone who can bear it”. Answer came, “Only my Beloved and His (Ummat) followers”. Prophet Moses (AS) came into jalal and said being a Prophet I am not equal to a follower? And asked Allah “regardless of what happens show me your glimpse”. Finally when Allah revealed His vision, Prophet Moses (AS) went into unconsciousness.

Now what is the reason that Prophet Moses went into unconscious on Koh-e-Toor (Mount Sinai) in this world and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went in front of Allah and smiled? Prophet Moses (AS) had attributed Noor (light) of Ya Rehman in his body that is why he couldn’t tolerate the personal light of God and in the holy body of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had the personal light of personal name of God (Ism-e-Zaat). Zaat (essence) went infront of Zaat (essence) and smiled. Due to the blessing of the Prophet (PBUH) this Ummah has been granted this name (Allah), thus it became superior and Ummah (nation) is afraid of (practicing) this name. 

It’s in the Hadith (Prophetic tradition) “On the Day of Judgment nations will be recognized by their Noor (light).”These shining with light of Ya-Rehman (O’ Compassionate) are the Ummah (nation) of Moses (AS). These shining with light of Ya-Wadood (O’ Friend, O’ Love) are the nation of Prophet David (AS) and these who are shining with Allah-Hu are indeed Ummah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

This (Allah Hu) is your symbol


Apparently whatever a person speaks from his tongue if the same thing is in his heart that is a true person. If a person has something on his tongue and something else in the heart that is hypocrisy. If someone has similar behavior with Allah i.e speaks different than whatever is in the heart, that person is a biggest hypocrite of all. Believe it! That without Zikr-e-Qalbi (Heart meditation), your prayer is not acceptable. You complain that "I offer many prayers but my Dua (pray) is not fulfilled". Why Dua should be accepted? Salat/Prayer is pre-requisite for the acceptance of Dua. 

You Namazi (one who is regular in salat) people quote the hadith; “Prayer will be the first thing a person will be questioned about on the Day of Judgment”. You always quote this hadith, isn't it? But ahead of this there is one more Hadith, “Without presence of the heart/Qalb, your prayers are not accepted.” People will be accountable for that very prayer which is offered with the presence of heart.

There are three types of prayers (Salat); first is Namaz-e-Soorat, (prayer of apparent appearance) second is Namaz-e-Haqeeqat (real prayer/prayer in reality) and third is Namaz-e-Ishq (Prayer of passionate love).

Namaz-e-Soorat (prayer of apparent appearance) is performed by every sect it is not a big deal, this Salat is just an act of showing to others. For this (salat) tongue says Qul Hu Wallah Hu Ahad (say Allah is One) and the heart replies there is no flour at home, Allah hu-samad (Allah, the Eternal, Absolute) heart replies wife is sick, Lam Ya-lid wa Lam Yu-lad heart replies “you are getting late from duty lets go”. This is called Namaz-e-Soorat (prayer of apparent appearance).

Mujadid Alif Sani says, “Every person’s Salat is prayer of apparent appearance (Namaz-e-Soorat) and real prayer is of special people of God” and said “Everyone should search for real prayer (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat)”. 

Now what is real prayer (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat)? Namaz-e-Soorat (prayer of apparent appearance) is performed by a Muslim and real prayer (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat) is performed by a Momin. And for real prayer (Namaz-e-Haqeeqat) first of all you must have to learn chanting of Allah Allah (Dhikr-e-Qalbi/heart meditation). 

This is first word of your Quran, chant Allah Allah with "Alif". If you are scared of its majesty (Jalalat), then at least recite ”La Illah Ila Allah” with ‘Lam’, if you don’t even have the divine grace for this, then with ‘Mim’ at least keep chanting Mohammed’urr Rasool’ullah, you will achieve with this. Otherwise keep on engaged in the Book, don't know either that Book guides you or misleads you.

This is also your first pillar. First pillar (of Islam) is Kalima/Sahadah. Hadith Says “Superior zikr is Kalma-e-Taiba” and Quran says “remember me while standing, sitting even lying down on your sides, don’t even be diverted from it while merchandising and selling”.

This is your first Sunnah as well. What Prophet used to do in Ghar-e-Hira (Cave of Hira)? That time even Salat/prayers were not existed. There He (PBUH) only used to chant name of Allah. When people become Muslims Salat/prayers were not existed even that time. Prayers were descended at a later stage. What they used to do at that point of time? Meanwhile people keep themselves busy in Zikr and by that their chests enlightened. Later on, when Salat/prayers were descended prayers didn’t stuck in their throats, it went straight into their hearts. This is your first pillar as well. 

When your heart will begin chanting Allah Allah, then you will struggle while doing your work, Allah Allah should also continue. This is called the hand in doer/work, the heart in companion’. Next you will struggle Allah Allah should also continue while reading newspaper/magazine and you will succeed. Then you will struggle Allah Allah should continue while offering prayers. That time your tongue will say Qul hu Allah hu Ahad; “say God is one”and heart will say Allah Allah. Allah Hu-Samad and heart will say Allah Allah…Lam Ya-Lid Wa Lam Yoo Lad…heart will say Allah Allah.

Now what is on the tongue, same is in the heart. Tongue is affirming and heart is testifying…tongue is in Zikr-e-Mufasil while heart is in Zikr-e-Mujamil. Tongue is affirming by the logic that say God is one while heart is testifying without any logic that Allah and only Allah. 

This tongue has power to speak from here and people in America can listen and heart has the power to chant here and the Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God) will hear. Your prayers will reach to the Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God) through such heart…this is the Salat which is called journey to Heavens for a Momin (Meraj-ul-momineen). 

Every now and then we hear lectures that the one who has no love for the Allah and Prophet, his faith is incomplete. People only deliver such speeches. They only tell the prescription of medicine but they don't give the medicine. We have been hearing this for such a long time but still the love for Allah and Prophet did not developed in the heart. Those who express their love from the tongue are fallacious/pitiful. Love is not related to tongue love is connected to the heart. Love cannot be done it happens.

Though they say with the tongue that we love and the Satan is there in the heart. Then how to expel that Satan? We say that there is Satan in your heart, you say that I offer prayers, what’s the work of Satan in my heart? We say that while you offer prayer, why Whisper (of Evil) comes in your heart during prayer? Since it is Satan is in the heart that is why whispers come. 

Now do an experiment…every time you offer prayers whispers are coming in heart because Satan is in heart but if you join a gathering for Zikr and chant Allah Hu, no whispers will be coming instead you will feel bliss. But the moment you will leave the gathering the same Satan (will again engulf your heart).  What if that same gathering establishes within you? If that same gathering establishes within you then you will stay 24 hours in the ecstasy of Allah, then 24 hours you will have a shield from Satan. 

Once, Hazart Abu Bakr Siddique asked the Prophet (PBUH) that “while I offer prayers/salat, Evil whispers (wiswas/waswasa) comes to me while praying”. The Prophet (PBUH) replied “you are getting two types of reward, One for offering prayers and second for waging jihad". Hazart Abu Bakr asked, “How can I have reward of waging jihad while offering prayers?” The Prophet replied, “when those Satanic whisperers  comes within you, that chanting of Allah Allah which is going on within you throws them out, again those Satanic whisperers  come and again Allah Allah throw them out, this indeed is jihad.” If those whisperers settles down on your hearts, then this is not jihad, then this is defeat.

Now everyone claims love with their tongue while having Satan in the heart whereas love is connected with heart.

As long as the Satan does not go out from the heart, love of any Prophet or Saint cannot come in the heart.

First of all throw the Satan out from the heart.

Ba-Yazid Bistami went into jungles is his youth. The Satan used to stand at a corner and watch while he recited various Wirid and Wazaif. But the moment he (Ba-Yazid Bistami) start stroking Allah Hu on his heart, whenever he tries to settle Allah in his heart, Satan then used to come near to tease him. One day Bistami took a stick and ran after the Satan. Since he was enlightened heart, a voice came “O Ba-Yazid, he wouldn’t die by the sticks he burns with Allah’s Noor, you chant so much, you chant so much so that you become Noor-ala-noor (light upon light).” And when Ba-Yazid Bistami became Noor-ala-noor (light upon light) all magicians left the city of Bistam saying that “now our magic no longer works here”.

When continued Allah Allah will begin, love of Allah will come into this heart. Love cannot be done it happens.

Allah or whatever comes in the heart love will happen with that.

When love of Allah will happen, then Allah does not like that someone owe anything to Him, do one good deed for Him get the reward of ten good deeds, spend one rupee He returns ten rupees. Love Him a little He in return loves ten times more.  Then to those with He loves He does look at them also. He does not give a casual look; He looks at them with great love and affection.

And the day Allah looked with love, then that love also will disappear and then Ishq (passionate love) will come.

Then I am yours and you are Mine.


Allama Iqbal said about this stage:  "If there is Ishq (passionate love), then infidelity is also Islam". If Ishq (passionate love) of Allah come within you then even infidelity is also Islam. If you don’t have Ishq (passionate love) of Allah within you then Allama Iqbal says “then even a Muslim is the infidel and heretic”. Today Muslims themselves are declaring each other infidel and heretic. 

When love of Allah appears in this heart then those who are associated with the love of Allah, then love of those people also comes. That time Love of Prophet (PBUH) will come, love for the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) will come. Love of Imam Ali (RZA) will come within someone, whosoever’s love comes within, and then this was the very love which turned the dog of Ashab-e-Kahf (companions of cave) into Hazart Qamteer. 

Now, when someone seeks for Allah, then he carries bead and starts chanting, but the ultimate objective is to bring God within. People don't know how to absorb Allah inside, they chant Allah Allah by using beads which creates Noor but remains outside. They keep chanting Allah Allah by the tongues that Noor also went outside. Some people recite Allah Hu with the breath that Noor also goes out, does not remains within.

Objective can’t be fulfilled until Allah is not been absorbed within.

Now how to absorb Allah? How Allah comes within human?

For this write Allah on a piece of paper sixty six times daily and after few days practice, the word which you were writing on paper one day that word Allah starts hovering in the eyes. Second method is to write Allah with yellow ink on a zero bulb and watch it before sleeping. And one day the same word Allah comes into the eyes. When it comes into the eyes, then stop writing or observing then from the eyes try to bring it to the heart. Ultimately what used to be written on the paper, one day same is seen written on the heart.

A person with police tag is a policeman and one with Allah written (on heart) will be man of Allah.

When Allah is written on the heart that time heartbeats will become faster tick, tick, tick. Then synchronize Allah Hu with that tick tick. A tick for Allah and a tick for Hu doing this repeatedly convert heart beats into Allah Hu.  Before sleeping at night, consider your finger a pen and with your imagination write Allah on your heart while writing this fell asleep. The slumber should befall upon you while doing this.

At midnight special angles come to this world and ask from Kiraam un-Kaatibiin about every person that what was his/her last act before sleeping? This person slept after offered Isha prayers they will pray for him/her that may Allah keep him/her happy. And this person Slept after reciting Darood Shareef (Benediction), they pray may Allah keep him/her happy aswell. This person slept after reciting Aiyat-ul-Kursi, they say keep the honour of Aiyat-ul-Kursi and protect him/her. And this person while chanting Allah Hu slept in its ecstasy. They says keep quite speak in low voice maybe he/she went into asleep while remembering Him and maybe Allah give him/her reward of all night’s worship. Because whatever the intention is while sleeping, same thing will happen in dream. When you get up in the morning, don't worry whether you have the ablution or not. The ablution of heart is not performed with water. Keep on doing Hidden Chanting (Zikar-e-Khafi). Until the zikr is not synchronized with the heartbeat that is called Hidden Chanting, once Allah Allah starts with the heartbeat that is called heart meditation (Zikr-e-Qalbi). Today is your first step into Tarikat (mysticism).

When this Allah Allah starts with the heartbeats, today your vehicle started its journey towards Allah.

Now it needs the petrol, then offer prayers, observe fast and your vehicle will keep on moving. Then this vehicle! Tarikat (mysticism) is related with heart, and then this vehicle will reach straight there where the essence of Allah is.

Reality (Haqeeqat) is associated with sights. After receiving blessings from Allah it is called Mua’rifat.

Now because this Zikr is hot, by chanting Allah Allah, may be you feel some sort of heat. In this situation recite Darood Sharif and it will cool down. Again if you feel heat again recite recite Darood Sharif and it will cool down. One day Darood Sharif and Allah will unite and you will feel neither heat nor cold. 

Some people’s heartbeats are not prominent. Then, what should they do? Bulleh Shah said:  We soothe our companion by dancing” 

This is difficult to comprehend why he said so. Then he said: At this stage even dancing becomes worship

Bulleh Shah was asked what have you said this? He replied: "Bullah danced a lot and heartbeats became prominent then synchronized Allah Allah with those, and then finally Allah got pleased with me".

He said “The intention of Bullah was to pacify Allah. Allah doesn’t looks at deeds, He doesn’t looks at faces, He only looks at the intentions. I danced because my intention was to raise my heartbeat so that I may synchronize Allah Allah with it. You can do whatever you want to…do exercise, dance, run, apply the strokes of Allah hu when your heartbeat start to rise then synchronize Allah Allah with them. 

Many people say that without Bayat benevolence cannot be attained. We also say that without money mangoes can’t be bought, but if someone gives a basket full of mangoes it is a blessing from someone. It’s true without Bayat benevolence cannot be attained. If your heart starts to chant Allah Allah without any Bayat then, surely, this will be a blessing from any great personality. Then that benevolence is either from Allah or His Beloved. When benevolence starts coming from them, now you are Bayat or not does not matter, then they will be enough for you.

For this, those people who want to get the permission, it is not Bayat. This is the command of Allah, and this command is for everyone, you must tempt/try this. Within five, seven days if Allah wishes Allah Allah will start within you. It doesn’t matter whether you did Bayat or not. Neither we ask any kind of donation from you nor is it a Bayat.

Every person assumes that Allah Almighty is very kind upon me. Upon asking, how are you? He/she reply “Allah is very kind upon me I have car, a big house if this is not blessing then what is this”? Upon asking second person, how are you?  He/she reply “Allah is very kind upon me, I belonged from a poor family and now I became such big officer”. Upon asking third person, how are you?  He/she replies “Allah is very kind upon me, despite being in old age I am still healthy if this is not blessing then what is this”?

We say that if you consider such things as blessing then even infidels have all these things.

What Allah gave to infidels bestowed on you…so what is the blessing on you? If you really want to see His blessing, indulge yourself in His Zikr. If within two, four, five or six days, Allah Allah starts within you then you are blessed with His blessing. Allah says, “You remember me and I will remember you”. Only that person is remembered who is in friendship. 

If despite the effort your heart does not accept Allah Allah and Allah Allah does not starts then you are not blessed by His blessing at all. If you were blessed He must have accepted you within those who remember Him. The secret behind recognizing yourself, what I am, how much Bountiful Allah is upon me? This is the only touchstone. After this if He bestows car or bungalow then these are blessings. 

Those who wants take permission for this practice should admit by speaking along with my tongue and they will be permitted. Those people who do not want to get permission then they may sit silent for them there is no permission.

*****Allah Hu*****Allah Hu*****Allah Hu*****Allah Hu*****


If you also wish to get permission of Heart Meditation (Zikr-e-Qalb) from Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi The method is: when there is a full Moon from the East, look at it with concentration, and when you see the image of His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi on it, say Allah, Allah, Allah thrice, and you will be blessed with this spiritual grace. Thereafter, without any fear or reservation,begin the practice (of the meditation), as described. Believe (the fact) that the image on the Moon has spoken to many people in every language. You can also try looking, and speaking with it.


The second method is while watching this video (by clicking here) can get permission of Heart Meditation (Zikr-e-Qalb) by repeating ALLAH ALLAH ALLAH  with His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi and then you can do the practice of Zikr (meditation) without any fear.





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