Shahdara, Azad Kashmir. May 12, 1996 


اعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

I seek refuge and protection in Allah from Satan, the accursed

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Dear Fellows!

Assalam o Alaikum (peace & blessings be upon you)

This is my first chance of visiting this area of yours. The purpose of my arrival is neither political nor to hurt any sect and even not to criticize the government. There are people of divine (pure) heart in every city, in every town, and in every home; the purpose of my arrival is to bring those (people of divine heart) out and to send the voice of heart into their hearts. 

There were two types of knowledge in the period of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] – one for the people of ‘tongue’ that is called Shariat, and one for the people of ‘Hearts’ that is called Tareeqat (Mysticism). In the era of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH], those who just limited themselves to the ‘apparent Knowledge’ - among them some became ‘Khawarij’(expelled), some of them became hypocrites, and those who attained that ‘knowledge of Heart’ along with it, they were called to be Companion of Prophet (Sahabi), and they have gone after getting the rank highest than the saints.   

Now, that ‘knowledge of tongue’ is known to everyone; that is present with religious scholars - Maliki, Shaafi, Hambli, Hanfi – all of these are in Shariat and that ‘knowledge  of Heart’ is present with saints - Chishti, Naqishbandi, Qadri, Suharwardi. This knowledge was transferred to the saints.  

Religious scholars taught how to offer prayers and got our bodies stand in the court of God, while saints helped the ‘souls inside these bodies’ reach God.  As the scholars live near to us, and we meet them daily --- even five times a day. For this reason, everybody knows their teachings and Saints as they come sometimes after long period, they live very far from us, and they meet to very few people this is why their teachings have been very scarce/rare. When the teachings of the saints disappeared and only the apparent teaching left; which has made 72 sects --- created dissemination and revulsions among Muslims.  Now, we say that Muslims should find a true/original sect. Which was that true/original sect? Every sect calls themselves to be true. They held squabbles and dialogues with one another. Everyone called himself to be true. Neither this has won nor would they have won. Then, which one of them is true? Nowadays there are Sunni, there are Shi'as, and there are Wahabis. So many sects are there.  All of them --- Sunni, Shi'as, Wahabi, Deobandi, Parvezi --- make all of them stand --- peep deep inside them - all of them are ‘Black’ from inside. Then which one would be true. The one which would be true would have never been ‘Black’ from the inside.

There had neither been Sunni nor Shia nor Wahabi in the period of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. There had been Umti (The Follower) only in the time of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] and the Ummti is one --- Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] says “Umti is one who has the Light of God (Noor)”. It is also in the Hadith Sharif (prophetic tradition) that “In the Day of Judgment the Ummahs’ (nations) will be recognized through the (Noor) Light they have”. They were Ummti; is there any sect today calls themselves to be Ummati? No one calls themselves to be an Ummti. How they would declare when they don’t possess Light (Noor)? Ummti’s were containing Light, when that Light gradually disappeared; they started becoming Sunni, Shia, and Wahabi. If that Light will come again inside you, you will never say yourself that I’m a Sunni, I’m a Shia, or I’m a Wahabi. You’ll say only that I’m your Umti Ya Rasoolal’allah [PBUH]. This is enough for you.

Now, people think …… you must have heard from forefathers that these hearts chant Allah-Allah… must have heard this. Mostly people say that “they (hearts) used to chant now can’t do”. Many say that this is only an illusion. This heart is a piece of flesh; how this can chant Allah-Allah? If you become certain that this piece of flesh can really chant Allah-Allah – believe me – you won’t have a rest without doing this; you’ll not get asleep without this.  But, you say that this is nothing but an illusion. We have seen heart. It is a piece of flesh. And the Darveish (saints) say that “this tongue is also a piece of flesh” how this can chant Allah-Allah? If this piece of flesh can chant Allah-Allah then that ‘heart’ the piece of flesh that can also chant Allah-Allah.

There are some creatures inside this body. This was a body same-like this --- made with clay. When those creatures were put in it- someone’s duty was to think, someone’s duty was to see, someone’s duty was to smell, someone’s duty was to walk and one creature’s duty was to only recite Allah-Allah. The names of those creatures are mentioned in Hadith Sharif (Prophetic tradition) --- Qalb, Ruh, Sirri, Khafi, Akh’fa, Ana, Nafs. These are creatures within your chest and when these creatures went out, you decease. And when those creatures enter, you start walking around. There is one creature whose name is ‘Akh’fa’. Just like jinns and angels are creatures similarly they are also creatures. There is ‘one’ creature named ‘Akhfa’ which is nestled in the middle of the chest. This creature speaks with this piece of flesh (tongue). If someone doesn’t possess this creature Akhfa, doctors say that the tongue is functional then why he is not speaking? The difference between human and animals is because of these creatures. If these creatures would be in animals they would do speak something, even they would speak in stammering. They too have tongues; isn’t it? Now, there is Akhfa to make this tongue speak. The piece of flesh (The Heart) that is inside is called Fawad in Arabic, and the creature that is linked with it is called Qalb (spiritual entity).  The only difference is that the Akhfa is free while Qalb is covered under 180,000 layers. If someone awakes his Qalb then as this tongue chants Allah-Allah, the same way this heart will also chant Allah-Allah. But, how one will awake this Qalb? This is the only secret.

If someone who is not aware of the quality of an egg, if it is said to him that “this (egg) will fly in the air and it will twitter”. He’ll reply “you are telling lie, it has neither legs nor wings nor even a tongue --- and you say that this will squeak --- this will fly in the air; I eat it daily by breaking it, there is nothing in it”. It (egg) is for your admonishment. Its name is 'egg' and inside you – according to mysticism – there is a “baiza e’ nasuti” (The egg of human nature). There is a cock enslaved inside that (in the egg) and a cock of divine nature (Murgh-e-Lahuti) is enslaved inside it (in Human). That needs warmth from the outside. It needs strokes of Allah-Hu. That needs a hen and it needs a Murshid (the Spiritual Guide). What the hen will do? It will pass on heat according to its need. When she sees that the heat has exceeded; she will get up, later she will come back and sit again. What the Murshid will do? He will pass on the Light of God in your chest according to its caliber/wit. Now, when this egg will burst; there is none to teach it. It will start twittering without getting lessons. Why? Because it is in its nature; and when this will burst, he will chant Allah-Allah without being taught. Why? Allah-Allah is in its nature.

Now, you’re not chanting Allah-Allah. The creature which has got awakened inside you is chanting Allah-Allah. There are two types of rosaries here - one is your rosary which is being sold in bazaars. tik, tik, tik – There is another rosary fixed inside you, which is the rosary of that creature. Now you have become the teacher of that creature that your rosary is inside you. Now you synchronize Allah-Allah with it. Now it gets synchronized sometimes, and sometimes it is distracted, synchronized sometimes, sometimes it is distracted. After three years, it would be so strengthened that you get asleep profoundly and this Allah-Allah continued.

Now, how that Light (Noor) is produced; because the one, who has Light, is an Umti, indeed. Isn’t it? Now, how that Light (Noor) is formed? One Sikh said to us that “your ancestors say that there is Light (Noor) in the Holy Quran”. We said that “this is so, beyond any shadow of doubt”. He said that “I’ve come back serving as undercover agent of you (means your country). I made people offer their prayers being their prelate (imam). I had crammed many verses of Quran. I came back after spending twelve, thirteen years; I couldn’t become Noori (Light- beholder)”. There was a Christian sitting beside him. He said that “I recite your Quran day and night; I couldn’t become Noori (Light-beholder), too”. We said that “actually you didn’t recite with your heart”. They said "OK we didn’t recite it with heart; but your Muslim people, they do recite with their hearts; is not it? Then why haven’t they become Noori (Light-beholder)?” He said quite rationality. If they had recited with heart; why, then, they wouldn’t have become Noori? There is, indeed, Light (Noor) in this Quran. The Quran which has Light (Noor) is in the holy chest of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]; whom that chest embraces becomes Noori (Light-beholder) too, and this Quran (means hardcopy) has come via press; the Light (Noor) has to produce with it. We people don’t know the art how to form Light (Noor) with it. Those who know this art have become the Friends of God (Saints). Now, what is its method to form Light (Noor), then? You chant Allah-Allah with the rosary. You can do Allah-Allah also without tik-tik. Then, why you do chant Allah-Allah with this tik-tik? Why our ancestors told us that? Just like cloud collides with cloud, electricity/thunder comes out --- when stones collide, spark rise up --- the same way when Allah strikes with Allah, Light (Noor) is formed. But the Light which formed this way that is remained in fingers, this not entered inside. Some people recite Quran, do Allah-Allah with their tongue; Light (Noor) is formed but this doesn’t enter inside, too. This remains outside. If it would have entered inside, then all the reciter of the Holy Quran would have become Noori (Light-beholder). If all of them will become Noori, would sectarianism not come to an end? Now, likewise the tik-tik which is happening inside – with this tik-tik - this tongue cannot chant Allah-Allah; the creature that has got awakened, that is chanting Allah-Allah with it. When the repetition of Allah-Allah took place with these heartbeats, then that Light (Noor) is formed. Milk remains milk - when it is stirred, it turns into butter. Likewise, Zikr (commemoration) remains Zikr; it turns into Light (Noor) when it strikes. When strikes of Allah-Allah took place then the Light which is formed, it doesn’t stay outside ---mere in fingers --- it went straight into the blood and moving from blood, it enters into your veins ---  then travelling from veins it entered into your souls. When it entered in the souls --- those (souls) also got awaken --- and they also started chanting Allah-Allah. Then, you keep on sleeping --- these will continue to chant Allah-Allah. Even though you die, this Allah-Allah will continue in the grave --- and in the Day of Judgment this chanting of Allah-Allah will be continued. When these (souls) will keep on chanting Allah-Allah all the time, then the Light of this Allah-Allah will be accumulated in this heart. This is it’s headquarter. This is generator, Allah-Allah piled up. It is in a Hadith Sharif (Prophetic tradition) that “the Prayer of Momin (Momin is the one who contain Noor) is journey to Heavens (Meraj-ul-momineen)” --- not of a Muslim but of a Momin. A Muslim keep on striking the whole life can’t become a Momin because there is an interpretation of a Momin in Surah Hujrat. “The Arabs said, “We have brought faith (Emaan)”. God said, “No! Tell them, you’ve just embraced Islam, you’ll become Momin when Light will make its way to your hearts”. Only then you will become the Momin. Then how your prayer will become the journey? Now your prayer is not a journey to heaven yet. For your prayer/salat, Quran says that “ruined will be those Namazis’ (one who offers prayers) who are not aware of the Nimaz e haqeeqat (the prayer of reality). Their prayer is just Ostentation/show-off”. How that (prayer) is Ostentation?  Allah Almighty said to Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] “Qul’Ho Walla’ho Aa’had” – ‘say God is alone’. Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said Aamin! ("So be it; truly") Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said to the people, ‘say God is alone’. Those who said ‘aamin’ ("So be it; truly") became Muslims and those who didn’t accept became infidels, while those who pretended (said half-heartedly) – were hypocrites. Now to whom a Muslim states “Say! God is alone”. Dear! You are aware that God is alone --- then to whom you say time and again? “Say God is alone”. Bullah Shah said, “The whole debate ends in one pointek nukte wich gal mukdi ey.” You ask to your hearts that “say God is Alone”. The heart replies --- “there is no flour at home”. It doesn’t admit and makes artifices. Then you say, ‘AllaHus Mud’ (God is beyond needs) --- Heart says ---“no, wife is sick”. ‘Lum Ya Lid Walum’yo Lud’ (God neither gave birth to anyone nor gets birth from any one.) --- Heart says --- “you have got late from the duty.let’s go!” Infidel’s tongue doesn’t admit; Hypocrite’s hearts do not confirm and bodies of the Liars do not act. Now tell? Your heart was indeed a hypocrite!

Offering prayers with complete devotion and involvement (Khashu khazu) in the mosque.  God says, No! I see neither his beard nor his bowing. I see his heart and his intention. What people see, he is active/clever in that; and what God looks at, he does business in that. This is a demonstration prayer/prayer of apparent appearance (Namaz-e-Surat) which is offered by every sect.  This prayer is not reliable. Bullah Shah says “Your heart is playing with children; that in real you’ve played a fraudulent with God” (tera dil khaida’ey munde kurrian, kiti rab nal ve char su vee see). This prayer is offered by Muslims. It is offered by every sect. That spy went by offering this prayer. Now, that prayer which is the journey to Heavens (Meraj) of a Believer can only be offered by a Momin; a Muslim can’t offer it. How it becomes a journey to Heavens (Meraj)? Every human being who came (on earth), God installed a telephone in him. Dear! Because he has sent by Him so far as if whenever he (human being) feels a need to contact Him --- for this He fixed telephone in him. But the way this telephone has been fixed. Telephone is kept here --- it needs electricity. If there is electricity; then if the mobile is laid here, then the waves of electricity will ascend up and go straight in America. If there is Light of God (Noor) within you then the waves of the Light of God (Noor) will rise upward and go straight to the Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God). When, Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] approached up in Shab-e-Meraj 'the Night of Ascension'--- God bestowed gifts that gave them to your Ummat (Followers). Why? God does not want salat/prayers. If you don’t offer even a single prayer, even then He will remain Allah. His dignity doesn’t get down. Then, why He needs prayers? These are gifts. As one takes flowers with him going to a shrine --- the shrine’s Man doesn’t eat them. These are the mere gifts of faith. For this reason these gifts were given --- that pass them to your Ummat. They will send Me these gifts five times a day. When these gifts will approach to Me --- then, I’ll be remembered to them. They’ll be remembered to Me. Now, those gifts came down. Till Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] was present --- then behind this Imam PBUH--- the telephone was fixed in the front --- those gifts went up. Now, there is no any Imam having a telephone --- how you’ll send up, now? The home where telephone is installed, the gifts went up through that telephone. When that gift goes up, then it becomes the journey of a Momin. This is called Momin! There is also sainthood beyond this; that is within you. Saints who come do not fall from skies. They are within us and you. Everyone has the secret of sainthood inside them. Whoever child came in this world even if he is a child of an infidel --- he, too, came with the secret of sainthood. Who knows he will become a Muslim? Ask for repentance? And history is the witness that the children of infidels turned out to be Muslims and became saints of highest rank.  If infidel’s children can become saints, why the children of Muslims can’t become saints? What is that secret of sainthood?  You would have seen while sleeping at night you wander in other city. That’s not you but your inside’s creature which is called Nafs (Self). That keeps on wandering in satanic congregations and entered into your body when this returns back. There are several types of such souls inside you which are spiritual entities (Lataifs). There are seven spiritual entities (Lataifs). When those get ‘Light of God’/Noor --- those start nourishing with this ‘Light’ (Noor). When these are nourished with Light --- then you see that you are sleeping at night and you in the feet of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] with the help of those creatures when those are strengthened. Then, which those creatures are? When Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] went on Meiraj 'the Night of Ascension' Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] led a prayer at Bait-ul-Moqaddas (al-Quds al-Sharif) before reaching. The prayer which was led before; to whom it was led? To the souls of saints and prophets and when went up and got the ‘prayer’ --- for whom it was given? It was given for the people of nafs (self), so that they get purified through this prayer and will enter into ‘that’ prayer (prayer of soul). Even today if someone will purify himself and prepare his soul then, he is entered in ‘that’ prayer. This (prayer of physical body) is Shariat-e-Muhammadi. Here the Holy Body of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is called to be Muhammad [PBUH]. The name of the Holy Body of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is Muhammad [PBUH], and this is called Shariat-e-Muhammadi. And the name of the Holy Soul of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is called Ahmed [PBUH]; any soul that reached His [PBUH] soul enters in Shariat-e-Ahmedi. The name of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] up there is Ahmed [PBUH]. Then, once you would come up in front of Allah, then that place is called Makam-e- Mehmood (Station of Mehmood). There Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is named as Mehmood [PBUH].  Bhit shah (Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai) says “prayers and fasting is an easy task but that way is another”. Prayers and fasting are indeed good deed, but that way is another one. The prayer and fasting leads to paradise, do not leads to God; the way to reach God is another one. We saw people in mountains with very long rosaries, they are doing Allah-Allah, they are doing a lot of worship but didn’t found Allah. Saw in caves, didn’t found Allah. Saw in mosques --- thirty-forty years have gone offering prayers. Upon asking did you found Allah? Answered NO! Then, who has found God? Those found God who explored in their hearts --- they found God --- because the connection of God is with hearts. Now, the prayers which you are offering it have the connection with paradise and we give you a proof for it. You might have offered many prayers, might have counted rosaries, might have offered midnight prayers (Nimaz-e-Tahajjad) too, but whenever you have prayed (Dua), then you must have asked this that “O’ God grant me paradise”. You did for paradise that is why you asked for paradise. Recall! Have you ever asked, “O’ God I need you”? You never said so! Because you didn’t ever performed that act for God. When you will start chanting Allah-Allah in your heart --- that path leads towards God. When Allah will come into your heart, then you will never ask that God I want paradise. You’ll ask, God I want you; when Allah will be found, He will not keep you sit beside Him --- you will be sent to paradise ultimately. Then paradise will be given without asking for it. There are so many sects, they says vision of God is not possible. Many (sects) say that vision of God is possible. The vision which Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] had, was happened with His [PBUH] holy body, and vision which is happened to saints is actually through their inner creatures. God has planted those satellites within you. He (The almighty) created seven skies, by catching one creature from each sky; put it in your structure. Don’t know if he would be fond of visiting Malakoot (first sky) after preparing his Qalb (The Heart) he will walk around in Malakoot. Maybe he is fond of going to Jabaroot (second sky) then he will strengthen the Latifa rooh/soul and will go to Jabaroot.  It is possible he is fond of having a vision of God. Maybe he is fond of Seeing God. Then, he will strengthen Latifa Ana (spiritual entity Ana which is in the forehead) and will approach in front of God. Whenever someone prepares these creatures (spiritual entities). This Latifa Ana which is in the forehead its zikr /commemoration is ‘Ya Hu’, it gets prepared with ‘Ya Hu’. He becomes just like an angel. That time person thinks “lets’ see what is happening up there”. The person thought and he flies up. He is dependent on him. The angels stop him. He doesn’t stop. They say whoever it is will be burnt going beyond Bait-ul-Mamoor (the celestial Archetype of kaabah) because even angles can’t go beyond the Bait-ul-Mamoor and he goes even beyond Bait-ul-mamoor. He reached there, where God is. That time angels utter that “the man really is a superior of creations”. That time he is to be called ‘superior of creations’ now he is not. When he reached there with great effort ---he reached after a lot of sacrifices. Don’t know how much time he has spent in preparation, it must take minimum 12 years. Those people who went to the jungles they could offer their prayers at homes also. Then, why they went to the forests? They went there to prepare their creatures.  Once one approached to the court of God, then they see each other with great love & affection. Then Allah says: “I see you and you see me.” They look at each other with love & affection. Then, Allah’s image makes its way to his (Saint) eyes, from eyes it travels to his heart, when it (image of Allah) approaches in his heart then Allah instructs him to go back to the people now on “whoever will see you, will see me”. This is one who is called Perfect Spiritual guide (Kamil Murshid). “Seeing to such spiritual guide/murshid is like millions of pilgrims to me” and such a spiritual guide/murshid is eligible for bait, who makes one approach to God. And those who get sold are actually sold themselves for such a spiritual guide/murshid. Now, the question is that in our area wherever we walk around, there are Gaddi Nashin (The Shrine Sitters) and Sajjada Nashin (The Shrine Beholders) all of them have made themselves to be spiritual guide/murshid. Now, the spiritual guide/murshid which we chose, that we chose in order to seek God. This body doesn’t approach Allah but the inner things of the body use to go towards God. If he (murshid) doesn’t know how to make these things reach there, then how big a culprit he is?  Only wali/saints is eligible to make people bait. As there if anyone is not prophet but declares to be a prophet, is infidel and his followers also becomes infidels. Likewise, if someone is not a saint and pretends to be a saint reaches near to infidelity. The one was an infidel he was infidel for himself, but he (pretender of sainthood) indeed ruined lives of thousands of other people. Those scarce things, those scarce satellite through which the man had to approach God --- he ruined by entrapping them. He couldn’t be able to answer for it. On the other hand, there comes our scholar community. On one hand, the Ghaddi Nashins and Sajjada Nashins ruined our inner self and on the other hand the scholar community came they have ruined our faith and divided us in 72 sects.

There are three types of Scholars; one of them is Aalim-e-Rabbani (Godly scholar). Aalim-e-Rabbani is one whose inner self has been enlightened; Divine light (Noor) has come inside him. Then, that (noor) magnet is attached to it. Just like a magnet is laid here small needles are being thrown it catches them, drags them towards it since it has a relation with it. Likewise when the sphere of Divine light comes here --- anyone upon whom befall a sphere of Divine light, no matter an ordinary one or a scholar. When, there comes the sphere of Light/Noor inside the heart of a scholar, then when he offer prayers, its Light/Noor also goes within; he recites Quran it’s Light/noor also goes within. Then, it is said that “Apparently he looks to be a reciter, in reality he is a Quran himself”. Now, you go through the whole Quran it is not written anywhere that offer your prayers/salat, rather it is only mentioned there that ‘establish your prayers’ (Namz Qaim Karo). Those people used to offer prayers. Allah said, ‘establish your prayers’. With mere offering of prayers, one will remain a Muslim the whole life but with ‘establishing of prayers’ will become a scholar of action (Aalim Ba’amal) and will become a true believer (Momin).  What is this --- ‘offering of prayers’?  All of you offer your prayers; do you? You were reciting book (the Quran). You closed it and everything finished. Why do you finish it? Establish it. Make your prayers nestle inside you. Once your inner self will be enlighten. Then prayers will be establish inside you. Now, until the Divine light/Noor doesn’t goes within, it is not established. Offered does not mean settled/established. God said, “Establish it”. Establish Divine light inside you. Then, you recite the Quran its Light will go within. The insult of such a scholar is actually the blasphemy/insult of the religion Islam. If there is such a scholar, insulting him is actually the insult of the religion Islam. This type of scholar converted infidels into Muslims. Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said for these type of scholars that they are like the prophets of Bani Israel. Well this is a ‘scholar of action’; he is called to be Aalim-e-Rabbani (Godly scholar). He taught us religion. Converted infidels into Muslims and then comes the second scholar he could not convert infidels into Muslims but made sects among Muslims and declared Muslims as infidel. The Godly scholar has Quran in his chest and he (Worldly scholar) has Quran in his hands, there is Quran in his (Godly scholar's) chest and worldly scholar has a Quran in his hands and kept on reciting whole day and night but Quran doesn't goes within him. If it (Quran) would have gone inside, it would have guided him.  The Quran itself says “Hodalil Muttaqeen I Guide those who are pious" and the scholar who was pious he was guided and became himself the source of Guidance for others. This one (worldly scholar) was not himself pious. The Quran didn’t enter within him. The Quran remained in his hands. No matter if he keeps himself busy the whole life, the Quran still has remained in his hands. He (Worldly scholar) couldn’t become a saint/wali. That (first Scholar) became ‘scholar of action’ and don’t know how many further status he had achieved. Thereafter comes the third type of Scholars. They’ll be also seemed to you in numbers. He had recited a lot but it does not make its way inside him. He has recited a lot. Then what he did? He kept Quran it under his armpit. He become distress and kept it under his armpit. He said “O' I could not find God, at least get a chair (political position)” and involved into politics. Keeping the Quran under his armpit, he started politics. Even though politics does not suit to him, but he has a right, too. Since he could not found God at least achieve the material world. For that scholar Bullah Shah said, “After eating all, rebuffed those; who has Quran under their armpits” that after eating all. In the morning they say that “Benazir (late prime minister of Pakistan) is an infidel” and in the evening after receiving some money said “it was not said by me”. They rebuffed. When someone is engaged in chanting Allah-Allah all the time, his heart engaged in chanting Allah-Allah. Anything enters the heart love happens with it. Now, Allah-Allah has nestled in the heart, love with Allah happened. Love is connected to this heart it is not connected to tongue. Those who utter with tongue they are dissembler. Love is not done; it happened itself.  When they chant Allah-Allah --- Allah’s love comes in their heart. When love of Allah comes in the heart. Then, Allah does not like that someone owe anything to Him. Spend one rupee for Him, and He will return ten. Do one virtue, and He gives the reward of ten good deeds. Make a little love and He loves ten times more. To whom Allah loves, He [Allah] sees (that person) one day ‘Sees’ him with great love. The day when Allah looked at you, then love goes away and is replaced by Ishq (Passionate love). Then I am yours and you are Mine. Allama Iqbal said about this stage "If there is Ishq (Passionate love), infidelity is also Islam”. If Ishq (Passionate love) of God comes inside you, then in infidelity one becomes the Muslim. Then he said further “If there is no ‘Ishq’ (Passionate love) then even a Muslim is the infidel and heretic”. Allama Iqbal said this. You (Muslims) call each other infidel and heretic. Now, this Allah-Allah which is given to this Ummah, even the prophets of the rest of Ummahs’ were longing for it. Prophet Moses [AS] used to chant ‘Ya Rehman’ (O’ Compassionate), Prophet Jesus [AS] --- Ya’ Qudoos (O’ Pure), Prophet Solomon [AS] --- Ya’Wahhab (O’ Giver), Prophet David [AS] Ya’ Wadood (O’ Friend, O’ Love), and the remaining prophets kept on reciting the Kalima (the Moto) of (Mursal) Messenger of their time.

One day, Prophet Moses [AS] said, "Allah! Let me have a vision of you". He [Moses] was replied, "You can't bear it". Moses asked “Would there be anyone who can bear it”. Answer came, “Only my Beloved and His (Ummat) followers”. God had said of ummah, not of a Muslim --- “Only my Beloved and His (Ummat) followers”. Prophet Moses [AS] came in Jalal (tempestuous) “I'm a prophet and not even equal to the Ummah (followers). Let me have a vision of You. It will be seen”. Allah revealed His vision and Prophet Moses [AS] went into unconsciousness. What is the reason that Prophet Moses went into unconscious on Koh-e-Toor (Mount Sinai) in this world and Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is went in Front and smiled? The body of Prophet Moses [AS] contained the Light of attributed Name 'Ya'Rehman' (O’ compassionate). He [Moses] couldn't bear the Personage (Zaat). The Noble Body of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] contained the Light of Personal name. The Noble Personage smiled before The Personage (zaat) and through Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] this Ummah received that Personal name and then it got Superiority (Fazilat). Then only it got supremacy; is not it? It is mentioned in a Hadith Sharif (Prophetic tradition) that “On the Day of Judgment the Followers (of different Prophets) will be recognized through Light (Noor)”. These are glittering with Ya Rehman --- this is the ummah of Prophet Moses [AS], these are glittering with Ya Wadood --- this is the ummah of Prophet David [AS], and these who are glittering with Allah-Hu --- is the ummah of Prophet Muhammad[PBUH]. Then, those who would be sitting without having this Noor/Light, they would be then either Sunni or Shia or Wahabi they would be seemed as spy. The prophets of Bani Israel were kept on longing for it, while the Saints of this ummah claim that we have had vision of God. Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa said that I have seen God 99 times. Hazrat Ibrahim bin Adham said that I have had the vision of God 70 times. Sakhi Sultan Bahu says that whenever I wish to have a vision of God I can. This is the dignity of this ummah.

One day Prophet Isa/Jesus [AS] said that “‘O' Allah I have great passion to see you”. Allah said, "Had not you seen the condition of Moses [AS]". Since He [Jesus] had seen His [Moses] state --- so got anxious and asked. “Then, how to have your vision”? Allah replied, "You'll have to become the Follower (Umti) of my Beloved Prophet [PBUH]". Jesus [AS] replied, “I’m agreed”.  He [AS], then, lifted up alive. Now, Mahdi (AS) will come. Jesus [AS] will take oath of allegiance from Him. He will become an umati. Then, He [AS] will have the vision of Allah. See! What the dignity of an ummati. For scholars --- for Godly scholars Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said that “they will be like the prophets of Bani Israel” because neither their Prophets nor their Scholars could have vision of God and said for these saints/wali that “the Prophets of Bani Israel will be envious of my saints”. The day when Isa/Jesus [AS] would come and becomes the disciple of Imam Mehdi ---will not all the Prophets be envious? After Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] the highest rank in the line of Prophecy is of Prophet Isa/Jesus [AS] and so He [AS] himself have come forward to became disciple.  Now, how this Personal name can be acquired, let us tell the method also. Maybe there is someone having a Heart (divine heart). Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahu wrote a book named ‘Noor–ul-Huda’ that cannot be understood. One day encountered/met with him. We asked, although you have written this book but nobody could understand it, thousands of people read it; they say we are unable to understand it? Then he (Sultan Bahu) just said; “it is ok, it may not be understood by thousands of people, it may not be understood till thousand of year even after thousand years, if only one would be able to understand it, he would let thousands of others to understand it; this way, my effort will bring fruit”. We met a captain of navy. He started saying to me, “I’ve a great striving for God” I write Allah on paper everyday several thousands of times and put it into the sea but many years have passed, I could not find even a tiny indication of God”. Dear! God is in the heart, you were putting into the sea --- writing after writing Allah on paper, and you kept on putting it into the sea. You should have put Him into your heart. How to put Him into the heart? This is the only point. If one could understand it. Now how this Allah goes into the heart? If it goes into the heart, only then efforts will bring fruit. This (Allah) is to be written 66 – sixty six times on paper every day. Write it with good handwriting, write after the Fajar prayer. Otherwise any time in a day whenever you get a chance. You may write several times in a day five, six, seven times but whenever you start writing write it with great love; who knows, you are writing and He is looking. Maybe while doing this you’ll be accepted. He is point rewarding. You will write few days and a day will come that whatever you were writing on paper is started moving in your eyes. It came from paper into eyes. Imagination established. This is called beholder of imagination. Whenever imagination starts recurring into eyes, then stop writing. Then, transfer it from eyes to the heart with full concentration. Then, if God wished, whatever you were writing on paper would be seen as written on heart. That time the heart beat will get fasten --- til-tik-tik. Synchronize Allah-Hu with this tik-tik --- Allah with one and Hu with the other. That rosary of the heart has begun. When it will be seen in writing here ---person with police tag is a policeman and one with Allah written (on heart) will be man of Allah. When you go to sleep at night consider this finger a pen with imagination write Allah on your heart while writing go to asleep.  The slumber should befall upon you while doing this because the intention one has at the time of sleeping the same happens in dreams also. You slept while chanting Allah-Hu and continued chanting Allah-Hu in dreams. We used to run a canteen in Chakwal (city in Pakistan) some conductors (Person who take fare from people in public transport) the conductors of the buses, used to sleep over there in our canteen they kept on snorting.  We saw them, they were snorting with great delight but they are saying “Lahore – Pindi, Lahore – Pindi” they came from Lahore for Pindi --- they kept on watching this in dream also. Then, once your thought will be turned towards Allah in sleeping and in awaking and even while working--- then, family-members will say that “you were doing Allah-Hu” you will reply that “I was sleeping”. When you get up in the morning, you have ablution or not (no matter) keep on doing hidden chanting (Zikr-e-Khafi). It is called hidden commemoration unless it is synchronized with heartbeats. The hidden commemoration (Zikr-e-Khafi) is not any destination; it is mere worship. The day when your heartbeats started calling Allah-Allah, today, your journey has begun. This is called Tareeqat (mysticism) and the connection of Tareeqat is with this heart --- today, your vehicle has started its journey towards Allah. Now, this vehicle needs petrol; then offer prayers and keep fasting – these will act as its petrol, then this vehicle will approach. Then once this vehicle by chanting Allah-Allah will approach to Allah, this is called Haqeeqat (reality). The relation of Haqeeqat is with these sights. Now, here arises a question which irritates our scholars but we don’t have any enmity with them and nor have any enmity with Peers (worldly spiritual leaders); this is order of Allah which we are illustrating. Regardless of it seems right to someone or feels bad to someone. Here, wherever we have gone, our scholars said that everything is present in the Shariat. They said mysticism is also in Shariah, Haqeeqat is also present in Shariat; Maarfat is also present in Shariat. We went to Norway, there is signboard bearing that “there is 'no world' beyond this point”. If someone who is adventurer (explorer) of the world will stop by approaching there that there is no world ahead of it and what he’ll do going any further? Likewise, the one who is in the seeker of Allah will get stuck in Shariat that nothing is ahead of this Shariat; what should I do going beyond this? Why they did not said that these hearts also chant Allah-Allah? There are also people of hearts. These eyes, too, do see God. There are also the ‘people of eyes’. So that people should search for it.

They say that there is no asceticism (Rehbanait) in Islam. If there has not been this asceticism (Rehbanait) in the Islam; then, was Ghous Pak (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalani) not in Islam? Was Khawaja Sahib (Moin-udin Chisty) not in Islam? They lived many years in jungles. Shariah does not exist in jungles. Shariah is found in cities, in madrassas, and in mosques. Why, then, they went into jungles? That was some other knowledge. That was the knowledge of Tareeqat, Haqeeqat, and Marafat. When they came back – they came after becoming great perfect saints.

Once those heartbeats, then, chant Allah-Allah --- then, there are some people whose heartbeats non-prominent for them; the Friends of God have invented some methods. Qalander Pak (Lal Shahbaz Qalander), when people went to see them, he used to say “let’s dance”. That dance still exists. He made them dance. Once I went to Sehwan (Place where shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalander is situated) there, that time people used to dance with Allah-Hu. Now, they dance with “Dama’dam must Qalander”. Two people among them felt unconscious while dancing. I started sprinkling water on one and there was another man whose teeth were too tight and closed that even water was not going inside and the voice was coming from the heart “Dama’dam must Qalander”. We thought that these days they do “Dama’dam must Qalander” and the voice of “Dama’dam must Qalander” comes from the hearts. That time (when they used to dance with Lal Shahbaz Qalander) as they used to dance with Allah-Hu, that time the voice of Allah-Hu would be coming from their hearts.

That is why Bullah Shah said, We persuade our Friend by Dancing Assan nach k yar manaya”. He was asked, then that “can the Friend be pleased by dancing?” It was then known that, they (Bullah Shah) danced and they danced a lot, heartbeats got aroused/prominent then, Allah-Allah was synchronized with them, then the Friend become pleased.

Ameer Kalal made people play Kabaddi. While he was playing kabaddi, Baha-ud-din Naqashband who was a big scholar of the time reached there for Spiritual Grace (Faiz).  He asked “where is Ameer Kalal”? Baha-ud-din Naqashband was replied; “He is playing Kabaddi”.  Said; “Saint can’t play kabaddi, I have came here uselessly”. As he turned back to leave the earth stopped him. Afterward, the same Khawaja Baha-ud-din Naqashband played kabaddi with him and became such a great saint. What was the secret in kabaddi? He made the run a lot. When the heartbeats become prominent/arouse. Then, he used to say now leave playing kabaddi and synchronize Allah-Allah with them.

There is another easy method and that is stroking of Allah-Hu, Allah-Hu. Now, some people chants Allah-Hu with strokes. While some people say that they make noise. They speak correctly. If you go to home after stroking of Allah-Hu, you have gone making noise, then. It was better than that to remember Him in your heart. Even they don’t know, what is the reason to apply these strokes? When these strokes of Allah-Hu -- Allah-Hu are applied continuously for one hour, then the same position happens which happened after playing the kabaddi. The heart starts beating. Then Allah-Hu is synchronized with those heartbeats.

They say that farming is half of sainthood. How is that (half of sainthood)? The bull is walking ahead and behind it he (farmer) is also walking. He is walking the whole day. The heart of the bull has started beating and his own heart has also started beating. Now, if Allah-Allah is synchronized with that beat, then it is half of sainthood. Otherwise, the way it’s (Bull) heart is beating, so is his heart beating. This was the method for it.

Now, permission for this is also required. What this permission is? You offer the Tahajjad (midnight prayer) here whole night and day keep on offering prayers. Satan keeps on laughing standing at a corner. Why? Your heart is in my hands, whenever I’ll wish --- I’ll turn it and you have complain one day that “I was much used to offer Tahajjad (midnight) prayers, don't know what has happened to me now even couldn't offer the obligatory prayers (Farz)”. The Satan has turned the heart. Whenever someone starts ‘the worship of heart’ then, Satan thinks that if this Allah-Allah once will enter into his heart, he will slip away from my hands for the whole life. 

BaYazeed Bastami went to the jungle in his youth. When he does rest of the worship, Satan kept on seeing him but as soon as he started chantig of Allah-Hu with strokes, he (Satan) start teasing by coming near to him (BaYazeed Bastami). He (BaYazeed Bastami) was a man of sight. One day, he (BaYazeed Bastami) ran after satan having a stick in his hand that “today I would kill him". The voice came that “O’ BaYazeed it won’t be killed with sticks. It is burnt with the Light of God. You do so much zikr/commemoration that you become the Light of ‘Light’ (Noor ala Noor)”. When BaYazeed became the Light of Light, then even magicians left the city of Bastam.

The Satan knows that with chanting of Allah-Allah, Allah can be written on the heart of someone. Why Khawaja Bahaddin Naqashband is called to be Naqashbandi? He made the name of Allah imprinted on the hearts of people. Quran also says that there are some such people on whose hearts ‘Allah’ Faith is get embossed. There are some people who chant Allah –Allah every time, holy Medina appears on their hearts. Since Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is not God and even not apart from God. Then wherever he is, is actually in Medina. There are some such people who always chant Allah-Allah; Khana Kaaba appears on their hearts. One day, Majjadad Alif Sani saw that Genie (jins) and angels are bowing in adoration to him. He got very much worried. Has any satanic wile/illusion happened? This adoration is not allowed for human being, why they are bowing in adoration? A voice came "don't be frightened, they are not bowing in adoration for you, they are bowing to Khana Kaaba that has been settled inside you”. When Khana kaaba appeared on the heart of Rabia Basri, that Kaaba (which is in Mecca) was ordered to “go and circumambulate (tawaf) to 'This' (Kaaba which was in the heart of Rabia Basri) you were made with mud & clay by Abraham [AS] and I (Allah) made it with my own Light (Noor)”.Then, Maulana Rumi said that “the heart in which kaaba settles is better that thousands of Kaabas”. That (which is in Mecca) was made by Ibrahim [AS]. This is made by Allah by His Light/Noor. Once Kaaba is settles it’s still not complete yet; that person is called half Qalander. That is why it is said that she is half Qalander! The Kaaba was settled in her heart and the Kaaba made its circuit, too. Even then it is said that she is half Qalander. Then, who is that complete/full Qalander? She was half the Qalander because she could not have the vision of God. She could only talk with God. Woman couldn’t have the vision of God. No matter how great the saint she might be, she could talk with God. Those who are complete/full Qalander they also talk with God, they have the vision of God, too. That image of God comes in their hearts, then for them it is said that “I become their tongue with which they speak, I become their hands with which they hold”. Now, the religion ‘Islam’ is like a bird. The bird has two wings. There are many people who try to fly with one wing but they can’t fly. They only offer prayers. They do everything with tongue. They kept themselves busy day and night in this. Forty, fifty, sixty, hundred years have gone they are still ‘Namazi” (persons who make prayer/salat). He is still fluttering there in the mosque but hasn’t reached above. We saw second type of people, those people who quit offering prayers, started chanting Allah-Allah with their hearts. They are in jungles. They, too, were not able to approach God. Only, they were able to approach God who also offered prayers and also kept on chanting Allah-Allah with their hearts. Only, those people approached to God. These are two wings. In present time, everyone person is in search of ‘straight path’. O’ it will be know in just in five minutes and no one will say that he has said wrong. What is the straight path? Infact you are confused for many years. What is the straight path? These Deobandees, these Mirza’ee, these Wahabi, these Sunni, these Shia. All of you within ten minutes will approve my words by nodding your head that he speaks correctly. If someone here who is an infidel or a Hindu he, too, will say that he says rightly.

One are those people who are outwardly also spoiled, inwardly also spoiled, neither offer prayers nor keep fast apparently; not their hearts chant Allah-Allah. May they be Sunni or Shia or Wahabi; they are not on the straight path. They are not on Straight path. You have kept these names here, we are talking of ‘straight path’.

Second types of people are those who are outwardly spoiled and inwardly chanting Allah-Allah. There are such people, too, as of “Dhanka Sharif” there is no prayer and neither fasting in apparently, the heart is chanting Allah-Allah but whom he beats with stick gets Grace (faiz). But if anyone imitates him becomes the heretic. If you will imitate them, you will become heretic. Thus that is also not straight path. He beats with sticks even to Benazir! Can you exhibit by beating with sticks? If you will imitate him, you will become the heretic. Thus this is not a straight path, too.

Third are those people who are outwardly pious but inwardly dark. Our scholars (Ulama), worshippers (abid) and the pious (zahid) apparently prayers and rosaries, everything is there; inwardly they are dark. There is nothing inside them. Allah lives in this heart. If Allah is not there, then Satan stays in it. Then, this also is not the straight path. If it would have been the straight path, then, why 72 sects would come into being? These were the people who created these (sects); these are the ‘people with beard’ who had created; these are the people who offer prayers who had created. Then if they would be on the straight path, then all should be like them. Then, what is the straight path?

Outwardly should be correct and inwardly should also be correct. There should be some prayers and fasting apparently and the heart should also chants Allah-Allah. Tongue is uncontaminated and the heart is uncontaminated, too. This is the straight path!

From anywhere it may be achieved. From anywhere it may be achieved. This is indeed the straight path. Presently all are Islamic countries Iran, Iraq, Pakistan all recite kalma (Moto) with their tongue. They are ‘one’ by their tongue but they are not ‘one’ from hearts. There is Satan in their hearts and what does Satan do? It makes a brother quarrel/fight with another brother; it makes a husband quarrel with his wife. They do not acknowledge each other as a Muslim with their hearts; they call each other infidels. When your hearts would recite Kalima; then, they will be one by their tongues and they will also be one in their hearts. Now, the Satan knows that a person can reach this level. It (Satan) has an army of (Jinns) Genie/evil spirits, commands them “go and ruin him, destroy him, do whatever you can; this Allah should not enter within him, otherwise he will slip away. You don't have even one (Jin) Genie to combat them. Don't have even one (Jin) Genie to combat them. Then, from where one gets permission; Allah gives them also the Compassionate (Rehmani) Army. As soon as that Satan's army attacks you; this Compassionate Army attacks on them. That Compassionate Army will accompany you until Allah - 'The Compassionate' is not got up inside you. Then, one doesn't remain only Man; becomes the Man giver (banda nawaz). Doesn’t remain poor, becomes the Poor giver (ghreeb nawaz). There will be many people whose Spiritual guide (Kamil Murshid) will be perfect. There will also be many people who will be entrapped just for nothing. Every Spiritual guide (Murshid) considers himself to be a perfect one. The one take bait (Oath of Allegiance) from someone, he bait from him by considering him to be a perfect one. If really he is perfect, then he is may be of any nature; his spiritual guide will himself will purify him, but if he not a perfect one then your life has been deteriorating. Now it is necessary that you should know about your spiritual guide that either he is perfect one or not. There should be confirmation. Now, there is a goldsmith. He goes to buy gold. He doesn’t lose. He has a touchstone. When this Allah-Allah will begin inside you --- Allah-Allah will begin inside your heart, the heartbeats will call Allah-Allah. Allah-Allah will form Light/noor. You may go to Bari Imam There is also Allah; here is also Allah (within you). When clouds collide with each other, thundering is also produced.  Here is also Allah; there is also Allah (within you). Allah Allah will collide with each other throbbing/quivering (riqqat) will be produced, Dhikr/chanting of heart will become more faster. You will understand! This is a spiritual man. Then further you may go to Data Sahib. There is also Allah; here is also Allah (within you). Then rumbling sound is being produced in your chest then you will quiver, then you’ll understand that there is some perfect saint. Then go to your spiritual guide. The state you felt at Data Sahib and Bari Imam, if the same happens again while being with your spiritual guide, then it would be good enough. This is your good luck. If you go to him repeatedly. Time and again going to him and still you feel nothing then it means that there is nothing. Your life is being ruining. It is necessary that you should first obtain a touchstone; then, you should depart for their search. Then, whenever you will find someone, you will found a perfect Spiritual Guide (Kamil Murshid).

Sakhi Sultan Bahu said “search, search even if you are vanished, your entire house will be vanish, just few moments before death if you achieve this thing it would be a very cheap deal”. Whenever you will go, you will go there with the wealth of faith. Once ‘Allah’ will be written on your heart, then you will go with faith. For this we make you neither our disciple nor ask any gifts/oblations. We will protect you until those Holy spirits do not get awakened inside you. Then wherever you find a perfect one, you can make bait (Oath of Allegiance) by going to him. Wherever it is seen, whoever then you will find, he would be true one. These Chishti, Naqashbandi, Qadri, Suharwardi these are chains (SilSilay). But some of our people hold belief like this that they say our grandfather was a Chishti, our father was also Chishti, I’m a Chishti too and my son is also Chishti. Why should we leave Chishtis? This is what you say; isn't it? But the secret is this that these are four vehicles. Earlier there were nine vehicles out of them five got punctured. Now, four left behind. Now, out of these four another one has been cut off. Suharwardi has also been cut off; they have limited themselves in Naat Khawani (the Praises of Prophet [PBUH]). They have left commemoration/dhikr. Now, these vehicles are start --- sometimes the vehicle of Chishtis gets start --- sometimes the vehicle of Naqashbandis gets start, and sometimes the vehicle of Qadris gets start. One after the other these do not simultaneously. These go towards Allah turn by turn. If you have a wish to reach Allah then sit in any vehicle which is start. All of these are sent by God --- these have been sent for you ---they proceed turn by turn. Sit in any vehicle which is start position, it is not offence. Yes! If your vehicle is moving position, then tries to take off, then that is an offence. If someone’s heart is chanting Allah-Allah, he doesn’t need to get permission. His Murshid/guide was a perfect one. That is why Allah-Allah has begun in his heart. If there is no Allah-Allah inside anybody, it means his vehicle has not proceeded. Then, he should come and sit in the vehicle. The greed which we have from you, one/single greed we have. We’ve come here with our own expense and we will go with our own expense. Then, why we go place to place even we go up to Europe. We have a little greed.  Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] also had that greed. For this reason Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] has also been said to be ‘avaricious’. People ask that why it has been said Prophet (PBUH) avaricious? Now, see either you go to Allah or in Hell or in Paradise; we don’t bother it? What we have wished to achieve have already accomplished. Just like the ‘vehicle’ belongs to someone, buyer is someone else and seller is someone else, agent works as a middleman in between. The agent convinces one party, and then he convinces the other party. He convinces the both parties. The vehicle doesn’t belong to him. He talks to one party and wretched man talks to another party. Don’t know how many hours he spends. When the ‘vehicle’ is sold, he gets commission from this side and he gets commission from that side. Same is our situation. Now, we are convincing you, and then we will convince Him (Allah). Once chanting of Allah-Allah will begin. We will get a commission for it. He will give us, and we will get your commission too. This is the greed we have. Our ranks increase with this Allah-Allah. Because the zikr you will do, whoever taught you will get double (two times) reward and the one who taught him will get four times (rewards) and the one who taught him will get eight times (rewards). It goes up to ten times. Now, what I have talked yet, if anybody has an objection on it, he can ask. Anything which I have talked and one could not understand it and if have any objection he can ask. After that take Zikr (commemoration) and test your luck. We have talked. Soon, we will pray (dua) for what we will pray, it is possible that God will fulfill it. Needs never became fulfilled. Then what will you do? God says “remember me and I will remember you(FazkoRuni Azkurkum). When chanting of Allah-Allah will begin within you, not with tongue but with heart. Once Allah-Allah will start, the access of this heart --- the access of the tongue is to America while the access of the heart is to Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God) and once your Allah-Allah will start resonating at Arsh-e-Mo’alla. You will not go there, your voice will do go there ‘Allah – Allah’. Allah himself will hear this voice every day. Now, He says “remember me and I will remember you”.  Everyone is chanting Allah-Allah. Will He call by pronouncing your names one by one? No. All these voices of Allah- Allah resonate there. He is hearing all voices. He is familiar with all voices. But one voice seems sad. Allah- the Almighty asks to angels, “What has happened with him?” Angels reply “O’ God! This trouble has befallen upon him”. Allah- the Almighty says, “I don’t want to see him in grief”. And he did not even raise his hands and his work has been done. So, make this pray (dua), which will bring fruit here in this world and in the life hereafter. The time when you die, the angels will come. They will ask you,” Tell who your God is”? The first questions they will ask you is, “Tell who your God is?” you remove the coffin aside; they’ll see ‘Allah’ embossed. They will not dare to ask you another question. Learn this art, it will benefit here and it will benefit in the hereafter and it will become a ‘pray’ (dua) for the lifetime. When you learnt Allah-Allah over here, your body has to be finished but if your soul has learnt Allah-Allah, the soul will not be destroyed; it will be continue doing Allah -Allah till the Day of Judgment. How much your status would be raised till the Day of Judgment? It is there in Hadith (Prophetic tradition)Those who are blind here will be blind in hereafter”. If you didn’t learnt Allah-Allah here, then there the same soul will go. You yourself will not go. Thus you’ll be blind there, too.

Question: Sarkar! There is a question that as there is an order for men to do Dhikr, they are believer (momin). Is there any such commandment also for women. Women who are believers (momin) they should do Dhikr?

Answer: There is an order for women, too. “The women who do dhikr/mention and the men who do dhikr/mention all of them are sent by God”. It is for both of them “Azzakireen’a Wazzakeraat”. And these creatures are inside everyone, either one is a woman or a man. These creatures which are “Lataif” (spiritual entities). These are inside everyone and these, your Lataif (spiritual entities) which are human within you --- it is mentioned in a verse (Quran)while standing, sitting, and even lying you are on your backs do my zikr/mention”. On the other hand it’s also mentioned there “also make marriages, do your businesses also and also make my zikr/mention every time”. The person trapped in confusion, people thought a lot.  At last they started saying “then it would be that, while standing up recite this verse, while sitting recite this verse, while sleeping recite this verse, for business recite this verse” this was what had understood? No. He said, “Do your business also and make my mention/zikr too”. He said, “You make that ‘human’ awake once, then keep yourself busy in your work, you have children he doesn’t has children, you keep on doing your work and he will do Allah-Allah, You keep on sleeping --- he will do Allah-Allah, you keep on merchandising --- he will do Allah-Allah. Slumber befall upon you, slumber doesn’t fall upon him. Those ‘humans’ are within everyone, anyone who will be able awake them either man or woman. After that, once all humans awake up, these are seven plus nine. The names of the seven are formally written in Quran as well as in Hadith (Prophetic tradition) “Rooh (The Soul), Qalb (The Heart), Sirri (the Secret), Khafi (the Hidden), Akhfa (the deeply Hidden), Ana (The Ego), Nafs (the camal Self or the Ego)” these are seven Lataif (Spiritual entities). The other nine are “Jussa’ also have their formal names in Quran “Qalb-e-Saleem (the sound Heart), Qalb-e-Muneeb, Qalb-e-Shaheed, Nafs-e-Ammarah (the commanding Self or the carnal Self), Lawwama (repenting self), Mulhima, Mutma’ennia (Satisfied self)” these are their names. These all are creatures inside you.

Nine people invited Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini for a meal simultaneously. Person thinks how come he (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini) reached nine places (simultaneously)? The body didn’t go there. The creatures that are inside the body were gone there. If they (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini) took meal from nine houses simultaneously, they might have sat, might have stood, might have also did conversation; and those which have the power to sit, stand, and talk; then this is what is in prayer/salat. It is said “prayer/salat of a Darveish (saint) is offered on Arsh-e-Mo’alla (the highest realm-the Throne of God)”. The body doesn’t go to Arsh-e-Mo’alla. The things which are inside the body those go to Arsh-e-Mo’alla. Then, whom Reward (sawab) is given? To whom these belong to.

Once people said to Mujadid Alif Sani “I have seen you in Khana Kaaba on that very day”. He replied “I have not gone there”. The other man said “the same day I have seen you at the shrine of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]”. He replied “I have not gone there”. The third one said “on the same day I have seen you at the shrine of Ghous Pak (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalini)”. He replied “I have not gone there”. People asked “then what was it”? He (Mujadid Alif Sani) replied “it was my ‘Inner self’”.

And when Prophet Muhammad [PUBH] passed through the grave of Prophet Moses [AS], Moses [AS] was offering his prayer in the grave and when reached up, He [AS] was present there, too.  What was else? Were not these things?

Now, which you go to shrines; you get some Grace that is why you go there. Now, what is the Grace in it? Grace is to be received from an alive; from the dead no Grace can be received. Go to living honor him. Now, since he has given life to his ‘humans’, the real/original things are these. This (physical body) is an unoriginal one; this will be turned into dust. He has made alive his real/original ‘humans’ who goes up there in Bait-ul-Mamoor, goes to the khana kaaba from here. He has made alive his creatures. He has gone into the grave. His creatures are chanting Allah-Allah sitting in the grave and are offering prayers and are giving Grace to people. Then how he is dead? Only that you can’t see; he is alive, actually. He eats and drinks, offers prayers, and chants/zikr; is it not Shirk. Is it Shirk?? Yes, it is Shirk when, one who didn’t learn this art, didn’t awake them (his humans), and these things got finished inside him. When he died either bones left behind or stone left, there is nothing else left (other than those bones and stones). Reverence to those bones and stones, is a Shirk. The mere honor to bones and stones is a Shirk. The reverence of the livings is not Shirk. The friends of God are alive. This is not Shirk. While those who say that they have finished. Actually, their own inner-self has finished. This is a reality that they have finished.

Now, one group says ---- there is a quarrel on being Present and Seeing (Hazir-Nazir) in our country. One group says that “Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is ‘Present and Seeing’”. The other says “He [PBUH] is not ‘Present and Seeing’”. They fight & quarrel with one another. In our eyes both are correct. That underdog (first one) could not see, actually. He called for --- and he called for --- many times but no one came. He said that there is no one. He says correctly on his place. He is telling right. He doesn’t spoke a lie. He called out many times but no one came (responded) to him; so, he declared that there is no one. The second one; Ala Hazrat (Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi) wrote ‘Slath o Salam’ (Praises for Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]) and while sitting he starting reciting. The time they were reciting, Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] came there. Then, how they say that Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is not ‘Present and Seeing’? Then the real thing is to adopt that way through which it can be confirmed that either Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] is ‘Present and Seeing’ or not. That way --- because your body will not go --- the things that are present in the body will go. Learn this knowledge; this is called “Ilm-e-Ludni” and this is also called Ilm-e-Tareeqat (knowledge of mysticism). (Some part is missing here) 

He is also finished education from the madrassa and the other has also finished education from the madrassa. Then what is the difference between Aalim-e-su (worldly scholar) & Aalim-e-Rabbani (Godly scholar). (Some part is missing here) 

If within two, four, five or seven days Allah- Allah started. His blessings have been attained. “FazKoruni Azkurkum” – “remember me and I will remember you”. Only that person is remembered who is in friendship. If Allah-Allah does not start inside you despite your effort, then there are no blessings of Allah upon you. If there were blessings upon you, then He would have included you among those who remember Him. After this if He bestows car or bungalow then these are blessings, only then it is blessings. The way to recognizing yourself, what I am, what my Murshid (spiritual guide) is? And how kind Allah is upon me? This is the only touchstone.

One Caucasian/foreigner asked a question in Gujranwala that “I wanted to become a Muslim but I could not find any guarantee”. He said “I will also quit drinking alcohol. I’ll offer prayers, I’ll keep fasting. I’ll do whatever you will ask; but your scholars say that we will not give any guarantee, we don’t know either you are a hellish or paradisiacal. He said it means that your religion is weak. Dear! There is no guarantee of a weak product. They say that we don’t have any guarantee for ourselves; how we can give you any guarantee?” But believe me that the religion Islam is guarantee indeed. If you will walk on that path, then it will not take a year or even months; it will be known within five, seven days about your reality. The method which we have told you, with this you will come to know maximum in seven days that what you are? If Allah-Allah starts inside you; the order of God is called out, the guarantee has accrued. If Allah-Allah does not start inside you, then there is no guarantee. This is the only touchstone.

For this those wish to take the permission of zikr (Heart meditation) pass them through this way.






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